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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress: Broken Chain 1.52
Last Updated: Jun 12, 2021, 12:17:50 am
First Created: Nov 01, 2020, 04:42:39 pm
File version: 1.51
For DF version: 0.47.05
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Amongst all the great powers of the world, the empire of Vandel was absolutely without peer. Possessed of great military strength, vast swathes of land, and a stable political base, unrivaled in its scientific and alchemical skill, its rivals were legion and its foes many. However, the world was progressing into one were honor, glory, and chivalry would become things of the past in the face of the cold rationality of the battlefield, the aristocracy slowly giving way to new ideas and ways of doing things. It was only natural that enemies of Vandel would circle the old tyrant like vultures, eventually uniting as a single Free Entente with the intent of bringing the empire to heel once and for all.

And the ensuing war saw them utterly crushed.

No one had anticipated the sheer devastation that would be unleashed by both sides, but the imperial family's ruthlessness far outstripped the beleagured Entente's efforts to push inwards. One by one they collapsed into anarchy as chemical gasses, new war machines, and other, far more terrifying weapons of war were unleashed on the battlefield. In the end, the empire of Vandel stood alone and victorious, its borders a ruin of no-man's-land and chemical storms, where strange things lurk. But its glory was short-lived, for even the great empire could not withstand the terrific strain of such an unprecedented war, and fractured into countless feuding states. In the chaos, the creatures once confined to the darkness walk free, and great battles are waged by all who style themselves as successors to the legacy of Vandel. It is into this maddened world that you are thrust. Will you bring the people of Vandel under a single king once more? Profit as a dog of war? Fight for freedom and democracy? Or stamp out all dissidence under the iron boot of a new world order. All this and more awaits you beyond the Great War.

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If I can get enough money to reach my goal, I can focus on modding full time and put out bigger and more frequent updates.
What is Beyond the Great War?

Beyond the Great War is my attempt at a "modern fantasy" setting, or one which focuses on the period near world war one and two, taking the themes present in that time period and adding various fantastical elements. Players will fight off vampires, werewolves, the undead, and far stranger and crueler things using bolt-action rifles and trench clubs, when they aren't busy dealing with the threat of foreign nations and scheming gangsters. There is more of a focus on huge battles, with the recommended maps being the ones labelled "huge pop" in advanced worldgen, which create large worlds of one million+ NPCs, in an attempt to more realistically simulate the population and complexity of a game world roughly the size of Iceland. In a situation like this, ending up as the capital would be unrealistic, so rulers will stay where they are, though there is certainly the opportunity to rise in status. Rather, you should focus on a specific theme for your fort, like mine, farm, military academy, mafia hideout, factory, or an actual fortress. Either way, I hope you enjoy my work.

On another note, the default population cap in d_init is set rather low by default because I do so much long-term fort testing and need the game to not take ages to go through the years, so my apologies for the minor inconvenience. You can adjust that to a higher number to get a larger fort.

NOTE: I would not consider this mod as being past beta status as of now. I am publishing it because 1. I need bug reports and 2. I will probably add more things to it quicker now that I have to deal with the expectations of an audience. Please tell me if you find things that aren't working.

Just download it, place the folder somewhere, and play it. This mod comes with its own .exe and everything, you do not need to copy and paste, drag and drop, or otherwise move any files around beyond the initial step. It works exactly like installing and playing the vanilla game.

Also, there are presets in Advanced World Generation with the proper parameters for playing the mod. Not using these parameters may cause crashes or weird things to happen.



-Fixed reanimate slaves sleeping forever
-Water is no longer purple
-Mages can now gain corruption from defiling places of worship. That doesn't mean learning a spell automatically results in corruption debuffs, but that sometimes something will go wrong and you take corruption penalties as a result. It can also happen more than once, so watch out. Reading slabs is the only safe way to learn magic, but that only teaches you spells that other people discovered. If you want spells not inscribed on slabs, you have to risk corruption.
-Artillery, trucks, automobiles, tanks, and tankettes folded into "armored vehicles". Armored vehicles will both appear in combat and carry goods. All air vehicles folded into "flying machines", for the same reasons as the armor vehicle situation. Planes have been divided into various subtypes, as have dirigibles. Mechs and powered armor folded into "mechs" and will only be used by a few higher-tech civilizations, though you should be able to buy them from said civilizations. The reason for this is to reduce clutter and make vehicles rarer and more valuable, along with reducing memory usage by the game so cities run (somewhat) better. Also, swarms of unpiloted vehicles kept zerg rushing monsters that infiltrated cities and it was getting rather silly.
-New monsters added, should be more variety now.
-Vandel remnant civ is now an empire faction that uses hamlets rather than hillocks but is otherwise unchanged.

