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File Listing: [47.05] Dwarven Wilds - An Outer Wilds Mod
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2022, 11:15:44 am
First Created: Dec 10, 2021, 07:52:04 am
File version: v1.0.0
For DF version: 0.47.05
Downloads: 28 (43) Size: 51.2 KB
Views: 455 (731) Type: ZIP
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Adds the unique creatures, civilizations, and materials seen and/or mentioned in Outer Wilds and its DLC, Echoes of the Eye.


Bay12 Forum Post Link Here

Changelog Link Here

Be warned, Outer Wilds is a game whose fun comes from discovery and gaining knowledge through exploration of the world, and over half of this mod's contents/modules would count as spoilers for either the main game or DLC, and this would likely impact the enjoyability of the game.

Therefore I highly recommend that you first play Outer Wilds (and/or its DLC, Echoes of the Eye) before using the spoilery modules of this mod. You don't need to play all the way to the end the base game to find everything that is in this mod, and there are spoilerless instructions a couple of heading sections down that reveal what the "safe points" are for each module.

The raw files comments have even more spoilers (including story ones!) than you would get just playing with/using this mod, so be warned about that before you go digging around this mod's code (even the spoiler-free module files have some spoilery comments!). You should finish both the base game and DLC (like, see the actual ending) before reading the code in this mod.

This mod was created with the help of the Dwarf Fortress RAW language server extension, which is currently in beta, but I still recommend it for anyone wanting to make Dwarf Fortress mods, either for the first time or as a veteran.


There are 7 folders in the zip file, each for a different portion of the mod:
  • Utility: contains materials, body parts and body plans shared by multiple other modules. Installing this module by itself will do nothing at all, and the other modules depend on this one.
  • Spoiler Free: contains the "hearthian" creatures/civ, and the "ghost matter" material (which aren't spoilers because you find out about them at the start of the game).
  • Nomai: contains the Nomai creatures/civ. Their existence/appearance is not a spoiler since they are seen at the start of the game in the hearthian museum before you even get in your spaceship, but some aspects of their culture (and therefore civ) are sort of spoilers.
  • Hollow's Lantern: contains content found on "Hollow's Lantern", the moon of the planet "Brittle Hollow".
  • Giant's Deep: contains content from the planet "Giant's Deep".
  • Dark Bramble: contains content from the planet "Dark Bramble".
  • Echoes of the Eye: contains content from the Echoes of the Eye DLC.

Decide which of these modules you want (note, you always need "Utility", because the other modules depend on it), and copy-paste all the files in the corresponding folder into `/raw/objects/`. If you ever decide to change to a different, more spoilery version, just dump that folder's files in as well (you'll probably want to generate a new world when doing this though).

When to Install Each Module

If you want to know which modules you can install without spoilers:
  • Utility: you must always install this one to use the other modules. It has no spoilers (unless you read its code) because it doesn't do anything by itself, it just supplements the other modules.
  • Spoiler Free: as this module has no spoilers (it's all stuff you find right at the start of the game), you can enable this immediately.
  • Nomai: the spoilers in this module all pertain to the culture of the nomai (since their appearance/existence itself is not a spoiler), discovered through the writings they left behind. Enable this when you have read a lot of nomaian writings and feel like you understand their culture and what their interests are.
  • Hollow's Lantern: explore Hollow's Lantern (the moon floating around Brittle Hollow), you'll find information there about something you likely already saw on Timber Hearth (the starting planet), and this information is a spoiler.
  • Giant's Deep: this one is really simple, just visit Giant's Deep, and go anywhere underwater, then look down. You'll see all this module has to offer below you.
  • Dark Bramble: you should thoughrougly explore the Dark Bramble and Ember Twin planets before enabling this module. A good long comb through both should reveal everything (and all information about) the things you'll find in this module.
  • Echoes of the Eye: I recommend completing the DLC before enabling this module. Everything related to the DLC will be in the bottom-right area of the rumor map/shiplog, with blue colored "rumor boxes", but unfortunately there is no way to be specific about how you'll know you've completed it without it being some kind of spoiler. To say it vaguely, you will have found at least 12 DLC shiplog/rumor boxes, and you will have solved some sort of thing you've been working towards in the DLC, and it won't involve the game credits rolling (only the base game ending and joke endings have credits).
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