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File Listing: #11667 Bandit civ can't be given a forced overseer
Last Updated: Jan 01, 2021, 05:33:41 am
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.47.04
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The fortress of "Earthsummits" is founded upon the same area as the bandit castle of brightarrows, hard to miss it from the 'c'ivilization screen.

I've rerun this scenario from a forward point already but thankfully i made a year 1 save (which is the featured save in this file) to be a `What if` backup, which now i believe was a good decision. The problem im trying to describe goes a lot like this:

1. My military squad "The Caves of Acting" with a designated mission they're not already allocated to doing will be dispatched out towards Brightarrows with the intention to take over after demanding a surrender.

2. Being more powerful, the site will cave in and the militia commander will execute the leader. :hammer:
gamelog extract wrote:
The castle of Brightarrows, very near, has been conquered and now looks to your thriving economy for its future prosperity.

3. The site will not actually have a static occupying forced overseer and while this wont affect fortress mode, in w.g and for the AI the overseer is a nessecary part of retaining control over the site, but in essence its actually just been full-assimilated into my own society.

4. I can recall all of my militia squadron to the fortress via messenger.

Additional information: From doing other activities like to conquer & occupy directly, Arstuk Ghoultunnels is the only named defender and will often be ineffective attacking and being killed due to the squads non-existant strategy skill compared to theirs, their personal history from legends mode reads that they are the 'overlord' bandit title leader of the castle.

The site has already been sieged three times by a elven army ("The mist of equvilence") who have been unable to uproot Arstuk, who's... stuck with their dead comrades in a cycle of undeath made wiser by surviving successive sieges by large armies.
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