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File Listing: Avians Mod
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2022, 05:25:45 pm
File version: 1.0
For DF version: 0.47.05
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Crazy Jungle Blood Cultists
Avian Mod v1.0

>Be me
>Senior year of high school
>Like starbound a lot
>Likes Dwarf Fortress a lot, has never modded
>Download mod
>Love mod
>Wonder if I can make my own Dwarf Fortress mod
>I like birds
>I love mesoamerican history
>Try and fail
>Forget about the mod
>8 months later...

The Avians mod is a project I've been working on, and I figured I'd upload it in case anyone else wants to check it out. I'm not even close to done, but I think it's in a semi-playable state right now so I may as well add it. This mod is based in part on the Avians from Starbound, but aims for a more grounded/accurate approach in implementing the mesoamerican inspiration. And uh, you know. They can't travel through space and stuff. So far it adds:

A race of bird-men. There are 3 types—females, males, and Ajaw males. Standard Avians are roughly human-sized and are typically colored in dull or brown tones. This is because they are subservient to the third type: Ajaw avians are larger, colorful warrior caste with a feathered crest on their heads marking them as natural-born rulers. Unlike standard avians, they are gifted with flight.

Avian Civilizations:
These will spawn in tropical areas, and are led entirely by avian Ajaws. Basically, in order for an avian to receive a noble position, it must be from the ruling warrior caste. This civilization has access to the mod's reactions, buildings, and some of the animals as pets.

With the new Avian workshop ([\b]uild -> [w]orkshops -> [A]vian workshop), you can extract cocoa nibs from a new cacao variant—fruiting cacao trees—and use them to brew the obligatory mesoamerican alcoholic beverage- chocolate! Note that the vanilla cacao tree cannot be used for this, and was left alone to maximize compatibility. If you really must have only one cacao tree in your world, delete the vanilla tree, or chocolate production will NOT work.

Macuahuitl: A huge paddle-like object with menacing jagged spikes protruding from its sides. Not necessarily accurate to real-life macuahuitls, as they can be made of metals, but they can also be made of stone.

Short Spear: Favored by the avians over the longer spears of their dwarven and human neighbors, these can be made of stone as well.

Club: A simple wooden club- the weapon of choice for the avian peasant.


Tohil: These feathered serpents are by far the smallest species, and have none of the threatening features of their larger kin. They are smaller than a dwarf, sometimes coming in pygmy variants that are doubly small, and are used for their scales and eggs. Like their larger kin, they are capable of flight with their two wings. They are kept by the avians for companionship. Legends speak of a rare variant made of stone that hides in the most dense areas of the jungle...

Kukulkan: These huge feathered serpents are creatures of war, and feature a nasty stinger on their tales, which are imbued with a special toxin that will cause nausea, vomiting, swelling, oozing, rotting away, and, if stung enough times, death. They are trained by the avians for war, and can be ridden.

Quetzalcoatl: A colossal winged serpent, the apex of its kind. This creature is only spoken of in hushed legends, but if your jungle city is sufficiently wealthy, your avians might well find themselves face-to-face with certain doom. Though it lacks the stingers of its Kukulkan cousins, it can breathe huge plumes of dragonfire, and could decimate entire settlements in mere moments.

Ahuizotl: A lion-sized aquatic creature that looks like some fusion between a dog and a crocodile. Attached to its tail is a dexterous hand, which it can use to manipulate objects. Legend has it these creatures disguise their wails as those of children, and drag unsuspecting passerby into the murky depths...

As they are based in part on the peoples of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, Avian culture is inspired greatly by that of the real-life Nahuatl. They value decorum and speechcraft, particularly among the nobility, and are see prowess in battle as necessary. Sacrifice of the body is, to them, the highest ideal.

Unfortunately, I have yet to implement a working human sacrifice system. I'm also looking into adding other creatures from Mesoamerican mythologies, as well as expanding the arsenal of weapons available to the Avians.

v1.0 — Initial Release
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