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File Listing: Mengidash - Year 595 - Pop: 2500
Last Updated: Dec 28, 2020, 06:26:41 pm
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For DF version: 0.47.04
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Mengidash - 595-10-01 - Pop: 2477 permanent - Elves and Goblins at the gates but fighting each other.

I'm not quite at 2500 but I'm uploading now because two rival armies just showed up and it is a treat to watch them mangle each other as the archers pepper the melee with bolts.

The fort stopped having babies for some reason. Where for a few years we were seeing 40 babies a season it has all but dried up. Not sure if using fillneeds caused this to happen. I'm only removing stress on occasion as the biggest 'hack' that makes this size of game possible. So instead of relying on babies I upped the visitor count from 10 to 50 and now there's a good stream of elves who apply to join the fort. I think I'm at 2477 permanent residents with about 100 long-term and 50 visitors.

The elves are already in charge of the fort and military and over time their lack of old age death and tavern visitors means they're on track to outnumber the dwarves in about 5 years.

I've cleaned things up considerably and even took on a few bonus projects. The dwarves now have a functioning swimming pool that shouldn't kill anyone when you fill it and I finished an old underground lake reclamation project that had sat around for a bit. Not much happens otherwise. They make food and clothes, spend time in the guild halls, library and temples and occasionally chop up some invaders.

I was losing a good number to random bar fights. I had removed the tavernkeepers but they were still getting too drunk. I removed the performers and now things are quiet again!

I'm on the road to 3000! This last 500 took 9 months but who knows how long this next one will be! Hopefully this will port into the new steam version at some point!

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