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File Listing: Fallout Creatures Mod
Last Updated: Jul 01, 2020, 09:19:01 pm
First Created: Aug 14, 2019, 02:24:22 pm
File version: 0.75
For DF version: 0.47.04
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Fallout Creatures DF

I noticed most Fallout mods were outdated and didn't work with the current DF, so here's my take. Currently adds several creatures from the Fallout games to Dwarf Fortress.
Currently has:

-Deathclaws (all variations, including hairy deathclaws from FO:Tactics and Glowing deathclaws from FO4)
-"X"lurks (all variations, including "capital" mirelurks from FO3, "commonwealth" mirelurks from FO4, as well as swamplurks and lakelurks from Point Lookout and FO:NV)
-Bloatflies (plus Glowing bloatflies from FO4)
-Gulpers (from Far Harbour)
-Wanamingos (from FO2)
-Zetans/Mothership Zeta creatures (optional "wild wasteland" add-on)
-Centaurs (all variations, including FO1/2 two-headed, FO3/NV one-headed and FO4's four-headed (only appears in concept art)
-Mole rats and pig rats
-Yao Guais
-Spore plants/carriers
-Super Mutants

-Brahmiluff (FO4 Nuka-World)
-Tunnelers (FO:NV Lonesome Road)
-Ghouls (intelligent and feral)
-Robots (currently protectrons, eyebots, Mr. Handies and Mr. Gutsies)
-Certain plants and chems (made by 'brewing' the plants)
-Weapons (currently unused by civs, but they may be added in future versions. currently in the mod to support robot creatures dropping energy cells upon butchering.)

New in this version:
-More plants/chems
(FO1/2 floater and elemental floaters from 76)

Where possible, creatures have been given their abilities from Fallout, such as bloatflies being able to shoot larvae and lakelurks/mirelurk kings having the "sonic" attack. Radiation poisoning is in too, giving nausea and blisters (not too punishing as there are few ways to avoid it or cure it currently). Glowing creatures periodically release bursts of radiation to simulate them being irradiated. For the purposes of the mod, "irradiated" areas are roughly analogous to "evil" areas in DF, so if you embark in an evil biome (or enter one as an adventurer) you will be able to find these glowing variants - otherwise, you will only find regular versions.

Next version is planned to have:

-More chems/plants
-Other creatures

Made with DF 0.44.12 but should theoretically work with anything above 0.42. Below that, I can't be sure, but it'll probably be fine (don't quote me on that). I used masterwork when creating the mod, but I've purposefully avoided using any materials/tissues etc from MDF to make it compatible with non-modded games. This does mean the mod will be compatible with MDF, though.

Currently in beta (as you can tell by the file version) so things are subject to change - particularly deathclaw strength, as they are currently quite weak compared to their strength in the games.

Please give any and all feedback, although I've been playing DF and making minor modifications for myself for many years, this is my first public released mod, and the first where I've made things from scratch. Any help is greatly appreciated, particularly with balancing.

If you use Miscellaneous Game Creatures (my other mod) use whichever duplicate file is newest (or largest)
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