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File Listing: Forces of Evil Race Pack 1.0
Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018, 01:26:01 pm
First Created: Nov 15, 2018, 10:51:09 am
File version: 1.0
For DF version: 0.44.12
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This is a quick mod I whipped up in a couple of hours because I felt like DF needed more monstrous humanoids but I didn't want to make a total overhaul or ruin the feel of the vanilla game. Basically it adds 4 new playable races and one that's just how kobolds work. They're all at least a little bit mean so you can feel justified in invading them, as they aren't like goblins which are automatically and perpetually at war with you so you gotta put some effort in.


Orcs: For the most part the orcs in this pack resemble the typical fantasy trope of tusked humanoids with a love of violence. However, the orcs here have a unique feature that makes them quite dangerous in the long run. Orcs run the risk of death by old age at around 80, but can live for a much longer time after that. And if they can reach around 120, they will rapidly expand in size over the course of a single year, growing to ten times the height of their peers. Should an Orcish settlement live long enough to produce an entire generation of these titans, they will exponentially increase in power and influence. Orcs do adhere to some strange form of warrior code, but for the most part can be expected to do little but fight and pillage.

Morlocks: A race of men that foolishly tried to colonize the underground, they turned on each other and bred the unfortunate lower classes into mindless cattle over the course of many generations, with the masters themselves mutating into a diverse and rigid caste system, with the lowly workers and brutes toiling in the earth while the masters and the higher castes coordinate grander schemes. Most notable of the ruling class's powers is their regenerative blood, which they will periodically ritualistically spray around themselves. Should their loyal lapdogs drink up the blood of their master, even the most grievous of injuries can be healed. Culturally they are perhaps one of the least overtly cruel of the aggressor races, capable of love, devotion, and trust in their own slavish way, but even the most amenable of the Noble caste quietly believe the world would be better off if everyone just put them in charge.

Beastmen: A loose horde of ravening anarchists, the iconoclastic beastmen rampage through the civilized world, bringing chaos and murder to even the safest of lands. Coming in varied forms but without the strict separation and roles of the morlock castes, beastmen typically find themselves ruled by the most physically powerful, typically the long-lived and blessedly rare Taurants that occasionally spring up among them. While most of their kind are content to slaughter and consume their rivals, there are some that follow the path of the mercenary, taking orders from anyone with enough coin to hire them. Beastmen are quite popular as mercenaries due to their amorality and fearsome tempers.

Saurians: Decadent, ancient, and very, very quick to mature, these powerful reptilians rule the exotic lands of the tropics, their sprawling empires swarming with sacred (and highly venomous) reptiles. While not as physically imposing as some specimens of the other aggressor races and lacking any real trump cards of their own, saurians remain a formidable threat due to the rate at which they reach adulthood, a mere two years. The sheer numbers they can call to arms and the swiftness with which they can replenish them lends itself to their wild swarm tactics, with hordes of slavering saurians laying waste to their foes.

Gnolls: Little is known about these reclusive, hyena-like barbarians save that much like kobolds, they have a tendency to sneak into settlements and raid them for valuables. Unlike kobolds, however, they can rip a man's throat out with little effort, and are quite willing to do so, with most fighting to the death rather than fleeing, making this particular brand of thief a uniquely troubling menace. Gnoll males are easier to deal with due to their shorter stature, but the rarer females are another story, towering over the average human and with a far more aggressive attitude to boot.
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