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File Listing: [44.12] Night of the Werepumpkins! v1.1
Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019, 09:39:33 am
First Created: Oct 19, 2019, 10:12:34 am
File version: 1.1
For DF version: 0.44.12
Downloads: 48 (56) Size: 5.5 KB
Views: 344 (379) Type: ZIP
Home:  Night of the Werepumpkins!
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Night of the Werepumpkins! (requires dfhack)

Once a year, when the Hunter's Moon looms over the horizon, a vile evil spreads across the land. From the darkness, the great werepumpkins emerge from their lairs and terrorize the world with their horde of werepumpkin minions.

This mod adds a Hunter's Moon (10th of Sandstone) event every year, where a hundred werepumpkins and their great werepumpkin master come to attack your fortress. Unlike other werecreatures, werepumpkins can infect all living creatures (intelligent or not) and do not transform based on the full moon. Once bitten, a creature will transform into and remain a werepumpkin until killed.

Now you will know why you fear the night!

Atmospheric Music (for the event)

I encourage any feedback or recommendations. Let me know if you like the idea of timed events like this. I think this concept has a lot of potential for a fortress defense type mod. Also, after testing this out, let me know if the event should have a minimum dwarf count to prevent it from taking place during the first year or if you enjoy watching your starting dwarves run in terror.

Happy Halloween!
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