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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 3.751
Last Updated: Jun 29, 2022, 03:43:34 pm
First Created: Nov 30, 2018, 10:11:43 pm
File version: 3.751
For DF version: 0.47.05
Downloads: 29 (11,926) Size: 25.53 MB
Views: 93 (53,343) Type: ZIP
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Man ruled the solar system, once. In its grand epoch spanning thousands of years, Earth was the jewel of a great empire, its shining cities the capital of a vast civilization which stretched from the pitted surface of Mercury to the freezing depths of the Oort Cloud. But from the festering stagnancy of its millennia-long reign came resentment and ambition, culminating in its catastrophic end. From this arose a new age, an era of awe and horror incomprehensible to the common man, built upon the back of a new breed of scientific law scarcely understood even by its practitioners. Earth itself is unrecognizable, a broken world littered with a thousand dead nations and forgotten megastructures which obscure any trace of what was once a verdant oasis of natural life. The solar system is a haunted grave, the planets, moons, and even space itself strewn with the wreckage of long-dead peoples.

But this is all ancient history, long forgotten to the rising powers of the new Earth. They live in a different world entirely, an endless jungle of steel and carbon in which even the mightiest of cities are but mere drops in its ocean, in which even the greatest scientific achievements known to their ancient ancestors are but wheels and torches compared to the hypertechnological relics which they rely on to survive. Where mankind no longer rests at the summit of creation but submits to the authority of those who dare follow the path carved out by their forebears and seek to transcend the limits of mere biology. Where even posthuman demigods struggle for survival against ceaseless danger and overwhelming violence. A world in which the power of the individual once more reigns supreme, the ideals of equality and unity reduced to laughable fantasies. An era that waits with bated breath for its own end, and the rise of a new existence which will finally bring order to the anarchy and terror of a star system gone mad, or deliver the killing blow to what remains of intelligent life. But this terrible night of humanity's history will be long and harsh indeed, and only the greatest among the great stand a chance of bringing forth a new dawn.
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What is The Long Night?

The Long Night is a total overhaul mod which takes the game Dwarf Fortress and transplants it into a post-apocalyptic scifi future where the fragmented descendants of humanity struggle to survive in the broken remains of an Earth-turned-megastructure. Central to the game experience is the use of nanotechne; a programmable, infinitely mutable form of matter which forms the foundation of every civilization, and the process of transcendence, through which individuals can cultivate internal nanotechne to slowly gain superhuman abilities and obtain the power to fight the most terrifying foes Earth has to offer. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from playing a humble village of hydroponic farmers or a low-life scavenger either, but bear in mind that biological sophonts are far from the top of the food chain, even with armor and weapons. It is recommended you read the information on the bay12 page before playing the game.

Just download it, place the folder somewhere, and play it. This mod comes with its own .exe and everything, you do not need to copy and paste, drag and drop, or otherwise move any files around beyond the initial step. It works exactly like installing and playing the vanilla game. Use the pre-made advanced worldgen parameters when generating a world.

The bay12 mod page answers a lot of them. If not, ask on my discord.

IMPORTANT: Also, there are presets in Advanced World Generation with the proper parameters for playing the mod. Not using these parameters may cause crashes or weird things to happen.


These are vanilla bugs I do not know how to fix, and maybe they can't be fixed without the loss of certain features. If you want to avoid these bugs, follow these instructions.

Necromancer factions will sometimes, but not always, massively bloat the size of a save file, exported xml file, and loading times. If you do not want to risk that then remove interaction_tech_transform_parasite from the objects folder to prevent this. It will prevent necromancers from spawning, but prevent the save bloat from ever happening.

Currently, bandit forts will infinitely replenish themselves, and little will happen in worldgen because every civ will be throwing away its armies against one fort over and over again. To prevent this, go to the "entity" files in the objects folder and select the ones with "uncaste" or "locaste" in the name, and in those text files remove the "[BANDITRY:(number)]" data. This will prevent bandits from appearing, which will lead to more meaningful wars in worldgen, but will also mean you never run into bandits in gameplay.

