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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress: Haemothearchy 1.42
Last Updated: Jul 17, 2022, 07:20:24 am
First Created: Mar 28, 2021, 08:21:32 am
File version: 1.42
For DF version: 0.47.05
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"Within the conquered sky there dwelt
The Haemothurge, to which man knelt.

It looked upon the Earth and said
My children, let us paint it red."

-Author unknown

The sky blazes crimson above the depleted earth. The enlightened Haemothurge watches from high orbit as its children feast. Blood, flesh, and metal are the currency of the world and the source of your power. Life as you know it, worthless mortal that you are, is utterly destroyed. The seas boiled and the forests burnt to ash in the fires of global transcendence. And yet, things still crawl in the remnants of the old order. So survive if you can, that you may bear witness to the unending final act of the tragedy of mankind.

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If I can get enough money to reach my goal, I can focus on modding full time and put out bigger and more frequent updates.

What is the Red Age?

The Red Age is a direct reboot/improvement/sequel to my mod After The End, utilizing the same themes, aesthetics, and gameplay mechanics but in a more refined and brutal experience. There is no water in the world at all, or plants. Blood is required to quench your thirst, and only flesh can sate your hunger. There is nothing below the earth but depleted stone, and metal can only be gained by harvesting it from your prey. Survival without violence is impossible, only through personal strength or the generosity of your betters will you live another day. Unlike After The End, where various groups of playable races had defined aesthetics, The Red Age uses equippable body implants to allow you to customize your character's appearance, though the opportunity to evolve into more powerful, inhuman forms exists as well. Each encounter with other NPCs will be a unique experience in terms of equipment and aesthetics.

NOTE: this is probably one of my most mechanically experimental mods ever, things may just be super weird or broken, you may die day one, I dunno. The more feedback I get, the faster I can fix things and improve the experience. Things will probably change significantly as the mod evolves.

Also, the game is sorta broken right now for reasons I can't fix (maybe). Basically some fortresses will be super laggy in adventure mode. To fix this, go to the fortress, exit overworld travel so you're spawned in the fort, go back to overworld travel, go to another site like a hillocks, retire, unretire, and return to the fort. The lag should be gone.

Just download it, place the folder somewhere, and play it. This mod comes with its own .exe and everything, you do not need to copy and paste, drag and drop, or otherwise move any files around beyond the initial step. It works exactly like installing and playing the vanilla game. Use the pre-made advanced worldgen parameters when generating a world.

Change Log:

1.42 changes:
-Fix to caste-related CTD issue
-Stone reworked into layers of increasing density with various materials embedded into them
-I have once again caved to my urge for categorization in the adventure mode selection screen. Nothing too overly verbose but it should get the basic groupings across.
-Fix to material levels for some civs

1.41 Changes:
-Music reverted to normal for the time being
-Weapons changed again, middle ground between overly cluttered and too blandly realistic hopefully
-Fix to giant sizes

1.4 Changes:

-More less formidable monsters added. Should be a breather between angel attacks.
-Metal exteriors removed from most sapients. Implants should play the role of an external shell.
-Haemomagoi renamed back to Haemophages. It's a generic name that could apply to any life form on the planet but screw it I will never invent any title that sounds cooler.
-Weapon skills changed, along with weapons. Bay12 page gives some details.
-More Looore on the bay12 page.
-Name changed from Red Age to Haemothearchy. The weakest part of the setting was its name if you ask me. Current one is more descriptive and fancy.
-Applied some filters to the music in an attempt to make it more eerie. Let me know if you like this more or less than the unmodified soundtrack.

1.38 Changes:
-Fix to not being able to craft stuff with blood, it now needs to be in a container but ought to work.

1.37 Changes:
-towers and tombs will be more aggressive

1.36 Changes:
-fix to fuel and metalcrafting

1.35 Changes:
-bug fixes
-Giants ought to invade from hell now
-New race, the Elioud, which serve the aforementioned giants

1.3 Changes:
-Some bug fixes
-Haemophages renamed to Saints. Everything is an "eater of blood" so the name was redundant.
-Language fixed to be more esoteric (should still sound mostly the same though)
-Daemons edited. Arch-daemons are now megabeasts which create wild daemons, and now daemons evolve into a form based on which one of the Seven Righteous Passions they dedicated themselves to in order to redeem their sinful natures. Normal daemons will also form fort-type civs, but there should be less of them
-Giants added. There's already the Nephilim, but now there are the Gibborim, Lilim, Anakim, and Rephaim. These three tribes of monsters are obligate man-eaters, or man-drinkers properly. They're like vampires but they don't hide what they are and are way stronger than humans. If one joins your fort, they'll be a huge asset early game so long as you can keep them fed. Hope you have extra citizens to spare.
-Underground creatures overhauled. Should be more weird alien fauna instead of just leeches and sub-humans, though its still very much subject to change.
-Some new surface monsters added
-You can now craft primitive weapons in adventure mode
-Travelling on the surface by night is now far more dangerous

1.21 Changes:
-Emergency fix to blood granting abilities
-Some other small fixes

1.2 Changes:
-Some quick bugfixes
-some profession names altered for immersion
-some new monsters added
-Gorgon faction beefed up
-the wasteland was too quiet, this has been fixed
-Daemons modified significantly, their deal is constantly mutating into new subtypes over the course of worldgen.
-Giants added

1.1 Changes:
-nerfed hovercycle armor
-additional thaumic rites conceived
-fixed berserkers being playable (obtain them via mercenaries or infection)
-new megabeasts added
-Shells changed to Hylics, Berserkers changed to Daemons.
-Hylics can evolve into Archons, Berserkers can evolve into Arch-Daemons

1.0 Changes:

-1.0 released
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