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File Listing: Dwarvemon Mod 47.05 (test build)
Last Updated: Dec 28, 2021, 12:00:40 am
First Created: Feb 14, 2020, 04:31:58 pm
File version: 2.0
For DF version: 0.47.05
Downloads: 42 (345) Size: 1.83 MB
Views: 565 (2,375) Type: ZIP
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Test build for Dwarvemon

Please be aware that this version might be a bit unstable, so it's recommended to create a whole new world if using this version.

Be sure to report any and all bugs, unintended/weird behaviour, suggestions, feedback on the forum thread.

+ Gen 8 Pokemon:
Grookey (Overgrow)
Thwackey (Overgrow)
Rillaboom (Overgrow)
Scorbunny (Blaze)
Raboot (Blaze)
Cinderace (Blaze)
Sobble (Torrent)
Drizzle (Torrent)
Inteleon (Torrent)
Skwovet (Cheek Pouch)
Greedent (Cheek Pouch)
Rookidee (Keen eye)
Corvisquire (Keen eye)
Corviknight (Pressure)
Blipbug (Swarm)
Dottler (Swarm)
Orbeetle (Swarm)
Nickit (Run Away)
Thievul (Run Away)
Gossifleur (Cotton Down) Reduces speed by one stage to every creature nearby in combat (besides self)
Eldegoss (Cotton Down)
Wooloo (Fluffy)
Dubwool (Fluffy)
Chewtle (Strong Jaw)
Drednaw (Strong Jaw)
Yamper (Rattled) Dark, Ghost, and Bug type moves increase agility by 200
Boltund (Strong Jaw)
Rolycoly (Steam Engine) Fire and Water type moves increase agility by 1200
Carkol (Steam Engine)
Coalossal (Steam Engine)
Applin (Ripen) Doubles effects of berries
Flapple (Ripen)
Appletun (Ripen)
Silicobra (Sand Spit) Causes a sandstorm in melee combat
Sandaconda (Sand Spit)
Cramorant (Gulp Missile) A defense attack with a 50% chance to give the ability to reduce defense or paralyze
Arrokuda (Swift Swim)
Barraskewda (Swift Swim)
Toxel (Static)
Toxtricity (Punk Rock) 30% increase to sound based moves
Sizzlipede (White Smoke)
Centiskorch (White Smoke)
Clobbopus (Limber)
Grapploct (Limber)
Sinistea (Weak Armor) Defense lowers and Speed raises by 200 in combat
Polteageist (Weak Armor)
Hatenna (Healer) Has a greeting which can heal status conditions
Hattrem (Healer)
Hatterene (Healer)
Impidimp (Prankster)
Morgrem (Prankster)
Grimmsnarl (Prankster)
Obstagoon (Reckless)
Perrserker (Tough Claws)
Cursola (Weak Armor)
Sirfetch'd (Steadfast)
Mr. Rime (Tangled Feet)
Runerigus (Wandering Spirit) Supresses the use of abilities
Milcery (Sweet Veil)
Alcremie (Sweet Veil)
Falinks (Battle Armor)
Pincurchin (Lightning Rod)
Snom (Shield Dust)
Frosmoth (Shield Dust)
Stonjourner (Power Spot) Grants a 30% strength boost as a greeting
Eiscue (Ice Face) Has a layer of ice around the head
Indeedee (Synchronize) Common domestic
Morpeko (Hunger Switch) Transforms into its other form for 3 days with a cooldown of 3 days
Cufant (Sheer Force)
Copperajah (Sheer Force)
Dracozolt (Hustle)
Arctozolt (Static)
Dracovish (Strong Jaw)
Arctovish (Ice Body)
Duraludon (Light/Heavy Metal) Can either be double (144000) or half size (36000)
Dreepy (Clear Body)
Drakloak (Clear Body)
Dragapult (Clear Body)
Zacian (Intrepid Sword) +200 strength
Zamazenta (Dauntless Shield) +200 toughness
Eternatus (Pressure) Can revert max'd Pokemon with a 5%(Dyna)/10%(Giganta) chance to transform into Eternamax. Can cause a Pokemon to Dynamax making them berserk
Kubfu (Inner Focus) Has NOSTUN. 50% chance to evolve into either style
Urshifu (Unseen Fist) Attacks can penetrate
Zarude (Leaf Guard)
Regieleki (Transistor) Electric-type moves get 50% extra velocity
Regidrago (Dragon's Maw) Dragon-type moves get 50% extra velocity
Glastrier (Chilling Neigh) Chance for strength to increase by 200 during combat
Spectrier (Grim Neigh) Chance for strength to increase by 200 during combat
Calyrex (Unnerve) Causes target to feel nervousness
+ Galarian forms:
Meowth (Tough Claws)
Ponyta (Pastel Veil) Immune to poison and can cure and make others immune to it as a greeting (for 1 month)
Rapidash (Pastel Veil)
Farfetch'd (Steadfast) Evolves with a 10% chance in combat
Weezing (Levitate) 25% chance to evolve from Koffing
Mr. Mime (Vital Spirit) Evolves from Mime Jr in a tundra/glacier
Corsola (Weak Armor)
Darumaka (Hustle)
Darmanitan (Zen Mode)
Yamask (Wandering Spirit) Evolves with a 50% chance in combat
Stunfisk (None)
Slowpoke (Own Tempo)
Slowbro (Own Tempo)
Slowking (Own Tempo)
Articuno (Competitive)
Zapdos (Defiant)
Moltres (Berserk)

