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File Listing: DF Vanilla-Spice Revised v1.3
Last Updated: Feb 09, 2020, 04:03:29 pm
First Created: May 12, 2019, 06:03:00 pm
File version: 1.3
For DF version: 0.47.02
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Built on the back of Taffer's DF Revised, "Vanilla-Spice Revised" aims to upgrade existing threats and challenges while keeping the general feel of vanilla DF. The goal is to add no new creatures, but to make existing creatures better at what they're *meant* to do. Generous thanks to Taffer, Sver, Button, and others for their exemplary work.

Some features from DF Revised;
-Balance adjustments to material strengths, attacks, armor, weapons, and speeds
-Bugfixes and corrections for chitin, scale, pearl, and leather
-Bugfixes to egg-layers, disappearing creatures, tameable beasts
-Bugfixes to feather trees, seeds, and rotting materials
-Elves wield superior wooden weapons
-More creatures stealing booze, items or food
-More creatures eating vermin

New features in DF Vanilla-Spice:


-Vocalizations for a wide array of creatures, with more to come.
-Custom creature classes for certain beast categories.
-Snakes now have MISCHIEVOUS, causing them to pop out of stealth. ("A rattlesnake! Drive it away!")
-Cave creatures now have CAVE_ADAPT, giving you a potential weapon against monsters of the deep.
-Carp, sharks and other hostile fish have CRAZED, making lakes, shores and beaches potentially more interesting.
-Snake-men and reptile-men have grasping tails for combat.
-Animalmen are more person-like, with mannerisms and height/broadness variation, and are immune to curses.
-Metalworking is more dangerous, with syndrome gasses having a chance to spawn from coal mining/processing or smelting of ores. (Credit to Lofn's Blacklung Mod.)


-First pass of unique abilities and stat boosts for animalmen, esp. birds and insects, which are tragically weak.
-Some stronger animalmen, such as Elephants and those based off large predators, receive no boosts. Size is enough.
-New creature variations DWARF_EXACT_SIZE and HUMAN_EXACT_SIZE help apply universal armor sizes.
-New attacks to buff bloodsuckers such as leech men, lampreys, and Hungry Heads.
-Fix to insect VOCALIZATION so they use NONE, which makes them work despite the lack of lungs.
-Birds of prey can be trained to hunt.
-All cat animals can clean themselves (or others) like domestic cats. Can't model realistically painful tiger licking at this time.
-Dwarves are slightly less susceptible to stress, depression, etc. to help with some complaints about vanilla values.
-Some monsters without CAN_SPEAK have vocalizations, such as yeti, ice wolves, dragons, etc. More to come.
-Megabeasts have very loud vocalizations to make them easier for adventurers to find.
-Raw meat, cheese and plants make certain creatures happy when eaten. For example, Elves love raw meat.

-HOTFIX: Resolved some issues with Leech, Rattlesnake men.
-Removed expanded dictionary for now, as it was causing some issues. Will be looking over Taffer's work to reincorporate it later on.


-All stones with a fancy color (cinnibar, cobaltite, rutile, etc.) have MATERIAL_VALUE:2 to reward you for having a fancy fort.
-New mineral: Flint, suitable for rock spears/swords like Obsidian. Since Obsidian is found near magma - which renders stone weapons irrelevant - this gives new opportunities to use the mechanics. Appears in chalk, limestone and chert.
-New mineral: Goethite, or "bog iron." Addresses boom-or-bust distribution of ores and makes swamps more habitable.
Has precedent in many other mods, so should not be an outrageous addition.
-Dwarf civs have fewer domestic animals by default to reduce migrant pet clutter; use only Mules, Dogs, Cats, Sheep, Yaks.
-New auto-processing reaction for Quarry Bushes, courtesy of forum user WannabeHero.
-Crows and Magpies are upgraded from vermin to "real" creatures, like their Raven cousins, and can steal food or items.
-Many more animalmen have either DWARF_SHORT_SIZE, DWARF_EXACT_SIZE, HUMAN_EXACT_SIZE or HUMAN_TALL_SIZE. Most bird-men come in at just shorter than dwarves, while predators like tiger and bear men are slightly taller than humans.
-Many more animalmen have custom skills or talents to improve their natural abilities; FELINE, CANINE and URSINE creatures in particular. Bigger creatures get more flavor-skill/mental abilities.

-First inclusion of bonus animalperson civs, found in "entity_beast_bonus." Included in this first pass are Snail Man traders and Leech/Fly/Mosquito/Tick man gobbo-types adapted from Better Bugmen, Spider/Chameleon "Skulking" civs, Warthog/Boar plains raiders, jungle/desert Snake civs, and a Bear/Walrus/Wolf tundra-taiga civ. Each is set to spawn a max of 1 per world and picks from multiple species, so you're not guaranteed to see any of them survive worldgen.
-To try this out, simply drag "entity_beast_bonus" into the "objects" folder before installing as normal.
-Alternatively, check out Meph's Fortress Defense III, which uses all vanilla animalpersons and thereby benefits from
the animalman changes in this mod. (

Rework for the Villains Release (.47xx). Taffer's Dwarf Fortress Revised 2.2 incorporated some elements from this mod, particularly regarding animal people and vocalizations. I am honored to have contributed!

-New feature: Sushi! Similar to the happy thoughts for cheese, this is a fine food made from large fish such as sharks and carp. This is to reward players who jump through the hoops to catch such creatures. Since fish are low-fat creatures IRL, their "fat" is processed into additional sushi rather than tallow. Mermaids are also eligible, if you're into that.
-ELEMENTMAN creatures such as Blood, Mud, Gabbro, Amethyst, Fire and Magma Men (plus Plump Helmet Men) can now regenerate their severed limbs. This is within the mission statement of "making creatures do what they do, but better." Blood, Mud and Fire Men also have 3:5 damage reduction since they're so flimsy.
-Good-aligned grass will fully heal GRAZER creatures, including regeneration. Whether you use this to mend your wounded cattle after beast attacks or explore new and horrifying frontiers in target practice is entirely your choice.
-More animalmen conform to either Dwarf or Human armor sizing.
-Leech, Tick, Fly and Mosquito Men are now fully added civs based on Goblins. By default only two bugman civs will spawn, but worldgen circus breaches now have non-goblin options when generating a brand new civ mid-game. This is an exciting avenue to explore going forward, as it may work even if the starting number is set to 0!
-Creature classes for food syndromes are narrowed down to VEGETARIAN, LIKES_MEAT and LIKES_FISH. BUG_GIANT is used for mounts for bugmen civs.
-First pass of adventurer content: Eating the "beating heart" of a Megabeast (Dragon, Cave Dragon, Roc, Hydra, Sea Monster, Sea Serpent) will fully heal and regenerate you. If you can micromanage your kitchen in dwarf mode, it'll apply there as well.
-Knuckle weapons can be made at the forge. These handheld bludgeons are smaller than maces, and are made exclusively from jewelry metals and alloys such as brass, bronze, gold, silver and platinum. This is something of a balance addition to make non-iron/non-copper embarks more playable. While a squad of Strikers is inefficient, it's better than nothing.
-Wooden training maces (cudgels) and wooden training hammers (mallets) now provide training options for those weapons.

Enjoy and have !!fun!!
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