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File Listing: Adventurecraft 47.02 - .47.05
Last Updated: Jul 13, 2021, 07:11:34 pm
First Created: Feb 08, 2020, 03:46:09 am
File version: 1.996
For DF version: Multiple
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Forum thread:

This is a Wanderer's Friend derivative that I've been mucking about with for quite a while. At least since after DF2012 was finalized. Figures that I'll finally get in the mood to upload this while we're waiting on another update. The folder additionally provides a copy of the readme file, including a few extra appendices for reference concerning recipes, additions, etc.

Thanks to Button for the idea first found in their Expanded Plants mod, of allowing plant growths to cite entire plants for adventurer harvesting.

Additional thanks to Flint for the suggestion of simple lockbows (first used in Kobold Kamp), to Jackie for working on unarmed weapons, ZM5 for idea of and advice on the spear-thrower, Kallin for idea of clubs, as well as GIR, Tippex, and others elsewhere for testing, ideas, and help.

Changes from .47.01 Adventurecraft: Only reason a different version was needed is due to an added entity token, which renders 47.02 raws incompatible with 47.01. For some added !!FUN!! however, decided to give the new token to the Resurfaced tribals. Also some sphere tweaks for megabeasts, for a plan that ultimately fell flat.

Latest updates as of July 13, 2021: Fixed a weird bug involving creatures that can speak but not think crashing the game in certain cases.

To install this mod:
1. Create a backup of the Raw folder that DF has. Just in case.
2. Replace the unmodded Raw folder with the folder provided alongside this text file.
2a: Alternatively, if you want to use graphics packs, replace the Objects sub-folder, while leaving the Graphics sub-folder untouched.
3. Generate a new world and boom, happy adventuring.

Notable features of the mod:
1. Extensive reaction expansions. Just about anything useful in adventure mode can be obtained somehow.
2. A way to render most generated beast extracts extractable, and modify the material properties of organic generated beasts. Not only is it more rewarding to hunt megabeasts, but the same applies to titans and other such beasts. RCP edits are good for your health.
3. Extensive rebalancing to combat. Not only can you joint-lock and neck-snap just about anything with limbs, but various attacks and weapons better fit the role they're expecting to fill, and many materials have been altered to make things like stone weapons and megabeast-bone crafts serve their purpose.
4. Fleshing out the world and its inhabitants. A wider variety of great beasts to hunt, unnatural variants of certain monsters that stalk the night as a tier of threat below semi-megabeasts, tribes of subterranean animal people who've ascended to live on the surface, etc.
5. Rudimentary magical interactions with a more primal focus, which show up intermittently in worldgen as secrets, but can also be acquired by seeking out certain beasts thematically connected to a specific ability.

Important Pointers Before You Start:
1. Helves have been adapted into staves, and are used for adventure-mode weapon crafting in the same way helves are used for stone axes.
2. Most of the plants I've made pickable in adventurer mode are not in season all year round, just as the plants already exploitable in adventurer mode can only be picked in certain seasons.
3. Proper manly (or dwarvenly) adventurers don't use thread, cloth, bars, or sheets obtained from markets, keeps, or other worldgenned sources. Recipe bugs mean non-player-crafted versions will last for a crapload of uses.
4. Metalworking makes use of the carpenter's workshop for the time being, as no other workshop can be crafted in adventure mode.

Fun Material Tweaks:
* Different tiers of materials. Look for a + or ++ in the material name. In addition to all semi-megabeasts and megabeasts, various select animals have improvements too. This includes tougher skin/leather, raw/tanned scales, bone, tooth, nail, horn, and hoof.
* Several stones have been buffed to not be vastly inferior to bone. Look for the material tier designation. Chert is second only to obsidian in sharpness.
* Scales and chitin can be tanned. Scales are more or less superior to leather, while chitin is better still. To avoid oddities like chitin flasks, only leather is usable in Fortress Mode and world-gen.
* The idea of making potions from megabeast and semi-megabeast hearts has been carried over, with some differences. Each type of beast's essence has a different effect, for you to experiment with (or be spoiled in the appendices). Not all of the beasts added to the mod have usable hearts. Or, you can the relevant megabeast heart (or equivalant for things that lack hearts) to unlock secrets of The Beyond...
* Found out how to tweak generated creatures to allow extracting from their hearts as well. If the creature has a valid poison, it should be extractable from their heart. If they DON'T have a valid poison, you'll instead get a fallback "failed extract" that has no use.

