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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress: Fall From Grace 1.58
Last Updated: Aug 03, 2020, 08:02:18 pm
First Created: Oct 30, 2019, 11:57:45 pm
File version: 1.58
For DF version: 0.47.04
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These are dark times.

Mankind had once prospered under the will of the Great Gods, the ur-powers which lesser deities paid fealty too. Their empires grew mighty and their knowledge deep, but such was their hubris that they had not considered they were but children in a world far bigger than they could have imagined. From below the waves lurked things which had slumbered since the times before Antiquity, the times before lumbering reptiles dragged themselves across the primordial swamps which became the world as we know it. And when they woke, they were not pleased with what they saw, these upstarts who claimed the title of kings. Using their eldritch might, they flooded the world, half-burying it under malevolent tides. But this was only the beginning of the terror. The gods of the sea bid their people to clamber upon the land and cage the surface dwellers from the coasts, entrapping them in the remnants of their old, vaunted empires. Now the degraded peoples of this broken world cling to whatever offers hope or comfort, be it the old gods of ancient days or the new gods which swim and squirm below the blue waters. A time of chaos and stagnation, where nothing truly changes yet lives are broken upon the wheel of fortune every day. A world which has fallen from its lofty status into the pits of despair. If change is to come, it will be a long and harsh quest beyond imagining, and one must take care not to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors, lest an even greater doom befall mankind.
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What is Fall From Grace?

This mod is my second or third attempt at a gothic horror setting, and I think I've got it nailed this time. The world is much like our own, albeit with the existence of the supernatural, divine, and unholy, with similar histories and cultures to ours, but diverged enough to be a thing of its own, and not intended as a commentary on our real world. The (re-)start of recorded history takes place after a great flood which destroyed the balance of power, further compounded by an invasion of horrors from the sea and the re-emergence of many supernatural monsters. Humanity (and things which were once human) live in a grim world reminiscent of the beginnings of the early modern or late medieval period, when knights in armor co-existed with lines of handgunners clad in cuirasses. Of course, in this world there are plenty of monsters to which a suit of armor would be useful against, so both knights and gunners have their place. As a gothic horror setting, there is less an emphasis of the fantastic around every corner and more the existence of the fantastic as having a history, an individual identity, and proper characterization. Rather than just throwing supernatural elements into the mod willy-nilly, I hope to give each unnatural thing a proper place in the world and a reason for its existence.

Just download it, place the folder somewhere, and play it. This mod comes with its own .exe and everything, you do not need to copy and paste, drag and drop, or otherwise move any files around beyond the initial step. It works exactly like installing and playing the vanilla game.

Change Log

1.58 Changes:
-Quick fix to necromancers not having emotions
-Nosferatu will now infect victims with the Strigoi strain of vampirism instead of making them ghouls.

1.57 Changes:
-Some nations with a strong connection to pre-deluge civilization will use advanced firearms like muskets and blunderbusses.
-Orichalum and Black Iron temporarily removed due to bugs regarding material usage. Everyone is back to using steel for now.
-Landships overhauled. There are now four different styles of vehicle, two land-types and two air-types. In addition, land-types will have a mobile workshop variant that can "revive" and repair downed vehicles adjacent to it.
-Some more new armor pieces added

1.55 Changes:
So I found a CTD bug mid-update so now I'm rushing this out, more content to come but your game won't crash no more hopefully.
-Some new armor pieces added
-Languages overhauled to give them a more defined aesthetic and move away from historical cultures in favor of something more unique. Different civilizations can share a language according to their historical lineage and the ancient civilizations they descended from.
-New wizard type added, the Druid. They're like werewolves, only they turn into bears and deliberately chose the life of living in a cave and terrorizing you instead of having it forced on them. They won't infect you but oh man are they big.
-Trolls added to various biomes.

1.5 Changes:

-Gunners and bowmen get cool hats now (in civilized nations at least)
-A batch of true Chthonic entities added to the underworld
-Rolled back the iron/steel stuff because it just seemed to weird and arbitrary. Instead of just giving barbarian northerners steel though, they now use a substance called black iron. It's thick, crude, and imbued with shamanic runes to give it the strength of steel. So same thing, different aesthetic.
-Slavic-style humans added, the Severa. They split from the wolfmen before they became the wolfmen, and defend their homeland from bestial aggression.
-Creatures from the Outer Dark revamped, replacing vanilla creatures that had previously been placeholders. They should be more space-y now.
-Giant Snails added as per medieval tapestries
-Vampires reworked. There are now Nosferatu acting as conventional civilization-infiltrating vampires, and actual vampires existing as tower-dwelling necromancer-types with special undead minions. In addition, if two vampires procreate, they produce a Dhampir, an eerie being with strange powers but without the bloodthirst of its parents.
-New curse added, ogre transformation. Functions as a vampire or werebeast curse, but you turn into an ugly, perpetually insatiable elephant-sized humanoid. They can exist in society but tend to cause upheaval and trouble wherever they go. They can also reproduce.
-The Sanctified changed to better fit their theme as religious undead. The majority of the mortal population are now termed pariahs on account of basically being lepers, with a small percentage of them being born stillborn and used as seeds to create different types of undead based on modifications of pre-existing rituals. So instead of holy undead all basically being the same, they will now have a greater variety of form and bear the traits of the undead they were intended to mimic. They're like bootleg versions of the original along with some universal modifications.
-This change is a bit crazy but bear with me. I've changed the way skills work to reduce them greatly. Instead of all the different weapon skills, there is now the one-hander weapon for small weapons, the two-hander weapon for large melee weapons, the sidearm user skill for daggers, with skirmisher/handgunner/bowman remaining unchanged. This is because you can't use two-handed weapons with shields effectively, and the game does not let NPCs not carry shields if they are of a particular melee skill. Basically if a hammer user carries a maul, he's automatically nerfed from using it one-handed. The exception to this is the Pikeman skill, which does not use a shield. I could just fold two-handed weapons into the pikeman skill, but that would be lopsided as one-handed weapons would require a ton of different skills while a two-hander expert could pick up a greatsword as easily as a greataxe. So, my compromise is the situation explained above.
-Overhauled weapons entirely, there's now a fair amount of variants for each type of weapon, tilted in favor of blunt weapons like maces and hammers because you need those to fight dudes in plate armor.
-Doppelhaken name changed to 'wall-gonne' so its more universal
-A new biome added, the Forest of Night. Its at the bottom of the cave layers and is where vampires get their powers from. It is basically a physical manifestation of nightmare and predation.

