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File Listing: Adventurer's Journal V2
Last Updated: Nov 21, 2018, 03:42:33 pm
First Created: Nov 05, 2018, 06:06:09 pm
File version: 2018/11-4
For DF version: 0.44.12
Downloads: 915 (958) Size: 540.4 KB
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- Which is?

AJ2 is the abbreviation for "Adventurer's Journal v2".
It is a utility program for Dwarf Fortress.

- What's the use?

AJ2 creates a quests system for the adventure mode of the Dwarf Fortress game.
This helps players better orient themselves on what to do during the game.
This feature expands the "roguelike" style of the game so that it also contains some "RPG" element.

- How it works?

The AJ2 acts as a server by continuously reading the gamelog.txt file from the game.
So it's necessary to start AJ2, configure it and leave it in the background while playing Dwarf Fortress.
And this must be done before starting Dwarf Fortress. (IMPORTANT)

When an event is identified as a rumor of problems with beasts or treasures it will be transformed
in a quest and will be available in a list of quests in a separate file, called 'Journal'.
Several DFHack scripts will be created dynamically by AJ2 based on this information.

Once in the game the player can access the list of quests using the Alt-J shortcut. And in the list you can choose the mission you want.
The chosen mission will be 'in progress' and guidelines will be available for the adventurer to find his target.

- Is there anything else AJ2 can do for me?

Yes. The AJ2 settings allow you to optionally expand the in-game menu (which is triggered by the Alt-J shortcut).
You can have various DFHack scripts and features within the game in an immersive way:

* open-legends
* ssense
* twaterlvl
* die
* questport

And some cheats for use in certain screens (also configurable optionally):

* full-heal
* create-item
* make-legendary
* adv-max-skill

Read more about this in the DFHack documentation.

A save scumm feature was also included in AJ2. Which can also optionally be expanded in the in-game menu.
He will make the copy of the last save game, so that the player never loses his save in case of permanent death.
I know this breaks with the 'roguelike' style, but it creates more gameplay options for those who appreciate 'RPG'.

- What do I need to play with AJ2?

You only need:
1) Dwarf Fortress 0.44.12
2) DFHack 0.44.12-r1
3) Know how to play adventure mode

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