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File Listing: Fallen fortress attracts migrating clowns (XML)
Last Updated: Jan 31, 2020, 10:04:20 am
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.47.01
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A summary of the content can be found here but enclosed is the XML, map/gen info and detailed maps of the diplomacy, trade and holdings.

Zimun Pukefroths 'The Hideous' is responsible for the largest collection of clowns gathering in one spot during the first age, as most clown leaders believe unilaterally 100% (its there in the text of settlement rulers) in this god of death, blight and disease portrayed as a skeletal female dwarf in a perfect triumvirate of spheres (lacking depravity, darkness and chaos). The world is over 3 ages long, with clowns dominating the first, being destroyed in the second, and a mummy wrapped up from a clown raising the dead army of clowns and others to wreack havoc on the third ongoing age in 250 year span of history.

Seemingly organised clown & necromancer/vampire worshipper-denomination religions, dwarves offensively going into combat versus the clown-heavy army to reclaim a taken other-fortress and losing two artifacts in a battle are the other notable things of the first age. Bugs seemingly being amongst some others that im pretty certains clowns weren't supposed to death-ball up together or pick up personal religions, and that the generated religions arent in scope of original dwarf fortress static pantheons and are generated on the spot for the ones that have 'fallen from the inside' to clowns. :-o
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