1.4 Changes:

-Some nations make pig iron directly from ores. It's advanced metallurgy don't think about it. Anyway this also means that other civs will make weapons/armor/ammo from normal iron to emphasize their primitive nature while also ensuring civilized nations don't wear an iron/steel patchwork mess of armor, which they shouldn't be doing in the current era.
-New hostile race, Hellions. These demonic cave-dwelling imps boil forth from the caverns where their chthonic masters dwell, bringing chaos behind them.
-Some updates to vehicles. The current type of landcraft will now be called "ironclads" on account of having metal plating. "landcrafts" will be the term given to non-armored wooden vessels used by some other nations. They use ballistas as opposed to cannons like what ironclads do.
-Two new types of ranged weapons, slurbows and prodds. Slurbows are crossbows with closed barrels, and prodds are a type of crossbow that fires pellets, or in this case the round shot used by handgonnes.
-Throwing weapons reworked. Instead of a generic "throwing gauntlet" to trick the game into making soldiers with throwing weapons, there are now types of throwing weapons as ammo and a "last xyz" as the thing that "throws" them. So if a soldier has a "last throwing spear" weapon, he'll carry throwing spears as ammo. This lets them have a decent weapon to defend themselves with after they run out of ammunition and charge into melee. A guy with throwing axes just becomes an axeman once he throws them all, for example.
-Just a ton of new melee weapons in general. Wanted to give nations more variety.
-Flying carpets now come in small, moderate, and large varieties.
-Holy Weapons reworked
-New caste added to the Saints, the Faithful. The Faithful are mortal, almost human beings touched by necromancy. They age and die like anyone else, but the best of them have the opportunity to become Saints if they desire immortality on earth as well as the heavens (works as necromancy). This was added to ground the Saints a bit more as a civilization, giving the Saints themselves (who are now about 1/4th of the population compared to their mortal charges) a more distinct role as protectors and servants of the mortal citizenry if they haven't decided to go off on adventures. The race as a whole is now referred to as the Sanctified rather than Saints, as well. My tests have shown that this shouldn't cause you to CTD when you look at them but they still might haha, so tell me if they do that.
-Added some more underground friends

1.35 Changes:
-HUGE overhaul to clothing and armor, which I felt was lacking. There should now be a wide variety of outfits and military uniforms to choose from, with each civilization having its own distinct and unique look.
-New human culture, the Jern. A simple northern people regressed back to the iron age after the great deluge, the Jern are a hardy and reliable group that often feud with the wolfmen who share their territory.

1.3 Changes:
-Weapons swapped out because I've always used muskets when guns were needed and I want to try something new out. Civs will now use handgonnes of varying types. Handgonnes are the ancient predecessor to the musket and have all kinds of weird shapes I think are neat.
-Languages updated to be more closely based on real-world ones for fun thematic stuff.
-Cool types of magic added. Demonologist, Diviner, Thaumaturge, Lineage Channeler, and Alchemist.
-New race added, the Ghuls. Carnivorous ogres descended from tribes who rejected the teachings of the Fire God, these surprisingly human cave-dwellers are highly-valued mercenaries and brothers-in-arms in the eternal wars of the post-deluge world.

1.2 Changes:
-Updated to latest version

1.1 Changes:
-Random monsters from medieval tapestries added. I'll probably be adding more of these in bits and pieces as I add other new content.
-Armor expanded and fleshed out, should get more cool designs.
-New human faction added, city-states guarded by knights in various types of late medieval armor.
-Caverns expanded, they are now more fleshed out. Mostly sunken and filled with horrific water monsters. The land is relatively safe though. Unless you run into the natives.
-New race added, Cyclopes. The Cyclopes are another remnant of Antiquity, like the Satyrs, but are godless and prideful. perhaps that is why they are reduced to a paltry few mountain fortresses.

1.0 Changes:
-Fall From Grace released
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