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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress: Fall From Grace 2.21
Last Updated: Aug 25, 2021, 12:08:55 am
First Created: Oct 30, 2019, 11:57:45 pm
File version: 2.21
For DF version: 0.47.05
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These are dark times.

Mankind had once prospered under the will of the old gods. Their empires grew mighty and their knowledge deep, but such was their hubris that they had not considered they were but children in a world far bigger than they could have imagined. A great deluge struck man, sweeping from the sea in a horrible tide that brought with it fouler things still, half-burying the land under malevolent waters before finally being driven back. Shattered and broken, the known realms could only reel and stumble through the anarchy of those terrible days, and now the degraded peoples of this broken world cling to whatever offers hope or comfort, be it the old faiths of the rivers and forests or the new gods which swim and squirm below the blue waters, crawl beneath the earth, and descend from the stars. A time of chaos and stagnation, where nothing truly changes yet lives are broken upon the wheel of fortune every day. A world which has fallen from its lofty status into the pits of despair. If change is to come, it will be a long and harsh quest beyond imagining, and one must take care not to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors, lest an even greater doom befall mankind.
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What is Fall From Grace?

This mod is my second or third attempt at a gothic horror setting, and I think I've got it nailed this time. The world is much like our own, albeit with the existence of the supernatural, divine, and unholy, with similar histories and cultures to ours, but diverged enough to be a thing of its own, and not intended as a commentary on our real world. The (re-)start of recorded history takes place after a great flood which destroyed the balance of power, further compounded by an invasion of horrors from the sea and the re-emergence of many supernatural monsters. Humanity (and things which were once human) live in a grim world reminiscent of the beginnings of the early modern or late medieval period, when knights in armor co-existed with lines of handgunners clad in cuirasses. Of course, in this world there are plenty of monsters to which a suit of armor would be useful against, so both knights and gunners have their place. As a gothic horror setting, there is less an emphasis of the fantastic around every corner and more the existence of the fantastic as having a history, an individual identity, and proper characterization. Rather than just throwing supernatural elements into the mod willy-nilly, I hope to give each unnatural thing a proper place in the world and a reason for its existence.

Just download it, place the folder somewhere, and play it. This mod comes with its own .exe and everything, you do not need to copy and paste, drag and drop, or otherwise move any files around beyond the initial step. It works exactly like installing and playing the vanilla game. Use the pre-made advanced worldgen parameters when generating a world.

Also, there are presets in Advanced World Generation with the proper parameters for playing the mod. Not using these parameters may cause crashes or weird things to happen.

NOTE: Vampires seem available as adventurers in adventure mode but its just for allowing players to play a Dhampir sub-caste. If you want to be a vampire start as a human and find the appropriate slab or drink the blood of one.

Change Log

2.21 Changes:
-Some small issues I missed earlier whoops

2.2 Changes:
-I accidentally made cambions not wear clothing so this is a quick fix to that
-Some civs use firelances now, they're like handgonnes but shoot metal filaments that do slashing damage. They should let out a gout of fire when they do it but the game won't let me do that so just pretend

2.1 Changes:
-mummies will now be aggressive
-tomb builder civ is once more playable

2.0 Changes:
-Big but subtle overhaul to the setting. Lore changed to be less silly and more serious, some things removed and replaced, other things added, other other things tweaked. Overall this could be considered a sort of great restructuring that will make further changes much easier to implement now that the foundation is totally solidified. More will come but right now it should be a playable and enjoyable experience.
-Demonic invasion system implemented, certain nations should be attacked by demons and taken over by them in rare events, like in vanilla. Demons are also now entirely custom creations.
-The magic system of Broken Chain, my occult dieselpunk mod, has been ported to Fall From Grace, with some tweaks added. Broken Chain as it currently exists is simply too similar to Fall From Grace to really exist as a standalone mod, so all the cool magic stuff in it will be ported to Fall From Grace, and Broken Chain will be overhauled yet again into something that can reliably stand out from Fall From Grace without overlapping aesthetically and thematically with it.

