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File Listing: MacPack-0.44.12.p1
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2019, 02:54:58 pm
First Created: Jan 06, 2019, 06:42:32 pm
File version: p1
For DF version: 0.44.12
Downloads: 1,367 (1,397) Size: 480.74 MB
Views: 4,704 (4,766) Type: ZIP
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Dwarf Fortress 0.44.12 (latest)
dfhack 0.44.12-r2 (latest) + twbt + multiscroll
Meph Tileset V4.5 (32x32) (latest, full version)
Dwarf Therapist v41.0.2 (latest)
SoundSense r2016-1 (latest, updated)
AnnouncementWindow-1.1c (latest, updated)
DF Log v0.0.4 (latest)
Legends Browser 1.17.1 (latest)

Everything comes preconfigured to work together and ready to play.
It should look like this (external display).
Save file is included so you can check out how the game looks right away.

############## IMPORTANT:
If you have a Retina display, open df_osx/data/init/init.txt and adjust it to match resolution of your screen.
It's 4k by default.
Press Alt-Enter in game to enter fullscreen mode and play in full resolution. Text will be huge at first, but don't panic.
- press Esc or enter any other text screen to adjust text size by scrolling
- use two fingers to pan around or drag with the right mouse button if you prefer mouse
- hold CMD to adjust map zoom level with scroll. You can also do it by "Ctrl +" / "Ctrl -". F10 returns to default zoom level
Sometimes (rarely) multiscroll stops working (long standing bug). Press Ctrl-Alt-Z, Ctrl+Z to reload it.

You cannot Cmd-Tab out of fullscreen DF, so you have to Alt-Enter again first. If you have more than one screen, you can use another full screen app alongside with fullscreen DF.

Alternatively, you can use included to set your whole screen to real (not HiDPI) resolution and play full res DF in a window.


############## MacPack.0.44.12-p1 (January 13, 2019)
Save compartible, just copy ./df_osx/data/save/region* folder(s) into the new pack

Dwarf Fortress
- updated to Meph Tileset V4.5
- fixes the black background of furniture
- fixes a few color overlays for marble, cavern wood furniture etc
- animations to unmined gems and ores
- 25 new sprites for roads
- added "mousequery drag right" to .ini for players who use mouse
- added gui/room-list-plus.lua - 'v'iew a citizen, press Alt-R to go to his room. gui/room-list.lua from dfhack is available on the same hotkey in a 'q'uery mode
- added list-gods.lua - list deities by follower count, show status of temples
- added list-valuables.lua - show a list of most valuable items in a fortress
- added Ctrl-Alt-L for librarian.lua
- renamed onLoad.init_example to onLoad.init
- updated filters.txt / filters.dat
Dwarf Therapist
- changed ini file location from "~/.config/Dwarf Therapist/"" to "~/Library/Application Support/Dwarf Therapist/", now all DT files are stored in a single folder
- added a few missing sparring messages to battle.xml
- added "Legends Browser HowTo.txt" with instructions on exporting legends data

############## MacPack.0.44.12-p0 (January 6, 2019)

Dwarf Fortress
- added all 44.12 keybinds to the mac-optimized interface.txt that comes with Lazy Mac Pack. Now interface.txt is sorted in alphabetical order to make future updates (with diff) easier. Script to sort keybinds is in the /init/ folder.

- multiscroll.dylib is binpatched to bypass version check and work with dfhack 44.12-r2
- added list-gods.lua - lists gods, number of worshipers and temple status in dfhack console

Added some of my keybinds to the top of dfhack.init
- Shift+r opens relevant battle report from anywhere, so if you see a wounded dwarf or a pool of blood, you can Shift+r to investigate
- Alt-z for stocks in addition to cumbersome default Ctrl-Shift-z
- Shift+i and Ctrl+Shift+i show extra unit information, useful for pets
...and remember to press Alt-F1 on any screen to see all dfhack shortcuts!

- deleted "default" folder, now combat sounds like it was supposed to sound instead of just annoying beeps
- updated packs/emotion.xml for many new emotions in 44.12
- updated packs/battle.xml for new combat messages in 44.12
- changed sounds for hunters who spent all ammunition ("I must withdraw!"), now they will sound angry/upset rather that scared (unless they are actually scared)
- silenced sparring by extending on this reddit post Ideally someone should make a new unobtrusive collection of sounds for sparring, so it could still be heard but not mistaken for combat.
- added ""
If you press "update pack" button in soundsense, it will revert to the default pack, losing all the changes above

- updated filters.txt, they weren't matching a lot of stuff from 44.12.
- tweaked filters.dat: added new stuff, moved stuff around, and changed colors to make everything a bit more consistent (moved "X has been missing for a week" to pink "deaths" group instead of green "social" group, removed unnecessary red from completed orders etc etc)
- tried to fix a bug where menu gets disabled after first usage. I just commented out the code that conditionally disables menu. It still happens but not as often.

Dwarf Therapist:
- included a shell script that fixes Dwarf Therapist not saving config between runs. (run TherapistSaveConfigFix.command once if you experience this problem)
- it's recommended to disable "check for updates" in Therapist options. 41.0.3 fixes windows-only bug, this build doesn't exist for Mac OS, but Therapist still detects it, asking for update and re-downloading memory layout on every reconnect.
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