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File Listing: LISA: The Dwarfful - A Life-Ruining DF Experience
Last Updated: Jun 18, 2022, 08:58:17 am
File version: 1.0.5
For DF version: 0.47.05
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Welcome to my first not-quite-total conversion mod (many vanilla animals and plants are still present), based on the LISA games as well as the fangames of it.
I assume some familiarity with the source material on the end of the user, but I'm sure even those who aren't familiar with the LISA games might appreciate the absurdity on display. If you haven't played the Painful already and are a fan of quirky (and also rather dark) RPGs then definitely buy it and give it a shot!
Beware of spoilers, however - this mod contains quite a few.

"Story" of the mod

Taking place years after the disappearances of Brad and Buddy, the carnage left in the wake of their actions caused a brief time of peace as various communities were recovering from their losses.
The land slowly healing from the effects of the Flash, animals coming out of hiding, and more reports of women cropping up, there appeared to be some faint glimmer of hope for humanity's survival.
This was not to last, however, as the drums of war sounded again - the power vaccuum left behind by the deaths of Olathe's warlords caused new gangs to form and attempt to establish dominance, whereas the survivors of the old powers seek to reclaim territories lost and bring back their former glory - all the while various other factions from different areas of Olathe, such as the depraved Lovelies or the murderous Infinity Franchise, move in to gain even more of a foothold.
It is up to you to direct those of a more sane, hopeful mindset and help them survive the coming war season.

Key differences from the original setting

-Women are a bit more present than they should be, but are still incredibly rare.
-Robots weren't really present in the original - they're still uncommon here, only found underground, and are mostly overqualified trash cans (being slightly more advanced than something like the dog bot from Boston Dynamics), rather than anything cool like Securitrons from Fallout).
-Generic mutated animals also weren't really present in the original games - granted, very few animals overall are seen, so it might not be out of the realm of possibility that some have grown mutated through the Flash somehow.
-Same goes for Joy mutated animals - Austin once said they probably wouldn't mutate, but wasn't sure what would happen if animals ate joy, so I figure there is still some possibility of them mutating.
-Obviously some of the gangs are OCs, and others may be altered to make them more distinct.
-Due to how DF works, the number of people around is a looot larger than it probably should be.
-Fishmen talk properly rather than letting out weird noises - this is mostly for gameplay purposes.
-Lastly, while some groups that are present in this mod were probably completely decimated in the original game (or the fangame they're from), they're still present in this, if under new leadership or a rebranding. Figured there's a possibility of them having different chapters that Brad, Buddy or the fangame protags don't interact with that can carry on the gang's legacy.

General gameplay notes

-Most notable one, given the setting - women are very, very rare. The "standard" women are, on average, slightly smaller than the average male, and have higher learning rates for medical and some social skills as well as higher social awareness. This is mostly to dissuade one from making them into mere cannon fodder. This does not extend to more specialized female castes (i.e Waster Wanderers), who have larger sizes and lack the higher social awareness+medical and social skill learning rates, having different specializations instead. They are also barred from most noble positions that would potentially require dealing with outsiders, for pragmatic reasons. However, only women can be the "therapist" noble, responsible for comforting particularly stressed citizens.

-In regards to the standard male castes, they have higher strength on average as well as 125% learning rates for weapon and combat skills.

-The average male and female castes aren't particularly bright (or simply lack the required knowledge), and learn most menial labors at a 75% of the usual rate. This does not extend to specialized castes.

-Unarmed combat is going to be incredibly lethal - all members of the different factions have elbow strikes, knee strikes and headbutts (this also extends to some humans you see wandering out in the wilds that aren't civ members). Specialized castes have even more deadly attacks.

-Some weapon skills are slightly differently classified from the vanilla game, and also have different soldier names.
List (might be slightly different between some factions, in which case check their inventory and name color):
-Sword skill - used for machetes and what few normal swords can be found. Soldier name is either swordsman or blademaster/blademistress (for elites).
-Axe skill - used for axes, chainsaws and the sharpened broken shovels. Soldier name is either chopper or Veteran Limberjack (elites)
-Mace skill - used for various bludgeoning implements and other miscellaneous weapons (with some doing edged damage), from baseball bats, to clawhammers, to pipes, to power drills and cattle prods. Soldier name is either basher or Brutal Skullcracker (elite).
-Hammer skill - rather than being used for hammers, it is used for fist weapons (so they actually show up) - knuckledusters, claws, etc. Soldier name is either boxer or Champion Boxer (elite).
-Spear skill - used for smaller polearms - spears, sharpened curtain rods, staves. Soldier name is either spearman or Veteran Spearman (elite).
-Pike skill - used for heavy weapons that require both hands to wield - sledgehammers, bumper swords, cement saws, etc. Soldier name is either heavy or Fearsome Heavy (elite).
-Whip skill - as in vanilla, used for whips and similar objects, like chains - riding crops also are in this category. Soldier name is either Ranch Hand or Master Wrangler (elite).
-Wrestler - as normal, though they are now called brawler or Champion Brawler (elite).
-Recruit - now called bruisers.
-Crossbow skill - now used for various hunting weapons - not just crossbows, but bows as well. Some non-standard weapons that aren't firearms also fit into this category, like sawblade launchers. The soldier names are either archer or Olympic Archer (elite).
-Bow skill - now used for firearms instead - also includes nailguns. Soldier names are either Bullet Waster or Gunslinger (elite).
-Blowgun skill - used for throwing weapons like boomerangs. Soldier names are either slinger or Olympic Thrower (elite).

