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File Listing: The Civil war mod 1.1 (Hopefully working version)
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2021, 01:56:29 am
First Created: Feb 17, 2021, 12:34:11 am
File version: 1.2
For DF version: 0.47.05
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In the late 1850s, North America was alight over the future of slavery, as two groups in the ever-expanding republic sought to shape newly acquired land to their liking. At the peak of this conflict, the election of an upstart republican with dangerous views about the abolition of slavery took office shook the south, who attempted to leave the union in protest. Within less than a year, the entire south was in open revolt, and with an attack on Fort Sumter began to strike at their country. A bloody war that would consume 600,000 lives had begun, and America's future would be decided in the conflict

This mod is my attempt at a civil war setting. Moreover, it seeks to focus on the military side of the conflict, with the primary focus being on the military side of the conflict. The player takes charge of a union fortress during the eve of the American civil war, and trains and leads their soldiers in daring raids and other such activities. To this end, the food production of the union is heavily altered, as the vast majority of your fortress will not be able to farm properly, making you more reliant on caravans for food. To get around this, you can create material request lists at carpenters shops, which serve as a good way to buy out entire caravans' worth of food with little effort. This mod also comes with a pre-built advanced worldgen world shaped like North America, aimed to recreate the borders of the USA, Confederates, Mexicans, Canadians, British, Native Americans, and Latter-Day Saints. due to this, not using the North America map will likely be a terrible idea
Just download it, replace the normal objects and world gen folders, ez make sure to download this, as worldgen is very frustrating and I would like to save you the troubles
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