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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress: Endless Shores 1.72
Last Updated: Jun 24, 2021, 01:55:11 pm
First Created: Oct 20, 2018, 10:17:44 pm
File version: 1.72
For DF version: 0.47.05
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I remember when the sun was devoured. For years they watched that great thing swim out of the starry void, its many glowing lures like those of the very light it hungrily began to absorb. This was the death of the god we knew. Elves, dwarves, and men alike knew a great period of suffering was at hand when the benevolent light that had guided them for so long began to be snuffed out, replaced by a creature of primordial depredation. The continents were wracked with cataclysms that rendered them uninhabitable, and the oceans shrank down to a shadow of what once was. And between them, that was hope. The fertile shallow seabeds lay exposed for the taking, and all manner of life rushed down and up to get at it. Now we live in a strange world indeed. One of muck and mire, amphibious beasts and scattered refugees, carving out a new way of life as best we can in a new frontier so terribly hostile to such things. What was once weak and feeble has risen, and the old exemplars of civilization have fallen far indeed. This is a world if intrigue, decay, and cruel empires, where the bones of countless adventuring fools have sunken into the mud, stripped clean by what swims and crawls within it. Do you dare say you have the skills to brave the wastes beyond your home, and seek glory where so many others have failed? I can only pray to the lesser gods that they have mercy on you, for the denizens of the long shore will not.
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What is The Long Shore?

This mod takes place in a recently unearthed shallow sea teaming with strange life after a divine cataclysm shrunk the oceans and devastated the land. Its sort of like a semiaquatic Conan with your typical high fantasy races, save that they have been warped and traumatized by the destruction of their once idyllic fantasy world. You can choose to try and drag those races back into the limelight or support the ones that are currently living in it, or just go around hunting lobsters for fun and profit. This one is pretty typical low-fantasy dwarf fortress gameplay besides the setting so it should be easy to get into, both in adventure and fortress mode.

Just download it, place the folder somewhere, and play it. This mod comes with its own .exe and everything, you do not need to copy and paste, drag and drop, or otherwise move any files around beyond the initial step. It works exactly like installing and playing the vanilla game.

Change Log:

1.72 Changes:
-CTD fix

1.71 Changes:
-Updated to current version
-Changed the name to Endless Shores because it bugged me how similar the name was to The Long Night

1.7 Changes:
-Updated to current version

1.61 Changes:
-Fix to worldgen taking ages, should get less rejections now.
-Different crab folk groups changed to different crustacean types.

1.6 Changes:
-Prehistoric creatures taken from the Primal mod by Bay12's Enemy Post will be added to oceans and rivers, with his permission. While I could create the creatures from scratch it would be far more efficient to use what already exists, especially when there's a lot of it.
-Second cave layer fleshed out, the Rot. A cave system where all decaying matter trickles down eventually, this place is mostly filled with sedentary worms and slow-moving invertebrates. But be warned, not everything here is so harmless.
-Salt Plains reshuffled into Salt Mazes on account of the greater density of salt spires. This is because the desert environment has been turned into a normal sandy environment with conventional soil (currently rather barren too but this will change), and the tropical conifer regions are now small islands of salt-encrusted spires and terribly unpleasant water, populated primarily by large, predatory brine flies. Land reef biomes will now comprise just the "tropical rainforest" biome".
-New biome, the Barrens. A land of living stone found in colder regions. Perhaps some odd type of coral, or something more bizarre. Either way, it shelters its few inhabitants with towering, sprawling rock formations, allowing them to roam the dark, moist confines in their search for bamboo thickets to graze on, or prey to hunt. This biome will replace taigas, serving as a desolate buffer between civilization and the abyssal lands.
-Plated jacket/leggings altered to scale mail. Scale mail skirts and longcoats also added to a few civs, particularly those (like crabs and fish people) who would have trouble wearing pants.

1.5 Changes:
-New race, Saurians. They are the cave-dwelling descendants of a primordial empire, now reduced to savagery. Basically kobolds, if kobolds were tyrannosauruses. Luckily they will only be found in swamp caves.
-New race, Halflings. Originally a prosperous and peaceful people, the cataclysm destroyed their quaint way of life and they have degenerated into savage kingdoms of dog-riding cannibals with a penchant for torture (On a totally unrelated note, go check out the Dark Sun TTRPG). The one point in favor of these fearsome folk is their hardline stance against slavery, but in a world where slavery is a way of life for most peoples, this is really just one more reason to exterminate them.
-Some new creatures added.
-Pelagian civs changed from dark fortress to tree city site type. They will still be an invader civ but I am hoping they will now spawn in greater numbers thanks to this change. Also having a demon lord didn't really fit the lore.
-Arrow size increased significantly. Crossbow bolts are the same size as before, but have two additional types, axehead bolts and bonecrusher bolts. The former hits like an axe, the latter like a hammer. Ideally crossbows will be versatile ranged weapons built for military use, while bows specialize in hunting large game and penetrating armor.