-Pump operator skill is now simply called "laborer" and is used for various miscellaneous jobs, mostly those at the new Workbench workshop.

-All the megabeast creatures in this mod are internally classified as semimegabeasts, so as to allow them to survive better (as they can die from old age, and when compared to vanilla DF's megabeasts they are also much, much smaller). If you want more of them in a world, increase the semimega parameter in advanced worldgen.
Without titans and the like it also seems to make every world into the "golden age".

-Many of the specialized castes of the different factions, as well as various creatures, possess different abilities - almost always strange and occasionally perverse or vulgar. Many of these abilities will either boost or dampen the moods of your civilians, so stay wary of that.

-Upper spines are considered joints now - be wary of neck breaks!

-Wasters have four additional workshops - the Worktable, the Salvage Worktable, the Backyard Furnace and the Magazine Press. The standard Worktable is used for various miscellaneous work, opening stashes hidden in the soil, putting bayonets on guns, combining weapons, etc. The Salvage Worktable is for sorting rebar heaps as well as cleaning up old pipes pulled out from the ruined ground, making them usable as weapons. The Backyard Furnace is for recycling scrap from old utility piping and the like into usable bars of metal. The Magazine Press, meanwhile, is the height of technology in Olathe, and is used for making your own magazines as trade goods - they will fetch decent prices at caravans.

Known issues

-Vehicles like trucks can move and function even without a rider - not much I can do to fix that, unfortunately.

-Some of the caste abilities that involve speaking will also target animals. This is intended, not an oversight, considering in the original game you can, with Terry or Nern's skills, insult, scare or put snakes, squirrels and deer to sleep with their primarily speech-based abilities - yes, its absurd, but its fun.

-Some multi-target buffs may on occasion target enemies - again, unfortunately not much I can do to change that, given the lack of a "buff ally in combat" usage token for abilities.

-Gun parts may possibly be made out of wood or various materials they shouldn't be made out of, atleast on the embark screen - unsure as to what is going on, as they have the METAL_WEAPON_MAT token.

-Firearm ammo may be potentially highly lethal when thrown. This isn't intended but unfortunately a consequence of how ammo works in DF (shotguns should definitely rupture organs and occasionally blow off limbs, but without a defined attack they'd only really do blunt damage, which isnt great for their purpose).

-Forgotten beasts still exist - I don't think there's an advanced worldgen parameter to disable them without disabling caverns (unless, which is likely, I'm just blind) so unfortunately they're still around.

Special thanks:
-Austin Jorgensen, for creating the wonderful and weird LISA games.
-Edvinas Kandrotas, Taco Salad and other fangame makers, for providing more expansions to the world of LISA.
-Splint, for providing the awesome banner seen above, as well as providing gun parts, some of the creatures in this mod, many of the ruin "plants", and helping out with testing and reactions. Check out his mods!
-Squamous, for providing additional ruin "plants" and the non-procgenned instruments seen in this mod. Also check out his total conversion mods!
-Martin Armstrong.

Make sure to report any issues you encounter to the forum thread - I have no way of fixing them if I don't know about them

An example world is included in the install, with mostly every faction somewhat intact (aside from Creeps, who I might have to buff a bit to help their survivability). May be a bit slow on weaker PCs due to the uncapped population limit. The preset for it is in advanced worldgen, called RECOMMENDED. Feel free to gen your own world though and get what you feel is good for you.
I highly recommend using advanced worldgen to remove the more supernatural vanilla DF stuff, as this mod isn't meant to go along with them - titans, necromancers, werebeasts, etc.
The two tracks in this mod are "Summer Love" and "Winner Winner What's Four Dinner Boys" from the Painful's OST.
Make sure to not skip the regular DF intro for a slight surprise at the end. Heh heh heh.
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