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File Listing: The Language Overhaul
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2021, 07:24:37 am
First Created: Mar 08, 2020, 10:26:29 am
File version: 0.6
For DF version: Multiple
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[size=36pt]The Language Overhaul[/size]

Say goodbye to Astesh Clasptreaties and all the other randomness of vanilla Dwarf Fortress naming schemes! This mod aims to make names more memorable by using languages not created by a machine and by making them fit the context they appear in better (So for instance, a dwarven civilization will now be called things like "The Copper Kingdom" instead of stuff like "The Oil of Paddles").

Unlike other language mods I've found, the new words in this mod will not be randomly generated, but based on actual or fantasy languages. The new Dwarven language is inspired by Old Norse, Human will be based on Old English, Elven on Tolkien's Elven languages and the Goblin tongue will be based on Tolkien's Black Speech? See more details below!

With this mod you'll find...:
- Dwarven first names based on Dwarves appearing in Old Norse mythology (surnames the same as site names) - e.g. Nįinn Deepcrown, Thorinn Underthrone
- Dwarven place names that actually sounds like settlement names - e.g. Salgard "Hallcourt", Hringdjśp "Ringdeep"
- Dwarven civilization and government names - you will find civs called Heidlandit "The Glorious Land" governed by ruling bodies such as "The Lead Council"
- Human first names based on gender neutral-ish Old English names and Old English nouns I found appropriate - for instance Brunwig Ashfield and Hreod Ravenyards
- Humans give their settlements names after the plants and animals that may be found there - e.g. Oxadenu "Oxvale" and Aelmeweorth "Elmworth"
- Human civ names are still pretty random to be honest, you'll encounter anything from "The Empire of Pigs" to the "Radiant Kingdom"
- Semi-finished Elven first names based on Tolkien's Quenya: Merillė, Minassė, Aranel
- Elven place names based on a theme of forests and nature: Taurehisė "Woodmist", Alquanornė "Swanoaks", Twigthorn "Tuistanassė"
- Elven civilizations such as Taurenórė "The Forest Land" ruled by Ninquicombė "The White Moot"
- Rough-sounding Goblin first names based on Tolkien's Black Speech: Krak, Skūm, Nākh
- Goblin place names with a theme of violence, evil and misery: Timroth "Woetooth", Dhomlug "Maggothold", Sharatkulm "Swordspire"
- Civilizations like Grumbulluzg "The Godless Dominion" ruled by sinister groups such as Shematorgoth "The Hideous Masters"
- [NEW] Forgotten beasts now have more menacing names. Cower in fear as your fort is assailed by Njósn the Blind or Mottull Audnar (the Cloak of the Void).
- [NEW] Gods and other named entities are now affected as well, but names not mentioned here are still a mix of unmodded and new stuff

- unzip into the raw/objects folder
- generate new world

0.1 - first release - Dwarven personal and site names
0.2 - Human personal and site names
0.3 - Elven and Goblin personal and site names
0.4 - Civ and government names + more of the above
0.5 - Fixed bug with bad group names
0.6 - Bugfixes, added forgotten beast names and more
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