1.51 Changes:
-emergency fix to a CTD bug

1.5 Changes:
-So I changed everything again after a huge brain inspiration but this is the last time I promise, it's all coming together.
-Some changes to weapons. It was fun to have different civs have their own rifle models and all that, but a repeating rifle doesn't shoot any faster than a bolt-action because fire rates are hardcoded. To avoid that sort of immersion-breaking, everyone uses bolt-actions now, along with carbines which fire smaller caliber bullets and are slightly less expensive to make.
-Magic reworked, its now universally dark and scary. Make a man bleed out of his eyes, writhe in pain, or curse him with misfortune. Summon foul creatures and evil spirits to do your bidding. Become an enemy of humanity as your quest for power leads to your ruin. This is different from esoteric science, which is only slightly healthier and far less versatile.
-Corruption mechanic added. Monsters can infect NPCs via a bite or scratch with corruption, which will instill undesirable mood traits (loss of mental control, propensity for violence) and confer eerie abilities and bonuses. If you are very lucky, you might only get beneficial symptoms of corruption at first, and many "monster hunters" can become pretty terrifying individuals. But if you keep being infected by monsters you'll eventually become one yourself, in mind if not in body.
-Beasts of the upper air added. While technically natural creatures, the life forms above the thirty-thousand foot line of the planet's atmosphere are also horrific. These "atmospheric jungles" are often found above oceans, and those exploring such places may well run into inhabitants of the upper air come down for some inscrutable purpose.
-Monsters totally reworked, they are so awful, it's great. Don't go out at night, and keep at least a few silver bullets on you.
-Four new human civ types added, Orthodox Humanists (lore provided in the bay12 page), corporatists, technocrats, and anarchists.
-Steeljacks now come in multiple different flavors.
-New race, changelings. They come out of the woods sometimes to live with people. I am sure that is fine.
-Reanimates reworked to make them feel more like commodities, you can buy them now.
-Normal instruments added. There are a lot of those so if you feel one is missing tell me and it'll be added next update. I have also never done modded instruments before so they may all be broken, let me know if that is the case.
-The title is Broken Chain now.

1.4 Changes:
-The entire mod has been reworked from the ground up. Essentially, I have done a lot of under-the-hood changes and slight modifications to civilizations and people to give more detail and be more grounded. Instead of everything being evil biomes, everything should be more "normal" on the surface, with supernatural phenomena hidden in places like forests, swamps, the underground, and other places humans find creepy. I have decided I want a "secret world" type setting with all the monsters being hidden, but things are set up so the world has a chance of slowly disintegrating into supernatural anarchy over the centuries if certain events take place. The world has the trappings of modernity, but has also deteriorated into quasi-feudalism and balkanization. Thematically, things are coming together. Mechanically, I still have work to do. The purpose of this update is basically to prune away ideas which didn't fit too well and start fresh from a new, more solid and workable foundation.
-Troglodytes and animal men removed until I figure out how to fit them into the setting better
-Grass types changed to some experimental types, this may be too cluttered or super immersive idk
-Deserts are now the ruins of no man's land and bombed-out cities, as normal deserts don't exist in northern Euris. The poison gas weather and reanimate horrors live there now, venture within at your own risk. If you want the great war aesthetic go over there.
-Done some baby's first conlang on the language to make it seem more coherent. 99% of people probably won't notice it but I think it adds some immersion.
-Magic changed so that individual slabs will usually teach more spells than just one, and work a little differently. I am still working on the magic system and right now it's sort of a step back in terms of variety, but the idea is to make mages who even know one spell. This is mostly because now you can more easily create "specialist" mage teams like flamethrower-equivalents, assault troops, healers, etc, and more importantly they are more likely to show up in enemy sieges as dangerous threats. Magic still needs a lot of tweaking but this should be more playable and fitting with the lore.
-Gigantic horrors changed to megabeasts for balancing reasons.
-Music changed to something more brutal and industrial/ominous, for atmospheric reasons.

1.35 Changes:
-Gigantic horrors added to no man's land (evil biomes) for the purpose of making it properly intimidating. Smaller horors added too.
-Some more magic added
-Coffee, opiates, and cocaine added as drinks (its like an opium tea or something idk it needs to be a liquid to spawn in bars) with appropriate effects. Coffee makes you restless and anxious but more focused, while opiates give a massive mood bonus with a 10% chance to have a major negative mood debuff which can last for years (addiction) that can only be countered by regular doses of opiates (alcohol may help a little though). Cocaine has the same downside and many more upsides, improving focus, willpower, and potentially removing fear entirely for the duration of the effect, but also a 1 in 100 chance of dying from a heart attack. Use your drugs wisely
-Armor overhauled a little. I gave helmets names using the in-game language as a guide, but they aren't too out there. Read the armor section for what is what. The exception is helmets which are descriptive rather than using a word that isn't a proper noun or based on a location, because I don't need to change that.
-New civ added, Troglodytes. Despite the barbaric-sounding name, they're just civilized mutated humans who were trapped underground during the Great War and have adapted for a subterranean lifestyle. Their fortresses can be found in No Man's Land.

1.3 Changes:

-New school of magic added, Xankotic ritualism. This school studies the ancient arts of the quasi-mythical empire of Xankot, which mastered necromancy and the creation of bronze golems, along with manifesting rays of killing light.
-Another school added, Hermetic Occultism. Normal Occultism is changed to Sadic Occultism, and its nerve magic spells are moved to Hermetic Occultism. The new Hermetic school is based on unseen magic and the summoning of creatures from other realms, be they small familiars or larger fighters. Sadic Occultism uses one's own flesh, blood, and bone to fuel their power, rather than being reliant on outside forces.
-New human civ added, cultists. They wear robes and masks, don't use body armor, and are hostile to all outsiders.
-Overhaul to races. I've gotten rid of the ones besides Steeljacks and Reanimates, and added several types of beast men and one major civilization, ghouls, which serve as an invader race
-Various other small fixes

1.2 Changes:
-Added a new school of magic, shamanism, based around controlling living beings and the elements.
-Some new guns

1.1 Changes:
-Accidentally forgot to add underground and freshwater animals, this has been fixed
-You can now only get leather from cows, sheep, goats, and pigs, along with other large mammals. On the other hand, skin is now edible if cooked, enjoy.
-Megabeasts added, the Lords of Vandel. The aristocracy of the empire put their brains into gigantic war machines which menace the countryside. They are also all insane, have fun.
-Magic massively overhauled. I've found something better than the current placeholder system, that works in a manner similar to the Long Night's magic system, with a few notable differences. Magic is divided into esoteric science, which is magic that has been quantified and mass-produced under the auspices of the government, and occultism, which is the sort of finicky culty stuff that involves carving sigils on your chest or erupting into tumors to heal a wound.

1.0 Released
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