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File Listing: Less Crazy Modpack 3
Last Updated: Aug 25, 2020, 03:01:49 pm
File version: 1.0
For DF version: 0.47.04
Downloads: 217 Size: 6.07 MB
Views: 1,265 Type: RAR
Rating (0 votes): Unrated
Here it is, LCM 3 in its partial glory, composed of many incompatible mods and yet with no errors. There may be some mistakes that I'll gladly fix if they get reported.

Currently in:
Kazoo's Silk Eggs (Kazoo) More Leather Mod (sackhead) Monsters of Majesty (Untrustedlife) Dwemer Fortress 2020 (Deon) PKs Mod (pisskop) Dragon's Dogma - Dwarf Arisen (ZM5) Dwarfcraft: Reign of Armok + Derivatives Addon(ZM5) Beasts of Myth (ZM5) Z's Creations (ZM5) Seven Deadly Sins Pack (ZM5) Assorted Creatures Pack + addons (ZM5) Dwarfest Dungeon (ZM5) What Lurks Below (ZM5) Diablo Mod (ZM5) Splint's Utility Mod (Splint) Monstrous Manual (Teneb) OldGenesis (Deon, TomiTapio) Dark Ages IV: War & Mythos (GM-X) My Little Fortress Parts (Unknown72) Primal (Enemy Post) The Long Night (squamous) The Long Shore (squamous) The World of Flesh (squamous) Spellcrafts (Eric Blank) Rhenaya's Drow (Rhenaya, Mediterraneo) Yet Another Setting Overhaul Mod (Kyubee) Succubus Dungeon (Boltgun) Aeramore Expansion (Fatace) DBDB (vettlingr) Abyssmo's Monster Hunter Mod (Abyssmo) Rekov's Elven Forest Retreat (Rekov) ZoroJr's Simple Fantasy+ Mod (ZoroJr) Borderlands mod: Creatures of Pandora (chipathingy) Slaves to Raius: God of Nimeria (Dunmeris) Dubya's Savage Monsters (Dubya) Fallout Creatures Mod (Jack_Caboose) Seiggrain's Farming and Stuff (SeiggrainHart) Forgotten Realms Direforged (GoblinCookie) Deeper Dwarven Domestication (Wannabehero) Fishing Expanded (brolol.404)
There will be more.

Dwarves are temporarily made unplayable, and the Hito are not implemented at all yet. The former will be back in soon, the latter need some work.
Changelog: 1.0 Great comeback Initial upload
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SHA-256: 1366d8b0a043ee5f2002ad9676b61ad173815b217de3ca4dfbe524bdb25d08bd
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