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File Listing: Bug:Prophets generate unrelated entity spheres
Last Updated: Feb 09, 2020, 04:34:09 am
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.47.02
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Closed testing conditions for this bug, all religions & sphere alignment preferences are removed beside the Dwarven Pantheon and [RELIGION_SPHERE:FORTRESSES] solely, and the world is full of prophets as if it were full again with often entirely unrelated spheres. There is unrelated gods like a swordfish god in the human civilization for fishing and water that could be spontaneous from prophets migrating and making religions as they go, or humans don't stop making prophets when the token is removed :shock:

There is nothing on the site beside the wagon as its for demonstration purposes of the variety of gods like Litast the Colors of Luster (Light Sphere) & Shoveth Caverntwilights (Night,Dreams) have no bearing on my civilizations religion you can see by opening up the temple zone. There are no sphere alignments to influence them into forming religions outside the civilization either as it appears to be random or influenced by other means.

[MINING_DEEP_DISASTER] hasn't been ommitted from this save, so the death gods are relatively intentional and a seperate bug under 0011262: Sects are generated alongside demon forts worth a mention on my collaborative issue report for more detail
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