Creature Tweaks:
* Joint definitions have been moved to various body definitions instead of using the "humanoid joints" body token, allowing for things like quadrupeds and other abnormal creatures to have joints. Huge creatures generally are less vulnerable to joint-breaks though.
* Neck-snapping. While mundane damage to the upper spine doesn't always have any effect, putting a joint lock on it definitely will, unless the creature is stupidly huge.
* Venomous creatures yield a venom sac when butchered. Sadly there's still no way to apply poison to weapons and get it to work. Instead an alchemical reaction allows you to process the venom sac into a sample of venom, modified to act as a contact poison.
* Joint edits have been applied to generated creatures. Normal joints tend to be more common than breakable necks.
* Sinews can now be obtained from butchering most creatures, and used as a source of thread.
* Because DF2015 broke cannibal adventurers, intelligent semi-megabeasts/megabeasts are currently non-sentient. To make up for this, they gain natural skills. Megabeasts additionally grow at a more consistent rate, with the net result being that most beasts grow slower, while dragons grow faster. Bronze colossi gain a unique material instead of bronze, and dragons have an extra surprise in store.
* Extremely small creatures have been tweaked slightly to make them a bit more likely to be successfully butchered, and non-giant birds properly yield feathers that can be used for crafts or decoration.

New Creatures:
* At the suggestion of Jackie, messed around with making centaurs, and moreover made their body less of a "humanoid with 4 legs" thing used in vanilla. They show up in good biomes and can join civs. An evil critter, based on the kamaitachi, has also been added as another source of civ fodder for evil regions.
* A couple added mythical creatures were added to make up for making centaurs real. Also added descriptions and spheres, to make their use in art more interesting.
* Gargoyles as flying semi-megabeasts. They have a shell-like surface resembling stone instead of skin, making them biological creatures instead of yet another inorganic foe.
* Did you know that tree monsters were a planned feature early in the first releases of DF, that were then dummied out before being deleted entirely? Added my own attempt at treants. Tough but not at bronze-colossus levels. Its wood will make for effective blunt weapons, but poor edged weapons. Think twice before you try lighting one on fire!
* Two H.P. Lovecraft references via the mi-go and shoggoth. Mi-gos have a delightfully alien body structure, while shoggoths are acidic blobs. Hint: pulp all the things.
* Eternal things. Basically chitinous worms that can grow rather large given time, faster than dragons but not quite as huge.
* Manticores. Overgrown lions with bat wings and scorpion tails. All the Fun of both potion-yield megabeasts and venomous critters.
* Four lesser beasts that can form lairs, as a step down from semi-megabeasts. These act like night creature hunters, making lairs in various places. Dire wolves, dire bears, feral ogres, and sanguine dragons are all based off of some existing creature in some way, with qualities to make them different challenges in combat.
* Some raw-defined recreations of the classic pre-DF2010 demons. These are used as fallback for some things that may require demons to exist, and tend to be used instead of said generated demons where necessary. Fiery abominations are recreations of spirits of fire, tweaked to float on a djinn-like cloud of cinders and made tougher than flame-bodied critters normally are (so punching one to death is a much tougher feat). Froglike abominations are a recreation of frog demons, given a more grotesque gorilla-like body and a nasty plague inflicted via bites and tongue-lashing. Tendriled abominations are the tentacle demons, reworked into a scaly form with its tentacles instead of arms, lashing out with acidic secretions that can also provoke a neurotoxic effect.
* The good old giant desert scorpion has been preserved in this mod ever since its removal, kept up to date and tweaked according to the needs of the mod. As a bonus, its venom has a proper neurotoxic effect instead of relying solely on necrosis.

