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File Listing: Animal Flavor Mod 0.1 [0.47.05]
Last Updated: Apr 16, 2021, 12:58:16 pm
File version: 0.1
For DF version: 0.47.05
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The idea of this mod is to give all creatures in the game personally identifiable features, be it eye color, hair length, or color changes from head to tail. Where applicable, new body parts, sounds, attacks, and interactions are added to give creatures greater variety.

For example

Turkey: A small forest bird known for the distinctive flaps of skin hanging from its face. It is prized for its meat.

Her wattle is somewhat long. Her ochre beak is somewhat short. Her feathers are brown. Her crown is beige. Her neck is dark chestnut. Her chest is black. Her tail feathers are lavender. Her caruncles are red. Her skin is ecru. Her eyes are dark brown

Each creature will be given bodily features that exist for them in real life. Cows have chambered stomachs. Pigs, goats, and sheep have cloven hooves. Birds have caruncles and beak nails. Llamas, alpacas, and camels have two bony toes.

In addition, the mod is split up into three separate modules. Each module adds onto the next, so the full module requires the ones proceeding. They are, in order:
Full - Contains all functional and aesthetic creature modifications: colors, sounds, body parts, tissues, attacks, wool, interactions
Balanced - Contains all aesthetic modifications including new parts: colors, sounds, body parts, tissues, interactions
Aesthetic - Contains all non-body modifying changes: colors, sounds, interactions (it's a bit boring though)
Each module has to be installed in order from bottom to top. Or you can just download the full diff file

1. Download the mod from the link in your operating systems respective spoiler section
2. Extract the archive into your main game folder - you will have two folders: archives and patches

extract the version you want into your raw folder. (aes = aesthetic, bal = balanced, full=full)


Run the command below, replacing [patch name] with the name of the diff file you want to apply. This command also makes a backup of your original files, so you can revert if the patch causes any damage.
$ patch --backup -p0 < [patch name]
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SHA-256: afed2e19ff52de6160a87ebb89fb1c6f11898fa31bab0298d30b7abd90935dbc
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