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File Listing: Dwarvemon Soundsense pack
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2022, 01:13:01 am
First Created: Nov 08, 2021, 06:35:37 pm
File version: 1.2
For DF version: Multiple
Downloads: 38 (87) Size: 334.56 MB
Views: 566 (850) Type: ZIP
Home:  Dwarvemon mod
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A Soundsense pack for the Dwarvemon mod.
Note that it is not sound balanced and is highly recommended to start at -20 volume.

Just extract into the packs file.

Included sounds:

Attacks: (Only plays 3 at once and on threshold 4)
All attack moves / projectiles (some being simplified to one move)
Ability activation
  • Sleep: falling unconscious
  • Paralyzed: being paralyzed, electricity splattering
  • Poisoned: vomit, poisoned being injected / splattered
  • Frozen: frozen, being encased in ice
  • Burned: burned, being on fire
Pushes: not very effective hit
Punch/kick/bite/strike/bash: effective hit (removed playing on sparring)
Injured part being destroyed, or brain / nerve damage: super effective hit
Stats falling/rising
Enraged: Rage Powder
Tame animal found dead / death in adventure mode: faint
Slaughtered: switch faint

Cries: (only plays on threshold 3+)
Pokemon cries in adventure mode or when attacking in fort mode
(Up to Gen 7)

Misc: (mix of threshold 1-2+)
Striking mega stones / Z-crystals: acquire mega stone / Z-crystal
Striking items: acquire item
Transformation: evolution start
Artifact: Dex complete jingle
Adventure mode quest / mandate / demand / ban: Looker quest
Hatched: Pokemon caught
Snow: Hail
Item stolen / vermin escape / kidnapping: Flee
Migrants: Obtain phone number
Guild established: New Plaza shop
Guild satisfied: Plaza success
Noble elected / land titles: Plaza Levelup
Ghost risen: Curse
Given birth: Heal(sleep)
Caravan arrives / struck Wishing Star: Get key item
Marriage: Dress up
Temple established: Plaza success
Guildhall / temple abandoned / demand forgotten: Plaza failed
Animal trained: XP full
Bestowed name: Dex jingle 4
Mission return: Dex jingle 2

Must be added manually, instructions inside music.xml
Options for:
  • Intro
  • World gen
  • Game starting (fort / adventure / arena)
  • Seasons
  • Sieges
  • Titan / Forgotten Beast
  • Specific Pokemon arriving
Raw Data: JSON / Text
Checksum / Hash
SHA-256: 5f50d543cf89f3919b545b15e5fbd7c74720a25baa0a1aaa6ec7e457a8bf8259
IP: logged
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