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File Listing: Win64 0.47.04 Pack "Vettlingr Returns" v2!
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2020, 04:09:40 am
First Created: Mar 21, 2020, 02:13:14 am
File version: 0.0004v2
For DF version: 0.47.04
Downloads: 2,102 (2,717) Size: 400.99 MB
Views: 6,371 (7,997) Type: ZIP
Rating (3 votes): 4.8 / 5.0
Preview Win64 0.47.04 Pack "Vettlingr Returns" Edition (Updated DFhack, TWBT, and Therapist; full Soundsense.)

My favorite "fancy" graphics pack is back, with Vettlingr 1.3.1b! Check out the Forum thread!

Special notes:

This is an updated version of my previous Phoebus mini Pack. A very small number of people are having crashes with the previous one, and while this DFhack is still alpha, perhaps it's more stable. It definitely has some feature updates.

I'm reading reports that the most recent Windows Defender doesn't like Dwarf Fortress right now. I'm sure it's nothing, it might be over it by now (I didn't get any messages when I tried to test,) but as always never trust any software you didn't hand write the compiler for make your own security choices.

This is NOT a final stable pack, as most of the components are initial alpha versions, but it should be playable for most users who are more lazy than newb. Please report any bugs through proper channels! If it breaks your computer, turns your fortress into an elven retreat, shaves your cat, causes your girlfriend to veer out off the road, or your truck to leave you, blame clinodev, not PeridexisErrant!

My main purpose in posting this is to encourage early testing. Let's find ALL the bugs and help both Toady One and the modding community out!

Dwarf Fortress df_47_04_win
DFHack (dfhack-0.47.04-alpha0-200322005-Windows-64 )
Dwarf Therapist (v41.1.5-win64)
Vettlingr's Tileset 1.3.1b - Volcanic Edition (Updated for 47.04, now with altars!)
TWBT (Built by request by thurin using the indivisible patch: )
SoundSense with sound files.

Thanks to Bay 12 and all our amazing artists and utility makers!

As always, it's well-worth your time to browse init.txt and d_init.txt, as my preferences may vary from yours!
In particular, some people have thought that they were locked up on embark, but were just surprised by my "save on embark" and "pause on save" preferences.


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