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File Listing: Generic Fantasy Races Pack 1.1
Last Updated: Jun 09, 2019, 01:36:05 am
First Created: Jun 08, 2019, 05:11:26 pm
File version: 1.1
For DF version: 0.44.12
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So I was looking through the dwarf mods and I discovered that while there are a lot of really good mods, there aren't so many that are just really conventional kitchen sink fantasy. Which is fine! But sometimes you just want to stick with the tropes. So that is what this is for. It adds a few typical fantasy races to the game and spices things up without much in the way of subverted expectations or unique ideas. The races are playable in adventure mode but not in fort mode (feel free to mod them to be playable in fort mode though, it wouldn't take much effort and it's a good learning experience. The races are:

Orcs: Tall, brutish, and prone to violence. Cannot feel fear. Some are civilized, others are raiders who live in caves.

Drow/Dark Elves: Evil elves that live in the mountains. Use metal. Will steal children.

City Gnomes: Different from the game's mountain and dark gnomes because they have language and live in tree cities. Have a mixture of traits from elves and dwarves. Their civs will start with one (1) city and not expand further, always near a lake or ocean.

Duergar/Dark Dwarves: Evil dwarves which have the same stats but a more neurotic personality. Will try to steal artifacts.

Artifices/Warforged: Sapient living constructs which banded together into one community. Like gnomes, their civs are comprised of one site only, and will not expand.

Hobgoblins: Lanky goblinoids known for their martial prowess and disciplined armies.

Bugbears: Really big goblinoids that steal your children for enslavement purposes.

Halflings: Short, peaceful humanoids that just want to be left alone.

Tieflings: Humans tainted by demonic ancestry. Their aura makes some people hate them on sight (as one would vermin). Like gnomes and artifices are a 1 site civ.

Dragonborn: Firebreathing lizardmen who uphold justice in their territory. Live in singular monastery fortresses in the mountains, or caves in the wilds.

Mind Flayers: Evil octopus headed types that kidnap people and eat their foes.

High Elves: Snooty and fancy elves that build cities. They are rare and only one civ will spawn, but it can have multiple sites.

Gnolls: Demonic hyena men. Different from normal hyena men because they have horns and are evil.

There is also an additional entity file that makes the evil races spawn as underground tribes with metal weapons and armor.

HOW TO INSTALL: Drag and drop the files into your objects folder.
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