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File Listing: Bugged Aquifer Stone Save 47.03
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2020, 10:14:18 am
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.47.03
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Most of my stone walls on my site according to 100% vanilla conditions have a bugged subtype of a aquifer, when they come into contact with water they bleed water until they are removed and replaced with blocks to stop the flow (there are some isolated ones way below the average depth, which by rights shouldnt be there with no water around to make them damp on z7 among the chert with 'damp smooth chert wall' & damp chert wall)
  • light water aquifer on my site according to surrounding light aquifer around world-tile for embark, i have seperately seen heavy/varied false aquifers in previous version embarks
  • The affected stone tiles do not suck up pressurized water like a aquifer or do anything regarding a aquifer in any other regard than dispensing water, likely because they're not defined with the correct behaviour. The tiles on z7 have never been observed to bleed any water at all hence the conclusion it activates through contact likely from soil

Gabbro, Chert & Diorite on my site do not have related [AQUIFER] tokens in inorganic_stone_layer.txt :-?

There is a bit of water sealed off now that was coming in from the stair shaft, but the interaction with the water made/makes the gabbro bleed in the south east of z level 5, only the tiles previously marked as false aquifer react. Though a lot of walls are damp in that area a mass smoothing effort was made to try and contain it.

Fortress itself is bare bones, just find a still and fill up the booze if required, there's no need to mess with the drainage, which was to just try and take some immediate water away from waterlogged areas, and now it's actually gotten quite substantial and deep. It could be better but things don't seem to be evaporating from a unseen place or by the smoothed gabbro walls leaking.
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Name Seed: 5B6PbCbZHSJEKTdzBrhi
Creature Seed: 2PWACwCSgSk36XOkklFm
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