+ Plants:
* Mirage Berry: Found rarely in tropical forests (no tree). Gives Guardian deities (Tapu Koko/Lele/Bulu/Fini) a happy thought.
* Pinkan Berry: Found rarely in tropical forests. Any Pokemon that eats it will become pink (flash a pink p, given "pink" name) for 1 month.
* Rinka Berry: Found uncommonly in forests. Gives the consumer a small happy thought.
* Tart/Sweet Apple: Found in any temperate biome (no tree). Used to evolve Applin into Flapple/Appletun
* Iceroot Carrot: High value plant found very rarely in tundra/glacier
* Shaderoot Carrot: High value plant found very rarely in evil biomes
* Galarica: Rare plant found anywhere. Twigs can be harvested and made into a Cuff/Wreath at a farmers workshop (using plant processing) to evolve Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowbro/Slowking
* Mints: Found uncommonly anywhere. Raises one stat and reduces another by 10% when eaten/used
* Pungent Root: Found in evil biomes. Edible when cooked and can be brewed into pungent beer
+ Items:
* Gossifleur pollen tea: Made from Gossifleur pollen at a still (like alcohol). Removes dizziness, nausea, and fever
* Cracked/Chipped Pot: Made from ceramic material (clay) at a kiln using pottery. Used to evolve Sinistea and also contain liquids (chipped)
* Sweets: Made from a bag of dwarven sugar at a kitchen. Used to evolve Milcery into various forms of Alcremie (only 7. 63 is a bit ludicrous)
* Fossilized animals: Found in sedimentary layers or oceans. Used to revive Dracozolt, Arctozolt, Dracovish, Arctovish (with a combination of 2)
* Rusted Sword/Shield: Made at a metalsmith's forge from 1 adamantine wafer using weaponsmithing. Used to transform Zacian/Zamazenta into their crowned form. Can be used as a weapon equivalent to iron (long sword/buckler)
* Dynite Ore: Found rarely in small clusters anywhere. Does nothing but is worth a bit
* Armorite Ore: Found very rarely in small clusters anywhere. Does nothing but is worth a bit
* Blunder Policy: Made with 1 sheet of paper at a craft workshop (using paper making). Gives a Pokemon the ability to boost its agility by 200 in combat
* Throat Spray: Made with a spray bottle and a Rinka Berry at a still (using plant processing). Increases the strength of Pokemon who use sound based moves by 200
(Noibat, Noivern, Chatot, Galarian Slowking, Primarina, Meloetta, Toxtricity, Jigglypuff)
* Utility Umbrella: Made with an iron bar and 3 pieces of cloth at a craft workshop (using clothes making). Makes a Pokemon immune to weather effects
* Dream Ball: Made with a rose gold bar. Has 4x damage
+ Food:
* Dynamax Candy: Made with a bag of sugar and a Wishing Piece at a kitchen. Boosts endurance/recuperation by 5% when eaten/used
* Curry: Made with 10 berries or additional ingredients at a kitchen. Heals Pokemon and removes status conditions, also gives a happy thought
* Rich Curry: Made with 1 tin bar and an extra 3 berries
* Juicy Curry: Made with 1 tin bar and an extra 3 berries
* Boiled-Egg Curry: Made with an egg
* Toast Curry: Made with flour
* Bone Curry: Made with 3 bones
* Coconut Curry: Made with a coconut
* Apple Curry: Made with 3 apples
* Whipped-Cream Curry: Made with milk
* Fried-Food Curry: Made with an extra 3 berries and olive oil
* Tropical Curry: Made with 3 bananas
* Gigantamax Curry: Made with regular curry and a Wishing Star (not consumed)
* Instant-Noodle Curry: Made with flour, meat, plump helmet, and onion
* Leek Curry: Made with 3 leeks
* Mushroom Medley Curry: Made with 3 plump helmets
* Cheese-Covered Curry: Made with Moomoo Cheese
* Plenty-of-Potato Curry: Made with 3 potatoes
* Decorative Curry: Made with 10 Sweets
* Pasta Curry: Made with flour and 5 rice
* Herb Medley Curry: Made with a Pungent Root
* Salad Curry: Made with a lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and carrot
* Sausage Curry: Made with 3 pieces of meat
* Smoked-Tail Curry: Made with a Slowpoke Tail
* Seasoned Curry: Made with 3 spicy berries
* Bean Medley Curry: Made with 1 tin bar and 5 chickpeas
+ Variant Pokemon (optional)
* Crystal Onix: A special Onix found rarely underground in water. It is made out of crystal glass and is weak to fire.
+ Vermin:
* Rookidee
* Blipbug
* Gossifleur
+ Gave some Pokemon weather changing moves
* Sunny Day: Moltres, Maractus, Ho-Oh, Sunflora, Cherrim
* Rain Dance: Zapdos, Suicune, Lugia, Ludicolo, Bronzong, Tornadus
* Sandstorm: Flygon, Claydol, Probopass, Krookodile, Landorus
* Hail: Articuno, Glalie (and Mega), Froslass, Vanilluxe, Aurorus
+ Fossil revival: Fossils can now be used at a Fossil Lab (using animal caretaking) to potentially have the user summon the respective Pokemon (either randomly or in combat)
* Fossil Lab requires 2 steel bars, 4 blocks, and 5 mechanisms to build
+ Dynamaxing: A drastic increase to the size (~x10) and endurance/recuperation (x2) of a Pokemon that lasts 3 days with a cooldown of 3 days.
* Wishing Piece: Found anywhere. Worth a bit
* Wishing Star: Found rarely anywhere. When used at a Pokemon Center it allows a Pokemon to Dynamax/Gigantamax in combat
* Gigantamax: Some Pokemon transform into their Gigantamax form instead of Dynamaxing (indicated by an X instead of a +), blocks evolution if applied before it and wont work if after (those with (e))
* Max Mushrooms: Found rarely underground. Can be used/eaten to boost all stats by one stage
* Max Soup: Cooked with 3 Max Mushrooms at a kitchen. Used along with a Wishing Star to guarantee a Gigantamax form. Using a Max Honey will allow it to Gigantamax Urshifu
* Max Honey: Cooked with a honeycomb and a Wishing Star at a kitchen. Can be used like a Max Revive
+ Some Psychic types now have the ability to push enemies away (legendary Pokemon get an additional stronger version)
+ Grimer now has a 1% chance to multiply
+ Delibird now has Present (70% to explode, 20% to heal)
+ Added some details from Sword/Shield dex

