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File Listing: Dwemer Fortress 2020 - Graphics
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2020, 03:50:35 pm
First Created: Feb 16, 2020, 04:32:31 pm
File version: 23G
For DF version: 0.47.03
Downloads: 349 (593) Size: 80.68 MB
Views: 1,611 (2,730) Type: ZIP
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The first release of my remake of my original Dwemer Fortress. COMES PRE-PACKAGED, since I modified most of vanilla files. Not modular at the moment.
A better description and some sort of database/wiki will be created once we have more content.

If you are interested in the theme, share your suggestions and feedback please. It will help me to improve the mod.

It includes.

Main gameplay:
- Main playable race: Dwemer
- 7 neutral races: Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord.
- 1 evil race: Orsimer (orcs).
- 1 skulking race: Goblins.
- 1 underground race: Falmer.
- Slightly customized and changed equipment. More variants of swords/axes. Whips/pikes/halberds are removed.
- Materials reworked and simplified:
--- Only 3 types of wood (wood, redwood, fungiwood), all trees net unnamed wood.
--- All animals net unnamed leather, but there are multiple types now: suede, leather, hide, scale, chitin, dragonscale.
--- Less types of fancy named minerals.
--- Metals are reworked.
--- Iron ore turns into pig iron, you need to hammer it in smelter to get wrought iron
--- Iron is almost as weak as DF copper, steel is between old iron and steel).
--- Copper is now currency-only.
--- Most of fancy alloys are removed, tin, zinc and brass are removed.
--- New alloys added (elvenglass, ebony, dwemer, orichalcum).
--- Adamantine changed to Aetherium, it is no longer super-light.
- Evil area starts to turn into Oblivion invasion. Oblivion dimension plants, evil daedric animals (clannfear, ogrim, harpy).

- All plants and trees are reworked.
- Many TES-lore plants added.
- Drinks and food products are changed accordingly. As a side effect, more dye variants.

- All animals reworked. Their tile depictions are grouped based on their animal type (with some exceptions):
aA - caprine
bB - bovine
cC - canine
dD - cervine
eE - equine
fF - feline
hH - camelidae
iI - insects
lL - lizards/repties
mM - monkeys/apes/humanoid monsters
pP - porcine
Q - elephants and huge mammals (rhino, whale, hippo)
rR - rodent
sS - snakes
vV - avian/birds
xX - spiders

- All animals get their name and maximum size in the description.

- Included quite a few noteworthy animals from The Elder Scrolls: guar, cliff racers, chaurus, clannfear, ogrim, trolls and ice trolls, dreugh, mudcrabs etc.

There's still a lot of new magic, animals, races and a few plants to add, but that's for the next release.
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