Plant Tweaks:
* More plants can be picked in adventurer mode, with seasonal growths depending on the type. You can pick a couple of the berry-providing plants, thread-bearing plants, and extract-bearing plants.
* Dwarven syrup is simply delicious. Gnomeblight remains only useful for melting gnomes. Golden salve has been given medicinal properties. Muck root, whip vine, and sliver barb have been given situationally-useful extracts.
* Brewable plants can be made into delicious booze. If it isn't brewable by picking the plant itself (assuming it's in season), try brewing fruit instead.
* Bread is now a thing. The relevant plants can be ground into flour and used as such.
* Bamboo, cattails, and cloudberries have been given useful growths. This works in adventure mode, but due to the plants being grass they can't be picked in fort mode.

Civilization Tweaks:
* All of the main races are playable in Adventurer Mode, whether as civ members or as outsiders.
* All civilizations have been given access to large daggers. This is because the damn thing shows up in every adventurer's inventory, even though they're normally unavailable to most civilizations.
* Humans and goblins have been given slings and sewing needles, for the hell of it.
* Kobold civ was tweaked some. Gave them sewing needles, cloaks, socks, slings, blowguns, bucklers, needles, and nest boxes (makes sense, they lay eggs). Utterances tag has been supplemented, not replaced, with the ability to speak. Still allows gibberish names while fixing a few potentially-lingering AI bugs. Also gave them access to leather and a chieftain position.
* Goblins need food and water, so remember that.
* Underground animal people have been given a surface-dwelling equivalent, allowing for occasional instances of them being playable as entity members, instead of outsiders. They spread out as tribes in small villages, potentially either allying or coming to blows with the major civilizations.
* A few extra profession types can be selected as backgrounds in adventure mode, like poets, criminals, pilgrims etc. Generally if it's not available via that entity's permitted jobs, fits that civilization, and gives bonus skills when chosen, it's been added.

New Uses For Existing Items (and changes):
* Mortars and pestles are used for plant processing and alchemy. A pair can be crafted from stone.
* A few reactions use blunt small rocks for hammering instead of just knapping.
* If you get a hold of a full log, a battle axe can be used to split it into usable branches.
* Stone axes have been changed to allow metal versions to show up in human and goblin sites.
* Helves have been given the same weapon uses as staves in older versions of this mod, and renamed to staves to reflect this.
* Cooking tools have additional use in a few reactions, allowing you to use cauldrons in place of cooking pots if you find one.

New Items:
* Needles, required for sewing. In addition to wood you can carve them from bone, tooth, nail, hoof, or horn.
* Clubs, as a crude mace-equivalent as suggested by Kallin.
* Caesti and katars, unarmed weapons suggested and worked on by Jackie.
* Simple lockbows, originally implemented in Kobold Kamp as suggested by Flint.
* Spear-throwers and javelins, made with help from ZM5. Closer to actual hand-thrown javelins than the more realistic atlatl, but still allows use of a spear-thrower for gameplay reasons.
* Slings and sling stones. Slings are made from leather or cloth, use the throwing skill at range, and make rather weak lashing weapons. Sling stones are obviously crafted from stone. More forceful than throwing small rocks by hand, but not sharp.
* Gunpowder weaponry, in the form of fire lances and hand cannons. The ingredients can be crafted by various means, including methods accessible to adventurers, allowing crude powder and shot to be produced.
* Gambesons, made from cloth. Obviously fragile unless using megabeast haircloth or silk.
* Cooking pots, for making certain items, most notably for brewing.
* Animal glue, which the recent combat changes have made useful.
* Eight raw-defined instruments that can be crafted, supplementing the generated instruments that can't be crafted in adventure mode.
* Feywood catalysts can be found at elven sites, or produced via magic accessible to elves in adventure mode. If you obtain one, a reaction exists to grow the improved feywood elves can use for weapons and armor.

Dismantling Items:
* Boulders and logs can be split into small rocks and pieces of wood, respectively.
* Crude cloth can be unraveled if needed.
* Cloth items can be cut apart for cloth, leather items can be cut apart, any other stone item can be salvaged for a rock, and metal items can be broken down for metal. Note that nothing's stopping you from being a lunatic and trying to dismantle the end result into itself, which will eventually waste it.

Bugs and Issues:
* No gauntlets due to the gauntlet bug. The workaround I originally devised tends to break more things t
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 Adventurecraft 47.02 - .47.05 (v 1.996)  » posted by silverwing235 on Aug 17, 2021, 07:53:35 am
reading the Fun Material Tweaks section.....You accidentally a word, BTW.

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