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File Listing: Rhenaya's Drow for 44.12
Last Updated: Mar 01, 2019, 05:14:33 am
First Created: Nov 07, 2018, 09:59:35 am
File version: 0.9.0 beta
For DF version: 0.44.12
Downloads: 197 (325) Size: 702.5 KB
Views: 677 (1,045) Type: 7Z
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Rating (1 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
Because of this reason and motivated to try by this thread, this is an attempt at updating Rhenaya's work to the newer Dwarf Fortress versions, to make it more easily accessible to the community. Here there's the forum link for the mod

Version 0.9.0, 01/03/2019 Rushed Creatures Edition

As the title says, this is a drow-centric minor mod.
The drow are a spider-loving, evil, underground, matriarcal elven civilization, developed in both literature and games, originating in DnD's Forgotten Realms.
This mod includes the drow themselves - with their gender differences and their albinos - some of their spiders and other animals - lizards and rothe alike, and the Driders hybrids with the curse that can transform you in one.
There are four new entities, one playable by default, new metals and plants, a spidery building, the Drow's innate magic and the full set of these dark elves' wicked weapons and spikey armors.

Version 0.9.0 adds...
... a new creatures system, closer to the source material and with more underdark animals
... a more duplication bugs free set of creatures when interacting with other mods (Masterwork shared with us some of Rhenaya's creatures, that have been at least renamed now)
... the correspondant 32x32 graphics for all but one of the creatures, with a stand-in shared sprite for the sword spider
... some new reaction to give you a comfortable lazy feeling for producing complete sets of armor with one production order - with 'workflow' enabled you will have very little to micromanage on the armor industry side. Or at least I hope so, this has not been thoroughly tested yet.

These files are built to be modular, they are easily added to almost any mod as well as to vanilla Dwarf Fortress: they don't even need the default files to be in their place to work.
Just copy the content of the mod's folder inside your Dwarf Fortress folder and generate a new world to play.

This is the update of a good work.
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