In adventure mode, many sites with have a large population of "outcast" NPCs. These NPCs may be as many as ten times the normal population of a site, causing a huge amount of lag and rendering many areas of the game effectively unplayable. However, if you visit this site, load in the area, exit the site, retire your character, un-retire them, and re-visit the site, this mystery population will vanish, and the settlement will usually be fixed. However, sometimes this doesn't work.

Change Log:

-Macrocells will die in lava
-Shells are no longer considered to be demon lords by the populace

-Composite infrastructure expanded. "Composite" is the term for the general makeup of the megastructure, all the raw material that fills it. There's now three different types. At the top is superstructure, the lightest variant with a scant amount of resources. Below that is infrastructure, the basic stuff. And below even that is substructure, the densest, most resource-rich variant. The deeper you go, the more resources you can obtain from harvesting your surroundings.
-New lifeform classification: Macrocellular life. These hardy organisms are impossibly advanced monocellular entities found in extremely cold regions like void-type biomes on the Terran Megastructure along with the moons and asteroids of the solar system. Whatever they were designed to do is long-forgotten, but their protoplasm is highly energy-dense and can be converted into fuel.
-Change to Un-Caste creatures. Instead of generic herbivore/omnivore/carnivore types, playable Un-Caste races are sapient versions of pre-existing non-sapient Human-Derived Fauna.
-Manufacturing energetic compound/meta-alloy/computing substrate should now be a more straightforward process. Instead of cutting scavenged materials into components to harvest the stuff, you can just smelt it outright. Originally I thought the cutting part was necessary for a certain trick to work, but it turns out it is not.
-Fix to hyperpredators being used by non Outer Pattern civs, hopefully.
-Slight flavor change. Instead of undersuits as mandatory "lower body" wear, instead you have connection cord rigs. Lore-wise they're basically adapters for the ports in your body as you jam them into various machinery. You don't need them but they're nice to have, so people will demand you make them if they don't have any.

-Quick fix to some creature descriptors

-Some changes to armor nomenclature
-You can make plastic crafts out of composite infrastructure now, extract the plastic from the ruins of the megastructure. No need for glazing. The potter job is also renamed to "plastician".
-Composite infrastructure now weighs half as much.
-Polymer biofactories will now eject polymer when greeting friendly NPCs.
-Fix to posthuman population ratios.
-Posthumans should consume food instead of dying and their caravans will bring goods.
-An abridged Long Night timeline can now be found on the bay12 page which replaces my outdated and heavily verbose expository essay. I am rewriting it to be better and more up to speed with the current canon but for now there's a simplified explanation which gives an overview of everything from the Solar Empire's beginning to the current time period in plain english. Should be helpful.

-Fix to "wood" weights, should be lighter and easier to work with now.
-Fix to hi-caste civilians being counted as pets. They were supposed to all be pets (slaves) of each other's civs but it led to their own civs considering their own civilians as pets, interfering with work assignment.
-Fix to uploads learning as fast as hereditary cyborgs. They do have a small buff to it though.

3.7 Changes:
-Removed babysnatcher behavior from civs, conflicted with merchant stuff
-Changed hereditary cyborgs to have organic human skin, meant to make them more contrasted with their postbiological evolved descendants with their grayscale integument.

3.69 Changes:
-Due to game limitations digging implements can't be made from a non-weapon metal, in this case meta-alloy, so you couldn't forge them whoops. Drills, now called disassemblers, are now made from nanotechne.

