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File Listing: Miners stuck on "No Job""Attend meeting" after dig
Last Updated: Apr 08, 2020, 10:39:28 am
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.47.04
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As I was mining around the Magma sea lvl, one of my miners got stuck alternig between "attend meeting" and "no job" after they dig the last place I've sent them. So I first tried to send him dig some more around to see if his state would reset to normal so he could come back and eat\drink. He did respond to the digging designation that are CLOSE to him. The thing is, as I did this, another miner got stuck within the same paterns on the same cave. I tried to burrow the civilian, and nothing. I've put them on the military and tried station, and nothing. They do change to their military status, but only move within the same space of the buggy cave, like there was an invisible burrow. I tried once more mining around them, and another one got stuck. Seems to be this only part of the map.

This save was right after the third miner got stuck on the same way. If the screen isn't on them already, pres F7 or F8 and look around some z levels on the right of the pathway that leads up. Or just zoom in the miner that is on Attend meeting job.
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