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File Listing: Gnomish Clockwork Empires
Last Updated: May 22, 2019, 03:12:08 pm
File version: 1.0
For DF version: 0.44.12
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All races stand in awe of the gnomish clockwork craft, capable of producing flame-breathing, two-tusked belchers; skittering scuttlers; and powerful, ponderous golems. Not to mention the arsenal of clockwork rifles, pistols, shivs and armours available.

And yet the clockwork gnomish empires are not belligerent. Highly energetic and with vibrant eyes and hairstyles, the gnomes frolic, bounce and somersault about their cities with an energy other races find tiresome. Though do not stir the clockwork beast, lest it turn its clicking, revolving gaze your way…

- 15,000 size, high agility but low str, toughness
- Can gambol, increasing their agility substantially for a limited amount of time
- Wield rifles, pistols, shivs and cog-shields
- Can tinker with constructs (raising base str, agil and toughness by 300%)
- Can overcharge (increases str by 2000)
- Can repair (resurrect) fallen clockwork constructs (that may instantly die from oil loss)

- Scuttler: A gnomish construct that scuttles about on eight sharp legs and jets forth a pneumatic spear.
- Belcher: A ferocious gnomish construct. Its maw is jagged with two jutting tusks, and it belches fire. Beware!
- Golem: A ponderous, powerful gnomish invention. There is life in its dull eyes and the turning of its huge, heavy head. Some golems have been known to escape their gnomish creators. (rarely found in caverns and mountains. Can become historical figures in world gen. Custom personalities; actually very opposed to violence. Strong as heck. Massive heads)

- All constructs come in copper, bronze, iron and steel variants. Copper being common, steel rarest

- Custom government with a singular, elected grand engineer, 5 high engineers who may succeed him, as well as gnome strategists, roamers and shankers.
- Pointy faces grow with age
- Colourful eyes and hair
- Fabulous colourful civ names such as The Teal Wreaths
- Custom language (as with all my civs)
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