3.68 Changes:
-Accidentally removed bioframes at some point fixed that whoops

3.67 Changes:

-Changes to posthumans. The details are in the bay12 page but essentially there's two main tiers now, posthumans with high nanotechne density and posthumans with low nanotechne density. In addition, the posthuman factions have been dichotomized into two basic types, the normal Inner Pattern comprised of humans who became posthumans through modern methods, and the divergent Outer Pattern which consists of posthumans descended from humans who became posthumans over the course of the Last Gene War and got all weird as a result. I apologize for all the name changes and stuff but basically, I am trying to come up with good culturally-agnostic descriptor names which can apply anywhere, because when I add more cultures that means the name will look good no matter what culture they are attached to, and this is harder than it looks.
-Changes to Shells/husks. Instead of being human brains in jars, they are uploaded human minds inside fully mechanical bodies. This change is a minor lore thing but it solves some problems regarding consistency and avoiding dissonance. Mostly because if you could easily plop a human brain in a robot body most everyone would be doing it, but mind uploading is a far more dubious form of life-extension so they can remain a weird subculture instead of the dominant life form. Once Toady puts in prosthetics that I can mod into cybernetics I will go wild with conventional cyborgs however.
-Various fixes

-Adjusted temperatures to hopefully prevent unplayably cold areas.
-Fix to NPCs not spawning with waistcloths when appropriate.
-Some new terrain features on the surface. There's now churned up stone rubble in addition to metal wreckage. All that earth had to go somewhere when the world was being converted into a megastructure so you'll find patches of rock in some places. The surface is meant to be the messy crust of the megastructure proper, so it ought to be fitting.
-Changes to biome names. It's explained more on the bay12 page, but instead of deserts and mountains, you'll find wastes and ruins, for example.
-Fix to grinder maces, they can hit things now
-Change to armor. Instead of light, medium, and heavy, there's just light or heavy armor variants. Light and heavy are easy shapes to visualize in a vacuum, but "medium" can only exist in relation to them so it's a trickier criteria to meet as a standalone armor, so I'll let the property of "medium" be emergent instead of a specific set. A medium armor set would be one that, for example, uses a light nanosuit and heavy combat armor, or the other way around.
-Change to vehicles. There's a lot of issues with conventional vehicles. For large ones, it is very silly to have only one pilot and that they close to melee to swing a sword at you. In general, that they move on their own without a pilot is also weird. So I've created some unique vehicles that I think fit better with both the setting and the limitations of dwarf fortress. The first are biomechanical beasts which can be ridden like animal mounts, and the second are implants which interface with the pilot's connection ports to merge into a larger entity. Rather than riding a motorcyle, you become the motorcycle.

-Quick emergency fix to Adaptive-type Exhumans, a rare caste issue I hadn't noticed has now been rectified.
-Machines and mundane cyborgs now have standardized tissue layers. The general meta-ecology of the Long Night is coming together I think. There's true machines, biological life forms, biomechanical life forms, and postbiological life forms, each with their own aesthetic. Elastomer also comes from making "leather" out of the pneumatic tube muscles of true machines, rather than biomechanical life forms, which now yield normal leather.
-Fixed intro announcements, mountainhomes and dwarves will no longer be mentioned in them

-A few new weapons. Crush or pierce armor with grinder and drill weapons, or bisect a tank with swords that can unleash powerful blades of energy.
-This is a bit of an embarrassing oversight on my part. I'm removing specialist clades of posthumans for the time being. In short, there's a bug where if a creature transforms into a new creature, it retains its original mental stats. If it transforms into a new creature meant to be smarter than them, it doesn't get that bonus and is described as abnormally lacking in that department. This sort of defeats the purpose of stat-optimized transformations, so specialist variants are tabled for the time being. However, immortals now have their own exhuman variant to play around with, which replaces a stat bonus with a size bonus, and ties into the new magic system.
-Posthumans will now have more varied appearances, as (in the case of intermorphic styles) their carapace density will vary from limb to limb, so you might have a guy that looks mostly meaty with a really mechanical right armor and head or something like that.
-I've redone Transcendent abilities. I'll explain it more on the forum page but basically you have 10 body parts to use as anchors for nanomachine-printing weapons that attach to your body, so you have a limited amount of attack slots you can get, but there's also bigger powers which are rarer and not tied to a body part. Instead of becoming a guy who has high endurance you nano-construct an armored shell around yourself.
-Biodeities remodeled. The previous biodeity creature is now the Immortal Exhuman transformation. My thoughts are that Myriad biomachines are practical, for biomechanical monsters anyway, it's the postbiological life forms which are fixated on the human form. New Biodeities should reflect that design philosophy.
-I've redone how all postbiological life works. This involved finally learning how tissue layer systems worked and I think it turned out pretty good, but as with all forays into unknown mechanics of dwarf fortress there is a high likelihood I have goofed something up. Please let me know if any postbiologicals do anything weird.
-Cultivation tablets altered. It's a one tablet deal now, no need to win the lottery. But they are expensive, and each tier of transcendence costs twice as much as the last, so it's more optimal to transcend two individuals to create a dynasty than it is to try and use tablets to uplift y
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This is a really cool mod, the setting, flavour, and overall execution is fantastic. I just wish I was as good at adventure mode as fortress mode. Went out as a demi god Fext and got capped by a war machine in the head after my dumb party member attacked it for no reason. :roll: Haha

