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File Listing: Sver's DF Combat Reworked - Full Edition
Last Updated: Apr 03, 2020, 06:49:38 pm
File version: 1.7
For DF version: 0.47.04
Downloads: 440 Size: 14.32 MB
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This is the "Full Edition" version of Sver's DF Combat Reworked.
More info about the mod can be found on the forum page.

Full Edition comes pre-installed with the latest supported version of Dwarf Fortress (0.47.04), and with optionals and other tweaks set to the preference of the author.
This is the "intended way to play" for full experience, although, your mileage may vary.

Included Optionals:
* All of the default optionals.
* Full metal rework. Acquiring military-grade metal will be much harder and require a wide range of industries. More details here.
* Goblins and kobolds use crude armors, drastically reducing the amout of metal bars gained by smelting their loot.
* Adrenaline for living creatures. Combat will be generally longer, with stamina being a little less cruicial than usual, and smaller wounds less incapacitating.
* Default human and goblin civilizations are replaced with "tactical" ones. Some of them will be much more challenging opponents, while other will be relatively easy. However, all of them are quite rigid in their equipment and tactics, allowing to study them and adapt to them.
* Stronger weapon-tools are incuded in installation, but are not given to any civilization by default.

Included Tweaks:
* Combat skill boost for goblins, elves, humans and kobolds. They are going to be challenging even for a Legendary-skilled militia. If you are to engage the enemy, find ways to deal with them quickly - prolonged combat will allow them to rapidly catch up with your military skill-wise. This also makes visiting foreign mercenaries and monster hunters into valuable assets, instead of fodder.
* Dwarves, goblins, elves and humans are all able to swim and avoid basic traps (weapon traps, cage traps, pressure plates). Note that they can still be drowned/trapped if they get incapacitated in the process of crossing the moat/trap; player-controlled traps still work too, as well as roofed drowning pits. Your citizens are also much less likely to drown for stupid reasons.
* Elves and kobolds are very good at climbing. Elves are also better at swimming than everyone else (as they're at peace with nature, and their wooden armor is basically swim vests) and are less likely to drown for being wounded in the water.
* Goblins no longer rush you blindly. Some of them will set up siege camps, some of them will ambush, and some of them will do both. However, they will only start to attack you when you get particularly wealthy, with ambusher-only civs doing it even later than the rest. Lay low until you have defenses up and try not to kickstart the military industry too early, as it increases wealth really fast; in particular, try to stick to bucklers/targes, even if made of wood or leather, as bigger shields have very high value.
* Number of elven civs is capped at 14 by default (to spawn in roughly equal numbers to "tactical" humans, who come in 7 types, capped at 2 civs each). If you like to play with large number of civilizations, but experience worldgen rejections ("Unable to place enough civiliations") because of it, go to entity_default.txt, search for "ENTITY:FOREST" and then for "MAX_STARTING_CIV_NUMBER" and increase the value as needed. Alternatively, you can also try to increase the number of caves in worldgen parameters - this will fill the empty civ slots with lovely kobolds.

Thanks and credits
DF Revised by Taffer and the others - bug fixes, tweaks and a good base
Coherent Weapons and armor Mod by Jazzpirat! - ideas for attacks and weapons
DF Material Helper by Putnam - material helping
Burneddi - add-recipe script for DFhack
History & Realism Mods by Grimlocke - adrenaline tweak, joint size, material strengths and lots of ideas
OldGenesis by Deon, TomiTapio and the others - lessening the clutter
thefriendlyhacker - temperature tweaks for materials
DF Vanilla-Spice Revised by Warlord255 - bog iron idea.
Urist DaVinci, peasant cretin, Robsoie and Orkel - attentiveness and research on combat and the related mechanics of the game
Lindybeige, Shadiversity, Metatron, Skallagrim, scholagladiatoria, KnightErrant, SnapJelly, Tod's Workshop, Brandon F., Fandabi Dozi, Roland Warzecha, JoergSprave, ThegnThrand and everyone who made thoughtful comments on their videos - inspiration and many of the ideas behind the mod.

Any contents of this mod are free to be used, changed or included in other mods or compilations. Just make sure to specify your personal changes when reporting a problem.
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