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File Listing: Boozelings
Last Updated: May 22, 2019, 02:36:42 pm
First Created: Feb 04, 2019, 12:04:18 pm
File version: 1.1
For DF version: 0.44.12
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1.1: Increased potency for all standard boozelings. Should be enough to cause some fun, but not too destructive. Previously it just seemed too weak for those dwarven livers!
Fixed Enchanted Boozeling actually decreasing speed instead of increasing. Whoops, sorry guys! :pint:
Added [CRAZED] to fell booze - these guys are the definition of FUN!! now. Create brawl (potentially fatal) rooms in your tavern.
Gave enchanted boozeling its own voice lines in data/speech/enchantedboozeling.txt
Fixed incorrect boozeling child name (forget which one)

1.02: Fixed the wine boozeling's child and baby names.

:1.01 Got rid of a line in the RAWS that would throw an error report to anyone not using the Revised mod.


Scattered throughout the caverns are strange creatures indeed, none so coveted by the dwarves as the boozeling. Standing slightly smaller than dwarves, the boozelings are joyous (for the most part) creatures, with two large wooden mugs in place of hands. Seemingly having no need to eat, the boozelings subsist on the alcohol they naturally produce in their bodies, which perpetually brims to the tops of their mugs.

In cheer, they often unload these mugs of booze, or take huge gulps of them. On the rare instances that boozelings have been captured and tamed, it is said they delight in sharing their glorious, home-made booze with their masters. There is a reason boozelings are rarely tamed, for they are wild creatures. Only the most alcoholic and crazed overseers would think to capture and employ one, but once that is done, they could be welcome additions to taverns, or pastured and chained throughout the fort.

Rumour has it there are two, rare species of boozeling… One brings great joy and energy with the booze it produces, the other, a maddening rage.

If the stories are to be believed…


The boozelings are short humanoids that constantly secrete booze from their skin, serve mugs of booze to themselves and others within touching range, and unload their mugs in a splash upon greeting. These mugs are their hands.

There are 5 varieties of boozeling:
Whiskey boozeling - Strongest drunken effect
Wine boozeling - 2nd strongest
Ale boozeling - 3rd strongest
Enchanted boozeling - Gives extreme feeling of euphoria to dwarves and a speed boost
Fell boozeling - FUN!!!

The two rarer boozelings have their own personalities, while the common all share the same. Each have their own variable colour schemes. The wine boozeling is a red wine boozeling (I prefer it), and I’ve included speech files that need to go into data/speech (boozeling.txt and fellboozeling.txt) if you want custom utterances every time they serve a mug.

There is nothing I can do about the serving of booze being counted as a combat report, I’m afraid. Mix the different varieties for maximum drunkenness.

Funny Stuff:

In my first iterations the inebriation was so powerful it would kill any human or dwarf that was splashed by the booze, because I had it apply the drunken effect via contact.

11 splashes on a creature = 11 separate instances of the inebriation = death by alcohol.

So now the booze is technically a gas, and the drunken effect is inhaled. This was the only workaround for the splash I could think of.

What was even more ridiculous, is that the very first boozeling I spawned began to first get dizzy, then cry euphoric tears, then begin to vomit, before finally falling completely unconscious. This was because I had the creatures continuously secrete the booze from their skin, but I hadn’t made them immune to the inebriation. I have no idea why the boozelings would not die from this, unlike humans or dwarves, but would instead remain in a chronic, unconscious state of drunkenness—for eternity.
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