-Fauna overhauled. Savage tropical and temperate areas are now populated by prehistoric fauna ranging from mammals to dinosaurs. However, all environments in cold or oceanic regions can host prehistoric fauna, being untamed and savage as they are.
-Wights and Embalmed (mummies) added as specialized undead. The Embalmed should also take over certain southern nations which build tombs. Not violently, but as benign undead Padishahs of the ancient civilization. Wights are less benevolent, and are grudge-bearing undead with an inherent predisposition to cruelty, which they feed on.
-Good biomes overhauled. As everyone knows, space is filled with currents carrying spores of life. These spores land on both planets and other stellar bodies, but the atmosphere burns most of them up, otherwise the world would be overrun with alien life. However, El-Enlil's moon has a special relationship with the planet, and some areas achieve a form of symbiosis between the native ecosystem and the quasi-alien lunar life that has grown to inhabit the region. Who knows, maybe in the future aetherships will be common enough for regular trade between the two realms.

1.72 changes:
-emergency fix for a raw duplication

1.71 Changes:
-Many small fixes
-Some new creatures added
-New "race" added, ghouls. Previously an undead template, they are now their own unique undead creature, and are created when a human survives a necrotic bite from an elder ghoul, formed by curses, or the terrifying Grigori. They're stronger than vampires, but have less magical power.

1.7 Changes:
-updated to newest version

1.68 Changes:
-A bunch of little fixes
-Voidborn have inbred slave-castes (life on a generation ship does things to people)
-Human civs will now send caravans every season but winter to make getting steel easier.

1.67 Changes:
-Some new monsters added
-Some bugfixes
-Northern armor overhauled, and coifs added. Northern civs are meant to be inspired by the 1200s, so hopefully that works out.
-Another southern civilization added. There is now a divide between the henotheistic caliphates of the Great God of Fire and the polytheistic old shahdoms.
-A new race added, the voidborn. They're frail, intelligent humanoids from the Outer Dark who live in cloistered settlements.
-Northern, Southern, Imperial, and Diaspora human civilizations are now playable in fortress mode. I want to keep non-humans unplayable in fortress mode to keep them mysterious and exotic. Making contact with them either as a hostile force or friendly liaison should be an exciting and unpredictable occasion.

1.66 Changes:
-I finally broke and changed ALL the equipment names so they function right in fort mode. Let me know if something has gone terribly wrong.
-Some cool bugs added. Like, the insect kind.

1.65 Changes:
-Quick fix to some bugs
-Golems overhauled
-Automatons added

1.6 Changes:
-Magic users reworked. There are now generic "practitioners" which can learn a wide variety of disciplines. I will add more in future updates as I think of them.
-A new minor faction of humans added. These humans are refugees from a continent to the distant east, driven out of their homes by an oppressive, sprawling empire and arriving on the southernmost portions of the northwest continents. It is said that there are strange and unknown Great Gods in their homeland, but until the westerners find a way to cross the open ocean without being taken by the horrors of the sea these refugees are the only proof such a place exists. They wear strange armor and use strange weapons, and fight alongside their massive insectoid war beasts.
-Dinosaurs reworked, there are now more of them and the names are changed.
-Ghosts added to evil areas. They are easily dispersed when struck but hard to hit and can debuff you with status effects. Some types of ghost are more dangerous than others. As a general rule, you don't want to run into one alone.
-I have decided that there needs to be more monstrous enemy races to threaten civilization, especially with how the new alliance mechanics work. With that in mind, I introduce four invader races; The Excarnate, heretical skeleton crusaders who want to purge the living in the name of holy undeath (schismed from the Sanctified), the Plagued, insane humans carrying a contagious disease, Troll-Men, a troll variant with something approaching intelligent thought, and Blemmyes, failed experiments in creating homunculi soldiers. All are hostile.
-Cthonic monsters used by civilizations will now be special slave variants instead of the sort found in their native habitat. A bit weaker with a better ratio of creatures.
-Relics added. Pre-Deluge technology was vastly more advanced than what exists today, and what examples remain are jealously guarded. The remnants of the Land Of Many Angles, the Roaming Empire, and the First Civilization all make use of melee, ranged, and vehicular relics of immense combat potential, the latter of which can be so powerful that the strongest of knights cannot dent them. Only massed fire from ranks of handgonnes or the cannons of a normal war machine can hope to bring such ancient terrors to heel.
-I really dislike giving the player the ability to do things NPCs can't, but I really don't have a choice here. The player can now make lead ammunition for guns using the smelter. Unfortunately, NPC civs will not do this for a bunch of complicated reasons. But I really want lead ammunition for your gunners, so here we are.
-I switched the skills for handgunner and bowman. Not much of a change, but now hunters will spawn with bows and crossbows instead of handguns, and that sort of detail is important.

