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File Listing: Entity Relationship Visualizer and Tweaker
Last Updated: Nov 19, 2021, 08:17:40 am
First Created: Nov 17, 2021, 12:34:09 pm
File version: 0.5 Beta
For DF version: Multiple
Downloads: 52 (55) Size: 4.4 KB
Views: 415 (436) Type: RAR
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Do you like creating mods with a bunch of different races? Do you like to construct them with a particular vision in mind about who should be more likely to go to war with who, but there are too many of them to keep track of properly while you're messing around with their ETHIC tokens? Are you curious about exactly how much your different races hate each other's guts? If you have this very particular need, this utility is for you!


It's an HTML file. You can open it in a browser.

Load an entity raw file by clicking the "Import Entity File" button.

View the relationships between entities in the table. The left column shows the "observing" entity, and the top row shows the "observed" entity. The number shows how much the observer likes or dislikes the observed. (The lower the value, the more they hate.) Hatred is not always equally mutual; generally entities with strict ethics hate those with looser ethics, while those with loose ethics may dislike stricter entities but not as much. The former is therefore more likely to declare war on the latter than the other way around.

You can then mess around with the ethics using the dropdown menus in the upper table and watch how the numbers change.

When you are satisfied, click the "Export" button to generate a file containing entity names and the part of their raw file dealing with ethics. Copy and paste it into the appropriate spot.
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