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 Dwarf Fortress File Depot » Bugged Saves » 0008605: Stuck Merch leaving behind unusable goods
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File Listing: 0008605: Stuck Merch leaving behind unusable goods
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019, 10:40:49 am
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.44.12
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Followup of regarding trade woes. >:(

The issue now is that after i've removed the additional trading depots in the hopes of conducting some honest trade, merchants are becoming stuck to which they never finish unloading. In save, there is a merchant horse (found towards the back of the pack) that refused to get onto the trade depot, and had been for the entire duration it was there, staying crouched while bodyguards and wagons stood on the depot. (in save 1, present leaving in save 2) though the earlier save starts long after the merchants had finished actually wasting time.

Destroying the depot spread 1/4 of all the objects remaining on the depot onto the floor (no duplication, i've checked and the merchants are leaving with partial inventories) as they stopped working to unload when they became stressed (my theory anyway), which happens to merchants when they encounter something dangerous or disturbing situations in hitting the floor to crouch immediately, animals and all. The only thing that could stress them to mention is that the depots roof is unfinished, so perhaps the merchants are having cave adaptive negative thoughts to being out in the sun again for a extended time (or rain, i hadn't noticed any though).

I would hope that Toady looks into it, as it's not exactly ruined but definitely stagnated my trading relationship with the outside world, the same happened to elves who visited me with just pack animals preceding this save, so its not a wagon related problem I don't think. Only other relevant things to mention off the bat is that i have a tributary active, and goblin civs who have stopped giving me tribute instead to go to war with me. (to which end i was hoping for some new merchant bought weapons to put the "rebellions" down)

Tributaries (one remaining not at war with me coming in spring, two months forward of save 2) can use multiple or single depots just fine.
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