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File Listing: Highfantasy Mod by Kiiranaux
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2022, 02:45:59 pm
First Created: Aug 03, 2021, 04:25:54 pm
File version: v1.4.00s
For DF version: 0.47.05
Downloads: 743 (1,756) Size: 14.49 MB
Views: 2,324 (5,650) Type: ZIP
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This mod overhauls Dwarf Fortress with 14 unique playable races, aligned in a faction system in a recognizeable yet inherently dwarfy fantasy world.
It incorporates and carefully balances content unique to this mod and also taken from other aligned mods, most importantly the magic system of Spellcrafts, Sver's Combat Revised, and the Blackpowder Firearms mod (which this mod author has rewritten from the ground up) to create interesting horizontal and vertical progression systems that will keep you playing for years. The entire experience is cohesive and immersive, as if vanilla dwarf fortress had been taken to the limits of its development. Everything is done without names taken from other IP systems like Dungeons and Dragons, maintaining the unique feel of this game.

In addition to curating, selecting, and balancing the other mods present, the author has written thousands of lines of their own code, including the unique Merfolk and Naga civs and much, much more, and has also written thousands more lines to make systems from mod A play well with mod B. A full list of included mods is available on the opening post of the Dwarf Forums page.

Highfantasy does not generally intend to add major additions over time, but a few post-release updates have been necessary to further improve gameplay. The mod will be updated again for the Steam/Premium release to incorporate graphical support.

v1.4.0 makes a massive amount of under-the-hood changes and incorpates new plants, creatures, and abilities. It also includes 17 dev versions worth of polish and bugfixes.
v1.3.0 balances spawn conditions across the most common (mundane) biomes and includes "disguised" creatures.
v1.2.0 finishes balancing magical weaknesses and resistances among the many creatures of the mod.
v.1.1.0 finishes fleshing out the caverns and makes important branches to the magic system.

Included mini-mods:
BIG CATS AND LAP DOGS adds big cats and lap dogs, domestic animals that fill the roles of dogs and cats respectively as needed for a fort.
SLIME OF ARMOK: GOD OF SPLORCH adds carefully-designed implementation of slime ranching into fort life.

For the latest development version of Highfantasy, please visit ( Development versions are WIP and content may continue to change.
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