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File Listing: Sver's DF Combat Reworked - Light Edition
Last Updated: Apr 03, 2020, 07:13:17 pm
File version: 1.7
For DF version: 0.47.04
Downloads: 99 Size: 14.27 MB
Views: 774 Type: ZIP
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This is the "Light Edition" version of Sver's DF Combat Reworked.
More info about the mod can be found on the forum page.

Light Edition comes pre-installed with the latest supported version of Dwarf Fortress (0.47.04), and with only the default optionals and cosmetic tweaks included.
This is the core experience, for those who want a plug-and-play version of the mod without the mercilessly questionable tweaks of the Full Edition.

Included Optionals:
* Default part of the Metal Rework. More details here.
* Stone-hurling siege engines for humans and dwarves, so that they could reliably breach doors and such.
* Dwarves and humans bring dogs as siege minions.
* New reactions for ammo and weapons. Arrows and bolts can be made for cheap, 4x the amount per bar, by making arrowhead kits in the Metalsmith's forge and them combining them and a log of wood in the Bowyer's workshop. Hammerhead bolts, ballista balls and sling boulders can now be made from non-economic stone (at the Craftdwarf's Shop by a Stonecrafter, requires multiple stones per task) and clay (at the Kiln by a Potter, requires fuel). Sling bullets can now be made by alloying tin with lead or zinc. The metals are first assembled into a "casting kit", then cast into stacks of bullets. All reactions are performed at the Smelter by a Furnace operator. Also, separate reactions for daggers and hand ballistas for better game balance.
* Bulk reactions for cheaper metal belts. They can now be made in batches of 3 by combining 1 metal bar and 1 piece of leather. Performed at the Metalsmith's Forge by a Metalcrafter.
* Equipment rebalance for npcs. Melee npc uniforms can include padded armors and archer uniforms can include mail and plate.
* Stone weapons for subterranean tribes. Flint, obsidian and malachite weapons have replaced the wood ones for subterranean animal peoples, so as to make them a bit more capable in combat.

Included Tweaks:
* Proper profession names for dwarf, human, goblin, elf and kobold Pikeman (now Dwarf-at-arms/Man-at-arms), Lasher (now Flailsdwarf/Flailsman), Bowman (now Skirmisher) and Crossbowman (now Marksdwarf/Marksman).

Thanks and credits
DF Revised by Taffer and the others - bug fixes, tweaks and a good base
Coherent Weapons and armor Mod by Jazzpirat! - ideas for attacks and weapons
DF Material Helper by Putnam - material helping
Burneddi - add-recipe script for DFhack
History & Realism Mods by Grimlocke - adrenaline tweak, joint size, material strengths and lots of ideas
OldGenesis by Deon, TomiTapio and the others - lessening the clutter
thefriendlyhacker - temperature tweaks for materials
DF Vanilla-Spice Revised by Warlord255 - bog iron idea.
Urist DaVinci, peasant cretin, Robsoie and Orkel - attentiveness and research on combat and the related mechanics of the game
Lindybeige, Shadiversity, Metatron, Skallagrim, scholagladiatoria, KnightErrant, SnapJelly, Tod's Workshop, Brandon F., Fandabi Dozi, Roland Warzecha, JoergSprave, ThegnThrand and everyone who made thoughtful comments on their videos - inspiration and many of the ideas behind the mod.

Any contents of this mod are free to be used, changed or included in other mods or compilations. Just make sure to specify your personal changes when reporting a problem.
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