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File Listing: The Leviathan Armory & Emporium - Shipment One
Last Updated: Sep 03, 2020, 04:28:10 pm
First Created: Aug 25, 2020, 11:10:30 am
File version: v1.2FINAL
For DF version: 0.47.04
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THE LEVIATHAN ARMORY & EMPORIUM - v1.2FINAL - Shipment One - For v0.47.04 - DFHack_r2

Bay 12 Forums Topic:

Installation Instructions: Before you install the mod, please ensure that you have selected the graphics pack you wish to use beforehand. Then,
simply copy both the "hack" and "raw" folders from my mod into your Dwarf Fortress folder. That's it! You're all done!
Please remember to make a copy of your game files in case you would like to revert to "vanilla" Dwarf Fortress.
Some tweaks require additional steps. Please see the Table of Contents for instructions if applicable.
Please keep this README on hand for future reference.

Now, get out there and STRIKE THE EARTH!



This is the first in a series of planned shipments from The Leviathan Armory & Emporium, now menacing with spikes of revisions! Shipment One
contains a variety of weapons, armor, shields, reactions, tweaks, "fixes," and other odds and ends. I will be building on this project with
additional shipments coming in the future. To see what's going on with the mod and any upcoming content, make suggestions, or get involved with
the project, please check out the Bay 12 Forums thread: - Any constructive feedback is
always appreciated, I hope to improve and keep generating new content for the community.

The weapons and armor have not received extensive testing, however, I have based their tokens on several well known weapons and armor packs,
and have used the stock object raws as a baseline. While intended for use by the dwarven race, there is no reason why they can't be utilized
elsewhere. Unfortunately that is beyond the scope of The Leviathan Armory & Emporium at this current time. If there are any oddities in their
behavior or performance, as well as any changes, improvements, tweaks, or suggestions you may have, please get at me on the Bay 12 Forums, or
on Discord.

I will always endeavor to ensure that my content is safe, and as compatible and user-friendly as possible, however;

*Please remember to backup any relevant files and folders before making edits and alterations to the game files.*

*****Once again, please remember to backup any relevant files and folders before making edits and alterations to the game files.*****



v1.0 - Mod created and uploaded to DFFD.

v1.1 - Editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting
- Fixed an error for the "training paw." It shows up in game now.
- Reuploaded to DFFD.
- Cleaned up DFFD/BAY12 posts and updated the README with version/revision notes.


v1.2 - Testing for balance.
- Inappropriate [TRAINABLE] tokens for common domestic animals replaced. No more hunting donkeys and such. T'was a silly mistake.
- Bhuj and Long-Hafted Blade added to weapons list for Asin. Also added Stilleto after a bit of research.
- Various non-critical erros fixed here and there.
- Various edits to weapons/armor and inclusion of [ADJECTIVE] tokens for clarity.
- Added table of contents to the README.
- Modified mount_dwarf.lua script to include description.
- Fixed "Burn Vermin Remains" reaction to run from Wood Furnace as intended.
- Added ASCII-art title and reformatted the README layout.
- Added max-wave.lua scrpt.
- Added working keyboard shortcuts and in game descriptions for the custom reactions.
- Discovered and fixed an error with the rock bin reaction. It shows up in game now.
- Added "Quilted Cloth" variant of Gambeson for clothing, and armor testing purposes.
- Several "birds-of-prey" given the [DIVE_HUNTS_VERMIN] and [TRAINABLE_HUNTING] tokens.
- Reuploaded to DFFD for testing and finalization.


- Lucelle Weapons and Armor by: lucelle (DFFD-reference)
- Link:

- Stal's Armory Pack by: Stalhansch (DFFD-reference)
- Link:

- Rock Bins and Beds by: unknowncross (DFFD-reference)
- Link:

- Cacame Engravings by: Shima (DF-Wiki)
- Link:

- Theplahunter's Armory by: Theplahunter (Discord)
- Big thanks to the guy who took the time to answer a complete stranger about brigandines, gambesons, and halberds! ;)
Also, big thanks for the resources from your Armory.

- Fleeting Frames and FantasticFwoosh (Discord)
- You guys are an endless font of knowledge and inspiration, and you have a knack for being around to answer questions and clarify. Kudos.

- Warmist for the original mount script for DFHack
- Fanfloosh for the update.
- Rumrusher for the script-smithing to 47.04_r2 compatibility, and for showing me that a gorlak can indeed mount an owl. XD

- TomiTapio, Author of OldGenesis (Bay 12 Forums)
- For wiping out an entire list of questions in regards to modding in rock bins and beds, I salute you good sir. o7

- PatrikLundell for the librarian.lua, regionmanipulator.lua, and biomemanipulator.lua scripts.
- Keep up the awesome work Patrik!

- Ralpha, Author of DF Storyteller (Discord)
- Thanks for both DF Storyteller, and for inspiring me to include even MOAR shields as well as some rapiers and scimitars. :D

- Asin (Bay 12 Forums)
- Fifty dorf-bucks and custom weapons in the form of a Bhuj, Long-Hafted Blade, and Stiletto have been included as promised for figuring out the
easter-egg reference to Final Fantasy VII. Way to go man!