1.58 Changes:
-Quick fix to necromancers not having emotions
-Nosferatu will now infect victims with the Strigoi strain of vampirism instead of making them ghouls.

1.57 Changes:
-Some nations with a strong connection to pre-deluge civilization will use advanced firearms like muskets and blunderbusses.
-Orichalum and Black Iron temporarily removed due to bugs regarding material usage. Everyone is back to using steel for now.
-Landships overhauled. There are now four different styles of vehicle, two land-types and two air-types. In addition, land-types will have a mobile workshop variant that can "revive" and repair downed vehicles adjacent to it.
-Some more new armor pieces added

1.55 Changes:
So I found a CTD bug mid-update so now I'm rushing this out, more content to come but your game won't crash no more hopefully.
-Some new armor pieces added
-Languages overhauled to give them a more defined aesthetic and move away from historical cultures in favor of something more unique. Different civilizations can share a language according to their historical lineage and the ancient civilizations they descended from.
-New wizard type added, the Druid. They're like werewolves, only they turn into bears and deliberately chose the life of living in a cave and terrorizing you instead of having it forced on them. They won't infect you but oh man are they big.
-Trolls added to various biomes.

1.5 Changes:

-Gunners and bowmen get cool hats now (in civilized nations at least)
-A batch of true Chthonic entities added to the underworld
-Rolled back the iron/steel stuff because it just seemed to weird and arbitrary. Instead of just giving barbarian northerners steel though, they now use a substance called black iron. It's thick, crude, and imbued with shamanic runes to give it the strength of steel. So same thing, different aesthetic.
-Slavic-style humans added, the Severa. They split from the wolfmen before they became the wolfmen, and defend their homeland from bestial aggression.
-Creatures from the Outer Dark revamped, replacing vanilla creatures that had previously been placeholders. They should be more space-y now.
-Giant Snails added as per medieval tapestries
-Vampires reworked. There are now Nosferatu acting as conventional civilization-infiltrating vampires, and actual vampires existing as tower-dwelling necromancer-types with special undead minions. In addition, if two vampires procreate, they produce a Dhampir, an eerie being with strange powers but without the bloodthirst of its parents.
-New curse added, ogre transformation. Functions as a vampire or werebeast curse, but you turn into an ugly, perpetually insatiable elephant-sized humanoid. They can exist in society but tend to cause upheaval and trouble wherever they go. They can also reproduce.
-The Sanctified changed to better fit their theme as religious undead. The majority of the mortal population are now termed pariahs on account of basically being lepers, with a small percentage of them being born stillborn and used as seeds to create different types of undead based on modifications of pre-existing rituals. So instead of holy undead all basically being the same, they will now have a greater variety of form and bear the traits of the undead they were intended to mimic. They're like bootleg versions of the original along with some universal modifications.
-This change is a bit crazy but bear with me. I've changed the way skills work to reduce them greatly. Instead of all the different weapon skills, there is now the one-hander weapon for small weapons, the two-hander weapon for large melee weapons, the sidearm user skill for daggers, with skirmisher/handgunner/bowman remaining unchanged. This is because you can't use two-handed weapons with shields effectively, and the game does not let NPCs not carry shields if they are of a particular melee skill. Basically if a hammer user carries a maul, he's automatically nerfed from using it one-handed. The exception to this is the Pikeman skill, which does not use a shield. I could just fold two-handed weapons into the pikeman skill, but that would be lopsided as one-handed weapons would require a ton of different skills while a two-hander expert could pick up a greatsword as easily as a greataxe. So, my compromise is the situation explained above.
-Overhauled weapons entirely, there's now a fair amount of variants for each type of weapon, tilted in favor of blunt weapons like maces and hammers because you need those to fight dudes in plate armor.
-Doppelhaken name changed to 'wall-gonne' so its more universal
-A new biome added, the Forest of Night. Its at the bottom of the cave layers and is where vampires get their powers from. It is basically a physical manifestation of nightmare and predation.

1.4 Changes:

-Some nations make pig iron directly from ores. It's advanced metallurgy don't think about it. Anyway this also means that other civs will make weapons/armor/ammo from normal iron to emphasize their primitive nature while also ensuring civilized nations don't wear an iron/ste
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