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File Listing: Werale 223
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2021, 08:23:42 am
First Created: Sep 20, 2021, 05:24:40 am
File version: 1.1
For DF version: 0.47.05
Downloads: 5 (6) Size: 76.47 MB
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1. Put some ghosts to rest

2. Added a slab star description for Mokare layer (feel free to remove it, it is just an idea for later forts how to mark your own area)

3. Moving workshops to z-20 layer

4. Forbidding/removing all uneccesary workshops outside of dedicated workshop layer and kitchen

5. Fixed infinite "brew plants" order (makes 5 per order) and put a soft limit of 1500

6. Removed repeater in the library since it caused some deaths

7. Moving football-fields of stockpiles in z-21 up to z-20, into related QSP's near workshops.

8. Imported lots of minor orders for dtuff needed for construction and maintenance, they all have soft limits like 3-5 of each product exept clothing

and blocks

9. Set up some stockpiles for adamantime multiplying on z-20

10. Fixed lack of gypsum plaster, which caused ~1/3 of dorfs resting endlessly

11. Built up a magma filler for minecarts on z-122. Place an iron minecart stockpile on the left side and open the grate with lever nearby.
Carefuly maualy pump it till minecarts are filled.
Stop the pump and go to the right one to pump it to the other pond.
Pull the lever below the one to smash magma and clean the drain.
Wait for leftover magma to evaporate to carry magma-filled minecarts.
I would suggest making some pig iron minecarts to sort them out from abundance of generic ones since tracking which are filled with magma is

currently impossible without too much of a time investment. !!!Some of them are filled with magma and require sorting!!!

12. Some work done on z-20 smelting factories

13. 4 or so artifacts has been done. Not much credit on them, but i havent placed them anywhere.

14. Forbidden the football stockpiles stuff for later sorting. Most of things there are just trash, but there was some bins with weapons and armor.

Claiming one back leads to overwhelming number of jobs, which is impossible to perform with current number of dorfs.

15. Removed manager and chief medic nobles from the military, since they're quite important on their places

16. Made new stockpiles with bad and good armor, also ammo. Good is steel and adam, bad is everything else. The first has exeptional+ quality filter
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