I started a Europan fort, hopefully I can do some fun stuff with water.

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 Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 1.99 (v 1.99)  » posted by polartechie on Feb 28, 2020, 12:08:51 am

I suited up in future gear, tried to stab a scholar for his rifle and got shot to death <3
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 Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 1.99 (v 1.99)  » posted by Pirotitan on Mar 05, 2020, 09:04:40 pm
"A Stray Roomba (TAME) has given birth to sextuplets."

I love this mod
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 Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 2.1 (v 2.1)  » posted by Dolphin on Apr 22, 2020, 09:35:10 pm
Made an account just to say this. I can fucking not thank you enough for making this. This is the best thing I've played in my whole life, genuinely. I love it more than I can express and it honestly rekindled my love for Dwarf Fortress. Playing it feels like an experience, I can't explain it. I don't imagine many people feel as strongly as I do but thank you from the bottom of my heart. It brings me a kind of satisfaction I can't describe, it's like playing your first video game as a kid. Please keep updating it if you can! Undeniable 5 out of 5.
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 Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 2.6 (v 2.6)  » posted by Rag117 on Jun 23, 2020, 12:40:22 pm
First of all i wanna say that since i saw Kruggsmash playing this it quickly became my preferred way to play DF, i absolutely love your mod setting!

but i just recently switched to linux and this might be a very dumb question, but is there any way to get this running on the linux version of the game?

EDIT: nvm i figured it out on my own
comment last edited by Rag117 on Jun 25, 2020, 01:27:19 pm
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 Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 2.6 (v 2.6)  » posted by Swordhead on Aug 19, 2020, 12:39:39 pm
Pretty Epic mod gamer
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 Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 2.68 (v 2.68)  » posted by RatKing on Oct 26, 2020, 11:14:52 am
i've been playing the latest version very fun but i can't get very far due to my game constantly crashing. i think i've norrowed it down to a problem when mining in my fort any known problems with that?
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 Re: Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 2.68 (v 2.68)  » posted by squamous on Nov 07, 2020, 07:21:53 pm
RatKing wrote:
i've been playing the latest version very fun but i can't get very far due to my game constantly crashing. i think i've norrowed it down to a problem when mining in my fort any known problems with that?

How did you install it? Sorry for responding so late, i didn't even know this page had a comment section until just now.
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 Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted by Dolphin on Nov 24, 2020, 03:45:39 pm
I know this like doesn't matter at all but is there any future plans to add dyes? There's a dyers labour and I could probably mod something in manually but I was curious since there's a labour for it.
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 Re: Dwarf Fortress: The Long Night 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted by squamous on Dec 05, 2020, 03:53:58 pm
Dolphin wrote:
I know this like doesn't matter at all but is there any future plans to add dyes? There's a dyers labour and I could probably mod something in manually but I was curious since there's a labour for it.

That's a plan, yes, I actually totally forgot to do that

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