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File Listing: Tuurngait Horrors
Last Updated: May 15, 2022, 03:34:46 pm
File version: 1.0
For DF version: 0.47.05
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Adds a few new monsters, secrets, and a new civilization based off of the Tuurngait in Penumbra.
This also includes creatures that were originally cut from the games.

To get into more specifics, the mod includes the following


Roach - Small cavern creature able to do serious damage if up close

Mine Spider - A new type of cave spider that produces leathery eggs but no silk/webs. Eating it has a very small chance of applying severe side effects.

Mold Slug
- A small, passive cavern creature that will come into your fortress to feed on any food or alcohol left around.

Grey Rock Worm
- A massive worm with a bite capable of passing on the Tuurngait virus, that is if it can bite you without completely eviscerating you. Essentially a cavern boss.

Tuurngait Infected Hound - Fast, zombified dogs that prowl the lowest levels of caverns. Their bites and scratches are able to inflict Tuurngait virus infection.

Tuurngait Infected - All Infected have maxed out disease resistance and extremely high recuperation on average. They also have a chance of spreading the Tuurngait infection via bites and scratches
  • Standard - The most common infected. Able to give themselves short bursts of speed in order to infect others with the Tuurngait virus.
  • Gug - A cut creature from the tech demo. These act as the equivalent of trolls, being large and having moderate strength.
  • Hunter - Another cut creature from the tech demo. This one is the quickest of the four variants and able to naturally climb, but have the lowest toughness.
  • Pure - Somewhat being based off of characters like Red and Philip, these are infected who have managed to retain a large portion of their conscience and have received little to no mutations as a result. Also extremely rare as these were only added to keep the civ fom dying out due to a lack of male/female castes required for reproduction.

Severed Infected - This one being much more based on Red and Philip, this is a result of not being completely infected, retaining a large portion of your conscience while also pulling a voice out from the Tuurngait hivemind. Listening to this voice will put you in a bad mood but will also provide little buffs as a result.

Tuurngait Infection - Spread by other infected or the beasts that accompany them. Being infected with the Tuurngait virus will result in you or your dwarves transforming into an infected. These infected are also opposed to life, so any living beings nearby will also be in danger of death or infection.
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