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File Listing: Middle Earth Mod 1.1
Last Updated: May 02, 2008, 02:48:40 am
First Created: May 01, 2008, 05:40:22 pm
File version: 1.1
For DF version:
Downloads: 186 (198) Size: 1.83 MB
Views: 1,771 (1,795) Type: RAR
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Unzip in the fresh installed game folder and play.
All graphic tilesets and options are included.

Th Middle Earth is in its Third Age (at least worldgen says so) and the land is burning. Humans and hobbits try to defend their homes while elves sit in their fortresses and orcs pillage the land.
Evil time has come. A time to fight, a time to die.

Intelligent races (all controllable in adventure mode):
Humans, Elves, Dwarves[C-MH], Hobbits[C-FR], Ents, Wizards
Haradrim[C-CI], Goblins, Orcs(Uruk-hai)[C-DT], Cave trolls
Barrow-wights, human raiders

C - civilization is controllable
MH - mountain halls
FR - forest retreat
CI - city
DT - high fortress


Former inhabitants of Numenor. Just humans.

Not your-generic-panties. Mighty ancient race, they apt to craft superior bows and wield light deadly swords.
Human-sized race (not narrow now), they are perfect hunters and though they respect nature they care of war more than of trees' lifes.
No more animal/wooden items neglection.
Wood-loving is mover to ents.

Your favourite folk!

Small little buggers who live in burrows in forested areas and like to eat. They prefer slings to other ranged weapons.
The most brave of them were heard to steal goblin babies.

Ancient tree giants. They still try to find their lost ent-wives. They do not attack or siege, they neglect war.
But be careful, don't meet them in their forests if you're a Tree-cutter orc or a foul goblin.
And do not chop too many trees. Or they will send a "diplomat".

A mysterious men, they sometimes come to Middle earth to change the things or to watch from aside.


Southern dark-skinned people, apt in martial arts and assassination. They are know for their curve-bladed swords, enchanted darts and superior throwing weapons.

Small evil creatures, they dwell abandoned mines and mountain fortresses. They can pose a threat only in big numbers.

Orcs (uruk-hai).
The evil goblin-like creatures, created by evil wizards. They do not yield humans in strength and wear crude but effective war equipment. They can train wolves.
Uruks dwell in fortresses of their masters. They obey their creators - dark sorcerers, but sometimes those sorcerers leave their dark fortresses and leave dragons or balrogs to rule at their place.

Cave trolls.
These huge and strong creatures live in dark caves. They do not have enough intelligence to form a regular army but are often used by uruks to help during war time.


Barrow wights.
Evil essenses which dwell haunted regions.
You can take your scythe and play as one of them. Nobody likes them for some reason.

Human raiders.
Evil outcasts who try to rob and kill for profit anyone they can get. They will bother you in fortress mode too. Much tougher than usual kobolds.

New ranged weapons:
Londbows, short bows, slings, hand windings, hand crossbows.
Special haradrim ranged weapons: hand crossbows with enchanted darts: poison darts, which freeze victim's bodyparts and acid darts, which burn them.
Hand winding is used for more accurate and powerful throwing of special haradrim missiles: shurikens and kunai.

New melee weapons:
Clubs, crescent swords(haradrim), elven swords.
Spears, hand axes and hammers - craftable from stone.

New armor:
Scale male and breastplate craftable from bones.
Orcs have unique set of armor, which is all craftable from bone (horned helm, scary mask, breastplate, leggings, spiked gauntlets, marching boots).

Different creatures:
Wargs, huorns, balrogs(they replace demons form Vanilla), forest spiders, spider brood mothers, barrow wights, crows, mighty Oliphants(not your common elephant), wild mad goblins.

All creatures use full graphics tilesets.

Original tilesets:
-for dwarves (and basic animals) - Dystopian tileset
-for humans and goblins (and orcs - just recolored goblins for now) - Chariot's alternate races
-for Haradrim - made by me with Chariot's humans tileset as "base". I reworked most graphics and changed some to represent long robes and turbans. Sorry for guards from Alladdin cartoon =).
-for hobbits - again Chariot's humans a bit "shortened" by me.
-for elves - graphics from Chariot's alternate races graphics.

All graphic tilesets are tweaked by me (Deon) - I've added missing mayor/priest/shopkeeper and other graphics where necessary.
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