- Fixed Crabominable's feet melting
- Reduced the cluster number on some Pokemon that have a max over 20
- Updated entity_default files for current version
- Added/changed interactions with fleeing to have DEFEND where appropriate
- Hide interactions are mostly when fleeing now
- Abilities now activated using DEFEND
Note: When playing as a Pokemon with a "chance" ability, you will get the "activate ability" interaction if its successful (which should be used immediately)
* Delta Stream now changes weather to Cirrus clouds
* Desolate Land and Drought now removes weather
* Drizzle now changes weather to Nimbostratus clouds
* Misty Surge changes weather to thin mist
* Primordial Sea now changes weather to Cumulonimbus clouds
* Fixed Rough Skin to work
* Sand Stream and Snow Warning now changes weather to thick fog
* Alolan Diglett/Dugtrio now uses Tangling Hair
* Traunt activates half the time now
- Anything that has a healing effect now actually heals accordingly (doesn't regrow parts)
- Anything that cures poison now does so
- Anything that cures paralysis now does so
- Fixed Leftovers only working on Big Root able Pokemon
- Fixed Zeraora being the wrong type
- Ditto now transforms truly random and eventually turns back
- Wishiwashi turns back to normal eventually
- Changed some items gained through butchering to be dropped by the live Pokemon instead with a 10% chance
- Wings now drop from certain Pokemon (all previous + Ducklett / Swanna)
- Shuckle no longer drops an Oran berry, but now after eating one can drop Berry Juice (6% chance)
- Fixed Porygon line being hot
- Made Grimer more resistant to cold
- Wishiwashi School form no longer appear as pets or naturally in the wild
- Reduced the value of material from rarer pattern Vivillon (Pokeball & Fancy)
- Changed Regirock/Registeel/Groudon to be FEATURE_BEAST (forgotten beasts)
- Fixed PETVALUE on some Pokemon
- Fixed some Pokemon having incorrect RETRACT_INTO_BP
- Abilities triggered on stat change properly apply (no longer fully immune)
- Fixed some physical attributes on Pokemon that where missing
- Fluffy Berry effects now applied when eating
- Totem Pokemon now have SWIMS_INNATE
- TCG berries only effect Pokemon now
- Modified some interactions and sounds for soundsense use
- Gave pressure an END to stop it from reoccurring constantly
- Moved Meltan/Melmetal to seventhgen
- Evolution is now triggered only in combat and not as a greeting
- Changed Pressure to cause unhappiness (divider of 4 instead of 8)
- Revised some Pokemon in general
- Evolution for Moss/Ice Rock and magnetic field can be done with items now (Leaf/Ice/Thunder Stone)
- Leftovers no longer works on non Pokemon and now applies when used

+ Gave Guildmaster responsibilities: JUDGE

- Fixed some Pokemon still having the evolve interaction
- Void shadows division changed to be a 10% chance in combat
- Dark Matter now propels
- Fixed Meltan/Melmetal requiring drink
- Lunatone is properly effected by the moon phase
- Weather abilities now correctly activate
- Added GRASP to some Pokemon lacking it
- Cheek Pouch now triggers on food items, seeds, and health drinks

= Removed Optional (these just bulk up the mod and can easily be done if wanted)
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