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File Listing: Heroes 3-Trogolodyte Gnoll Lizardman races+sprites
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2022, 09:13:15 pm
File version: 1.0
For DF version: 0.47.05
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While I love playing as a dwarf, :-) building the fortress and following the adventures of your average Urist (before he gets consumed by tantrum :cry: ) - after playing DF for a few years, I decided it would be fun to check out something different. So I've read a wiki a bit and made a mod adding few more playable races. I didn't want to overload it and make it total conversion mod or anything, just some fun addition adding some variety to vanilla DF.

As another game I love with my whole heart is Heroes 3, I was inspired by the races from Dungeon and Fortress. I've also made sprites for each race and each job. I wanted to world besides dwarf or human civilization to feel more tribal, so I've also added some custom items/clothing for more tribal races.

Here is the full list of changes:
  • -Playable Lizardmen civilization with sprites for each job, customized name set
  • -Playable Gnoll civilization with sprites for each job, customized name set
  • -Playable Troglodyte civilization with sprites for each job, customized name set
  • -I've enabled both Humans, Goblins and Elves as playable civilization. Personally I'm not a big fan of longears, but picking them is optional anyways. :P Besides the enable itself - no changes here.
  • -I've scavanged and modified a few features of Eric Blank Spellcraft mod (hopefully he doesn't mind, I had no idea how to deal with it on my own, wasn't able to contact him to ask though). I did so in order to give each of the races from the mod a fitting type of a spellcaster with a bunch of spells. Getting it to run was a big pain in the butt, but I've discovered that by adding multiple secrets to the same type of spellcasters, you are able to increase their number (otherwise, it was like 1 Witch doctor for every 20 Necromancers, which was a bummer, now it's spread more equally)
  • -Gnoll civilization have access to Witch Doctors - basically shamans
  • -Lizardmen civilization have access to Witch Doctors and Bringers of Plagues (so sort of disease spreading sorceror)
  • -Troglodyte civilization have access to Bringers of Plagues and Warlocks
  • - A few clothing pieces, covering the body but more fitting to tribal races: tribal vestments, tribal leg warmers, tribal loincloth, head skull, full-face mask, head cage, mail coif, turban, warpike on the back
  • - A ranged weapon: throwing bolas (due to game mechanics, technically bola belt is your weapon, while bolas are the ammo for it)
  • -To give new races tribal vibes, I've also enabled them to make simple weapons out of rocks. Those weapons are crappy in comparison to metal ones, however it's still better than wooden training weapon. Not all rocks can be made into rock weapon (I'm not an expert by any means, but from what I've read, some are just far too brittle or soft, while the others are to hard to actually chisel with more primitive ways.) Rocks usable for weapons are: shale, dolomite, diorite, gabbro, basalt, dacite, slate, phyllite, schist, gneiss.
  • -For personal reasons, Black bronze and Gold are now the metals you can use in armor making. Black bronze for style, Gold for being fancy and as a parade stuff.
  • -Added 2 new creatures and sprites for them for Lizardman Civilization: Wyverns and Serpent Flies.


Also - wanted to use Troglodyte as a race name, due to mentioned Heroes 3 being the base of my idea, however DF already have troglodites. I've decided to change their name to Caveman. Works just fine, however sometimes DF Hack support programs, like Legends Viewer read particular elements, like for example troglodite gods as caveman.


Besides sprites, each civilization and race has different ethics and personality. They also use different range of items (for example, lizardmen do not use swords, while gnolls can).

I was thinking at fist about working to make Heroes 3 full conversion mod, but I decided I prefer just a few new races. I may in future update the mod to add Minotaur race. Frankly speaking, I personally already have one in my game, but I did not make sprites or unique name list for them, so I think it isn't worth uploading along the mod. I also love gremlins from Heroes 3, but adding those would give the worlds generated more... fantasy feeling, instead of tribalism, so at the moment I'm dropping work on those too.

To pick different civilization, what you need to do is to press Tab 2 times after starting to play on a new world to show Your Civilization menu. You scroll with + and - between civilizations. You can check with race is yours, by pressing a Tab key additional few times on Neighbors menu. Your civilization is the first race displayed.

I've made the mod for personal use, but I'm sharing it in case someone might be interested. Have fun!
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