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File Listing: Two elf civs decimate human opponent #0003802
Last Updated: Dec 18, 2018, 03:29:18 am
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For DF version: 0.44.12
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:lol: Elves are wonderfully pro-actively aggressive aren't they with their values.

The elf civ "The Shin of Typhoons" in "The Fierce Conflict" attacked the human civilization "The Silvery Empire" in year 1 ongoing until year 35 (present) after raiding some sites at the same time about 60 times, this would seem pretty usual for elves stomping on the little people but in year 2 a northernly seperate faction of elves called "The Chartreuse Snarl" also declared war on the Silvery Empire bringing as many attackers, and pillaging as many sites

Between them, in 35 years every province in the human civilisation has been raided 50 or sixty times and both wars still aren't over.

In the file is a clear save, load up legends mode to find the war quickly referenced, and two XML's of pre-generation Test save 1 and post-fortress world generation of 'elf pillaging save' (i had to copy Test Save 1, its original save folder name to upload this clearly without losing my original save folder)

There is some modding on the save, but that would only really touch the unit composition of the elves relevant to the issue since i added some [ANIMAL] entity tags to make them more preferencial to using mammals, so they've obviously selected more appropriate trainable war-beasts than they usually would do from some silly picks like giant butterflies.
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