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File Listing: Unique Characters Pack 1.1
Last Updated: Oct 17, 2018, 04:25:30 am
First Created: Oct 05, 2018, 08:49:44 pm
File version: 1.1
For DF version: Multiple
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Have you ever wanted to be special in Dwarf Fortress? Not just special in terms of your deeds or stats, but in a more concretely unique, separated-from-the-masses kind of way? Well, this mod might be for you. Essentially, it overhauls the vanilla races to give them a small chance of producing sub-races, mutants, and legendary heroes instead of conventional examples of their species. This is a small project, and is mostly the result of me experimenting to find the best manner of creating a race with lots of different castes in them. I've learned a lot from my fiddling and figure that I might as well post the results. This is mostly an adventure mode oriented mod where the appeal is playing a character with a unique physical feature or set of abilities, which I will go over in detail now.

(For reference, the typical odds of an abnormal subrace being born in most civs is around one in ten thousand.)

Dwarves: Dwarven subraces are fairly subtle and mostly utility oriented. You have the magmaborn, for example, who can swim through lava like it was water (valuable for volcano embarks) and on the other hand you have the oathbound, dwarves born with magical tattoos instructing them to go out and fulfill some destiny or another. Dwarves are a stubborn lot with a dislike of change, so most mutations from the common dwarf are only slightly altered and more useful than not.

Elves: Elven subraces are divided into two camps. The first is simply the fact that a significant minority of elves will be born as centaurs. They have larger, more powerful bodies which make them more dangerous. The second type are more conventional elven subraces, the High, Dark, and Fae elves, each with their own unique abilities.

Goblins: Goblin subraces are the most numerous statistically and also unique in their nature. Essentially, the nature of the goblin in Dwarf Fortress (as of right now) is that of a minor demon, bound to serve their overlords. Goblin subraces are strains that have degenerated from their pure evil nature into a more earthly form that needs to eat and drink. Bulgoblins and Hobgoblins need to eat and drink to survive, are larger, and respectively are innately skilled in melee and ranged combat.

Humans: Humans have the most varied subraces. Some of them, like Damphirs and Cambions, come from exposure to supernatural events or beings, while others are the results of a family's distant ancestors interbreeding with other civilized races, resulting in half-elves, half-dwarves, half-goblins, and even half-giants rarely springing up as long-dormant genetic traits manifest themselves sporadically in a population. And then you have albinos, which are periodically purged and harvested for their magical blood, which has performance-enhancing properties if drunk.

Kobolds: While not really playable, those hunting or being harassed by kobolds may find themselves being accosted by larger and fearless swolbolds, even larger and stronger bugbears, and appallingly lethal grendels every so often.

INSTALLATION: This is a bit of a tricky one to install, so please bear with me and read this carefully. Navigate to the objects folder in your Dwarf Fortress installation, open the creature_standard.txt file, and DELETE the vanilla creature raws for humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, and kobolds. Then add the new files into the objects folder. You should be good to go. As a side note, this mod works best in vanilla, so I can't promise things will work properly in a modded save, though it may be made compatible with a bit of tweaking.

Also, anyone can use this stuff in their own mods without asking me permission or anything, just throw a line of credit somewhere.

1.1 Changes
-Orcs changed to bulgoblins because another of my vanilla-friendly mods has orcs in it and I don't want to make things confusing.
-Humans have two new subvariants, Addams and Galateans, both are patchwork creatures but focused on strength and beauty, respectively. (based on the different between movie and novel Frankenstein, the former being the lumbering idiot most are familiar with and the latter being described as surprisingly attractive for an abomination against god. Also Pygmalion's myth but only in the name.)

1.0 Changes:
-Mod Released
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