1.45 Changes:
-Mongrel elves now live in cities and have a couple of artificially bred creatures to utilize.
-Some new creatures added in general.
-Misc bug fixes.
-New type of magic user added, warlocks. Warlocks are magicians who have made a pact with a powerful spirit in exchange for immortality and some unique powers. In return, their personality is warped to suit the patron's sphere. The details of the contract will be on the slab associated with them, which I recommend you read very carefully. In addition, you can only be a patron of one spirit. However, you can still learn mundane sorceries like necromancy and pyromancy and such in combination with your warlock pact. Hopefully this allows for a diverse range of character builds depending on the spirit you make a contract with and the magical schools that are available.

1.41 Changes:
-Emergency fix to a duplicate raw bug, if your game is fucked up that's the reason why. Completely missed it.

1.4 Changes:
-Lots of little edits and bugfixes
-First cave layer overhauled into a fungal pool biome, more info on bay12 page.
-Good biomes overhauled into ruined city biomes, more info on bay12 page.
-Some new creatures and minor races added.

1.3 Changes:
-Goblins now have slave castes of orcs and ogres like how vanilla dwarf fortress goblins use trolls. Now, these guys SHOULD work in such a way that you buy them like pets, but they'll help you with stuff like hauling, and you can equip and clothe them and stuff, so they are more valuable than attack animals at the cost of needing to feed them like regular citizens. However, they might also get elected into positions of power. If that happens let me know because that shouldn't happen. This is a tricky thing to get working so feedback is super appreciated.
-Dwarves now have massive copper automatons from a bygone era protecting them. This was necessary because they tended to die off in worldgen a lot. To balance this, this automatons cannot breed so they'll slowly die out over a world's history, and they are very, very expensive.
-Some new creatures added, including playable monstrous subraces like red trolls and lantern gnomes.
-two new semi-megabeasts the Hydra-Moray (thank you Fire on the Velvet Horizon) and the Clawed Ape.
-Some new creatures added in general.
-A lot of new creatures added to mountain biomes. As one of the last holdouts of continental life, you'll find savage mountains to be full of ungodly primeval mammals sticking it out in an invertebrate's world.
-Two competing schools of necromancy, the Salt Sorcerors and the Red Tide Scions. The former use magical salt to mummify corpses into unnaturally tough revenants, and the latter used weaponized evil algae to make hyper-agile but very squishy zombie thralls. You can only become one or the other, so choose carefully.
-Two non-tower creating wizard types added, the pyromancers and the occultists. The former just shoot flames at you at the risk of burning themselves and everyone around them, at the latter make you unlucky, insane, or cause you to start bleeding and random. Direct vs indirect. Note that you can have both of these disciplines at once along with one of the necromancy schools. Note also that NPC necromancers tend to end up learning other secrets as well, so you might end up fighting a necromancer who shoots fireballs or something.

1.2 Changes:
-Fixed mongrel elves so they won't bleed plants. I thought I could get away with being lazy with this race since no one had any facial hair, but apparently I still needed to make standard tissues universal instead of by gender if I wanted to make blood have magical effects. On that note, drinking the blood of any mongrel elf except a flesh mill will restore missing limbs, because of how mutagenic their bodies are.
-Deserts now have swarms of giant killer brine flies.
-New megabeasts like armored megalodons and mountain crabs.
-More crabs in general.
-Chain armor changed to padded armor.
-You can now excavate ancient fossilized chitin of 5 different drab colors along with skeletal remains, and craft them into specially hardened armor and weapons about on par with iron. Might change this later so you can only get it from certain animals.
-New title music finally implemented. May be changed.
-Some new large amphibious monsters added to the oceans, they'll be on the beaches ready to murder you.

1.1 Changes:
-New race, Pelagians. A loose collective of abyssal nightmare creatures that dwell in the cold spots caused by the sun's devouring. They dwell in trenches and fortresses, and are the only race besides the rare northern elf nation to tame the abyssal fauna of the cold lands. They are an invader race that fills the same role as vanilla DF's goblins, but are less numerous. They make up for this by being much larger.
-In savage deserts, those that die on the endless salt flats will likely rise again as mummified salt zombies.
-Some fixes and adjustments.
-Goblins should all have a high ambition stat, which should increase warfare in the current version and cause a ton of scheming and intrigue in the villains update.

1.0 Changes:

-Long Shore Released. Feedback very appreciated.
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