- Loci (DF-Wiki) for the modified max-wave.lua script, enabling me to finally save some sanity. No more 50+ migrant waves, thank Armok!
- Fleeting Frames for his contribution to the script!

- PeridexisErrant for the awesome LNP. Thanks for saving all us Lazy Newbs time, hassle, our hair, and our sanity.

- Last but certainly not least, Tarn "ToadyOne" Adams, and Zach "ThreeToe" Adams. Thank you for all the tireless, incredible work on Dwarf Fortress!

This mod is free to use, distribute, alter, include, or shred at your discretion,
provided that you give a quick shout out to the author of this mod, and to the
mod-authors and content creators who made this shipment possible.

Welcome to The Leviathan Armory & Emporium - Shipment One

- XxHyde840xX


To help find what you're looking for, copy/paste the {bracketed} section, and then use the Ctrl+F function.

I) Fixes, Changes, and Tweaks

(1) - {MEAD} - A fix for the unobtainable bumblebee mead/honey/wax issue.

(2) - {PIXI} - A quick tweak to make fairies and pixies trappable.

(3) - {ANIM} - Over 200 animals altered to enable pet availability, mounting, war-training, and/or hunting-training where appropriate.

(4) - {RIDE} - Warmist's mount_dwarf.lua script (Rumrusher's Fork) enabling fortress mode mounts. Mount a Bear! Mount a Gorlak! Mount your Friends!?

II) Extra DFHack Scripts

(1) - {BIOM} - PatrikLundell's biomemanipulator.lua script for tinkering with embark sites.

(2) - {REGN} - PatrikLundell's regionmanipulator.lua script for tinkering with embark sites.

(3) - {LIBR} - PatrikLundell's librarian.lua script for checking out the contents of your books in fortress mode.

(4) - {WAVE} - Loci's max-wave.lua script (Fleeting Frames Fork) for dynamically limiting the ammount of migrants.

III) Elf-King Cacame Awemedinade

(1) - {CACA} - Engravings and decorations of everybody's favorite Elf-King.

IV) Custom Reactions

(1) - {RBIN} - Craftable rock bins. Can be crafted in adventure mode.

(2) - {RBED} - Craftable rock beds. Can be crafted in adventure mode.

(3) - {VBRN} - Turn vermin remains into potash. Can be used in adventure mode.

V) Custom Weapons - Swords

(1) - {WS01} - The Bastard Sword

(2) - {WS02} - The Rapier

(3) - {WS03} - The Flamberge

(4) - {WS04} - The Estoc

(5) - {WS05} - The Kampilan

(6) - {WS06} - The Backsword

(7) - {WS07} - The Nimcha

(8) - {WS08} - The Shotel

(9) - {WS09} - The Okab-Tarmid aka "The Buster Sword"

(10) - {WS10} - The Unāl-Dastot aka "The Hardedge"

(11) - {WS11} - The Long-Hafted Blade

VI) Custom Weapons - Daggers

(1) - {WD01} - The Waveback Seax

(2) - {WD02} - The Main-Gauche

(3) - {WD03} - The Stiletto

VII) Custom Weapons - Axes

(1) - {WA01} - The Goosewing Great-Axe

VIII) Custom Weapons - Spears

(1) - {WE01} - The Hewing-Spear

(2) - {WE02} - The Bhuj

IX) Custom Weapons - Pikes

(1) - {WP01} - The Bearded Halberd

X) Custom Weapons - Hammers

(1) - {WH01} - The Dwarven Maul

XI) Custom Weapons - Maces

(1) - {WM01} - The Orgal's Paw

XII) Custom Weapons - Whips

(1) - {WW01} - The Dragon's Tail

XIII) Custom Weapons - Training

(1) - {WT01} - The Training Halberd

(2) - {WT02} - The Training Paw

(3) - {WT03} - The Training Whip

(4) - {WT04} - The Training Dagger

XIV) Custom Weapons - Ranged

(1) - {WR01} - The Recurve Siege-Bow

(2) - {WR02} - The Bayonetted Crossbow

XV) Custom Weapons - Ammo

(1) - {WO01} - The Bodkin Arrow

(2) - {WO02} - The Broadhead Quarrel

XVI) Custom Armor - Chest

(1) - {AC01} - The Thick Gambeson

(2) - {AC02} - The Quilted Gambeson

(3) - {AC03} - The Brigandine

(4) - {AC04} - The Mail Hauberk

XVII) Custom Armor - Shields

(1) - {AS01} - The Targe

(2) - {AS02} - The Target Shield

(3) - {AS03} - The Aspis

(4) - {AS04} - The Scutum

(5) - {AS05} - The Wankel Shield

(6) - {AS06} - The Square Shield

(7) - {AS07} - The Heater Shield

(8) - {AS08} - The Kite Shield

(9) - {AS09} - The Coffin Shield

(10) - {AS10} - The Teardrop Shield

(11) - {AS11} - The Tower Shield
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