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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress: Fallen Frontier 1.4
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2020, 07:50:06 pm
First Created: Nov 02, 2018, 07:30:07 pm
File version: 1.4
For DF version: 0.47.04
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The Wild West. The next frontier. The great expansion of the United States towards new, untamed lands for gold, glory, and manifest destiny. It was supposed to herald a golden age, one that would catapult the country into the status of world power. It did not. There was something there, in the deep wild country, something old. It woke up, and the world broke. Shattered. Cold spots lasting for miles and barren wastelands of scorched earth and bubbling tar spread like the plague, and even the normal parts of the wilderness started to shift and grow odd, with strange and fearsome creatures crawling out of the darkness, most all of them hunters of men. The world grew nastier and nastier, and humanity's dominance was eroded away. The west broke into myriad warring states led by self-styled presidents and their legions of thugs. The armies of the Union dug vast chains of fortress-cities into the mountains, rigorously keeping their bloodlines pure to prevent the taint of the new world from seeping into them, as it has many of the settlements outside their jurisdiction, resulting in freaks and mutants of all sorts along with those created deliberately. The natives fared little better, turning to the animistic ways to sacrifice some of their humanity in order to survive. Contact with the outside world has been lost, if there even is an outside world anymore. Mankind's domain shrinks from every direction as the malevolent Wilderness creeps ever inward, snuffing out the lights of civilization one by one. And following in its wake are worse things, hungry realities beyond the ones we know that bring only horror and death. Adventurers and gunslingers live and die at the end of a barrel, doing their best to get rich, stem the tide of the unnatural, or simply get by day by day. For most, its all they can hope for. Civilizations struggle to survive, advancing in some ways while decaying in others. Mighty war machines clash on bloody fields, the vaunted battleframes carrying death-dealing weapons and pounding guns. It is a time of chaos and conquest, despair and destruction.
What is the Fallen Frontier?

The fallen frontier is my (second) attempt at an old west setting, this one more firmly grounded in the mythology and culture of the old west, along with many of its lesser known monsters. You'll find things pulled out of both native american myth and the folklore of US settlers, along with other creatures of an even more dangerous sort.. Most of the sapient population is human or descended from humans, with several new subspecies having emerged in the wake of the cataclysm. Stagnation is the standard, with few things having changed from the late 1800s, and most honest folk terrified of leaving their homes, much less their villages, and the USA barely resembles what it once was, be it geographically or culturally. But not everything has remained the same. The greatest inventions of the time are motorized vehicles such as simple airplanes and automobiles, along with the more complex battleframes, primitive mecha built out of metal scrap and crude computational engines. These vehicles are rare, expensive, and probably won't be encountered all that often outside of fortress mode sieges, and even then there will probably only be a handful of them. They are however quite dangerous and must be treated with caution. That said, your main dangers will be savage, primitive raiders and vicious monsters, both of which are much easier to kill with handheld weapons, so vehicles are not a necessary component for a fortress.

Just download it, place the folder somewhere, and play it. This mod comes with its own .exe and everything, you do not need to copy and paste, drag and drop, or otherwise move any files around beyond the initial step. It works exactly like installing and playing the vanilla game.

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Change Log:

1.4 Changes:
-Updated to newest version

1.3 Changes:
-Some quick maybe-bugfixes that could have been harmless but I don't want to chance it hence releasing now instead of with more content since I only just noticed the errors and have a compulsive need to fix these things.
-Fun new feature added to plains of Xibalba, I think it will add to the atmosphere hopefully.
-Finally got around to adding megabeasts. Those who wish to survive in the frontier must now contend with the Anaye or "foreign/alien gods" of Navajo myth. Some are fairly straightforward like the Bear That Pursues which is just a gigantic grizzly, but others like the Binaye Ahane have more insidious powers like a stare that kills in an instant, necessitating caution. They should be restricted to temperate climates, but no promises.
-New clothing options added to appropriate civs.
-Fearsome Critters are no longer restricted to savage areas, should spice things up.

1.25 Changes:
-Skeletons no longer as OP, they'll bleed black tar and oil. Don't think about it too hard.
-Cool hats added to all human factions.
-Cannibalistic demon gods from native american mythology added to cold regions. They will also be found working with wendigo civs so that should be fun.
-Union homunculi can now partially tap into the strength of their war form in dire situations.
-Some misc bugfixes.

1.2 Changes:
-Airships added, certain civs have better ones than others. Ornithopters also added as slower but larger and more stable form of air transport compared to biplanes, but both of course are smaller than airships.
-Corpse Men renamed to the Dzulum race, entire deathland biome will slowly become more like Xibalba, the Aztec underworld. Some fun new critters have already been added to reflect this. Be afraid.
-New civ added, the Cajun species. Humans who mutated to become amphibious, they dwell in the swamps, party hard, and do a lot of crime. Instead of battleframes they fight their enemies with gigantic crocodiles and oversized anti-battleframe infantry weapons.
-New civ added, the Formorians. England got taken over by mythical giant overlords and they along with their human slaves have sent mighty airship fleets all over the world to restore the British Empire. There will be 1 Formorian civ per world because they are pretty spread out. Formorians also don't use battleframes but the Formorians themselves are gigantic and so can be considered living equivalents. Also, they have the best airships.
-Mormons can now have three civs per world, may change this later.
-Artificial Eagles added to the Union's roster of living weapons.
-Misc fixes.

1.1 Changes:
-Quick fix for a certain crop bug.
-Balance changes to the Corpse Men, they will now exclusively use skeletons, their kindred are now intelligent and will join civs as equals rather than animals. Should make them less stupidly powerful. Also, more skeletons added.
-Union (American) civs get new toys because of how often they fight the Corpse Men and balance must be maintained. Eugenicists have created Artificial Giants and Artificial Hounds to help them in the war effort.
-Mormons will only spawn 1 civ per world as they are meant to be a united faction and would join into one civ anyway if there was more than one. Will probably add more minor factions like this later.
-New invader civ that spawns in freezing climates. Tall, gaunt, and ravenous wendigo hordes now have a chance of menacing your fortress.
-New playable race, Mexicans. To summarize, Mexico was taken over by parasitic death gods and the inhabitants of that country either left and became Freemen or mutated into a new species that periodically produces powerful skeleton overlords. These nations will be found in the "tropical" zones aka the deathlands.

1.0 Changes:
-Fallen Frontier released
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