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File Listing: Grimlocke's History & Realism Mods (0.44.12) - 7b
Last Updated: Oct 17, 2018, 11:39:48 am
First Created: Sep 29, 2018, 07:38:34 am
File version: Revision 7b
For DF version: 0.44.12
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Guns guns guns! Also fancy clothes and item descriptions. Now with fixed artillery.

Grimlocke's History & Realism Mods
Revision 7b

Revision 6c
- Replaces the weapons, armor and clothing with historically accurate ones from 15th century Europe.
- Alters combat to be both more realistic and interesting.
- Adds (optional) historic ferro-metallurgy
- Adds guns and artillery now![/size]

[size=24pt]Main features: (green is new stuff)[/size]

Tons of weapons! - Numerous weapons added for each weapon skill, two-handed versions for all weapon categories safe daggers
Tons of armor! - Including padded armor and cuir bouille (boiled leather) armor.
Period accurate gunpowder weapons! - That's right, working, balanced and interesting gunpowder weapons. Arquebusses and Handgonnes, as well as...
Fixed artillery! - Bombards, organ guns and more can be installed as building and fired at great distance & potential harm.
Throwing weapons - War darts equipped along with a spear can be hurled at the enemy, they rarely break and hold up well in melee
More shields - Shields of various sizes, each size up giving more protection but also adding encumbrance.
Equipment encumbrance - Heavy armor, full coverage helmets and large shields now encumber the user's skills and endurance somewhat.
Period accurate clothing - Gowns, hosen and really fancy headwear complement the historic setting of this mod.
In-game item descriptions for all this - The item info screen now has a detailed description of all the weapons, armor and clothing added by this mod.

Various ammo types - Both broad and pointy arrows, ball ammunition and shot for gunpowder weapons.
Added a number of civilian weapons - By making them tools with various uses civilians now carry daggers and cudgels.
Added and modified trap components - Tridents, forks, giant hammers & more.

Rebalanced weapons - Reduced massive contact areas, regulated the armor penetration to be more realistic and gave weapons a realistic weight.
Rebalanced armor and clothing - Armor thickness is now more consistent, armor can be worn over other armor only where feasible.
Altered metals - High-impact edged attacks can now break bones even when they fail to cut through the armor, padded and leather armor actually works.
Rebalanced unarmed combat - Contact area of all unarmed attacks in the game increased, lowered bone density, and reduced velocity of entity creature attacks.
Adrenaline simulation - An interaction gives creatures in combat a substantial boost in willpower. Fights are longer and less luck-of-draw.
Added collarbones and hipbones - Internal 'limbs' between the limbs and body. Breakable, realistic, and enables some other mod features.

Moved flails to the whip skill - And made whips and scourges tool instead of weapons.
Moved two-handed polearms to the pike skill - Forcing the silly entity equipment system to not use a shield along with them.
Removed armor pants - Moved leg protection to foot-worn armor, lower body protection was already on upper body armor.
Changed leather armor to boiled leather armor - This is not regular tanned leather, but a hard, almost plastic-like material. Can be worn as addition to mail armor, or by itself if your desperate.

Bay12 forum thread

Older versions:
Revision 6c (43.05)
Revision 6b (43.05)
Revision 5b
Revision 4c
Revision 3b
Weapons file with fixed secondary attacks, goes with 3c
Revision 2
Initial release version

- Grab dfhack, either from its own page or from any of the all-in-one packs out there.

- Copy the contents of '1 - Arms and Armor' to /raw
Overwrite all, the base mod is ready for use.
Note: The mod now ships with a number of scripts, all of which go in the raw folder (or hack/scripts/modtools in case of the two located in the modtools folder)

- Add the following line to dfhack.init in the base DF folder: sc-script add SC_WORLD_LOADED raw/scripts/grims.init
If no dhack.init exists, rename dfhack.init.example to it.

- For the metallurgy mod, copy the contents of '2 - Metallurgy' to /raw as well.
Be sure not to do it in reverse order, that would make a mess of things.
I do not know what happens when you use only the metallurgy parts. Some custom re-fitting would likely be needed, but I won't be doing that.

- Compatibility patches are still being worked on

- The 3rd folder contains a file with all the entity tags for this mod. Useful if you want to integrate this mod with other mods.

- The 4th folder contains some legacy items and a nifty armor man civ, a whole bunch of suits of armor walking around by themselves. You can dismantle and wear them if your human sized.

Compatibility notes for integration with other mods by Amostubal:


7b: Fixed the fixed artillery.
- Fixed an issue where the script choked on items not having a weight calculated and issues with targeting not considering floors when shooting down/up and seeing fortifications as walls.
also made some small improvements to the scripts performance, and fixed a rare instance of ammo being fired but not being removed from the barrel.

7a: Added tons of stuff, including dfhack scripts.
- Two scripts with easy customization: modtools/ranged-mod and modtools/arty-mod
ranged-mod can modify ranged weapons in more ways than this mod even had use for. you can now add handgonnes, but also burst-fire rifles, miniguns, explosive table throwing slings, etc.
arty-mod turns buildings with the appropriate reactions into artillery pieces, letting dwarves load them and blast enemies to oblivion with them. artillery operators will become fearless of the enemy while they do so.
run modtools/ranged-mod -usage or modtools/arty-mod -usage in the dfhack terminal for more details.
- Implementation of the above two in the form of handgonnes, arquebusses, arbalests and war darts as well as bombards, organ guns, swivel-mounted serpentines and light ballistas. They have longer reload times, produce smoke and muzzleflash and are less accurate than bows and crossbows, but hit with quite a bit of punch.
- New ranged weapon functionality extended to default weapons. Bows, crossbows, etc now have damage falloff, differing fire rates and accuracy as well as quality scaling that make them actually hit harder, faster and more accurate as their ammunition and the weapon itself are of higher quality.
- Fashion! Gowns, chapperons, liripipes and hosen added to complete the historic weapons & armor. Added advantage is most terms for medieval fashion apply to both genders, most of what comes with this mod is mens fashion (I'm steering clear of hennins for now) but gowns and such were worn by both women and men so the 'warrior in a dress' thing is no longer a thing.
- 783 lines of item descriptions now help in making clear what exactly poleaxes, liripipes and arquebusses actually are.
- Equipment encumbrance added through the stock dfhack script modtools/item-trigger. Heavier armor will cost some endurance but also add toughness, large shields will cost strength to simulate them getting in the way of weapons.
- Numerous fixes which I may or may not have forgotten by now. 7a is obviously not save compatible.

[size=24pt]Accreditations and misc notes:[/size]
- Loads of thanks be to zaporozhets who's worked I've pretty damn heavily drawn from for the ranged-mod and artillery script! His stuff here, check it out
- The entirety of the DFhack team and the folks who write scripts for it.
- Compatibility for the 42.06 creature variation file and the Modest bodies mod gracefully provided by Taffer
- Made possible with glorious Science committed by Urist da Vincy and many others
- Helped along by various members of the community that pointed out errors and potential improvements.
- Any criticism or comment, be it positive, negative or neither, is very much appreciated!
- [size=16pt]Anyone is free to use all or parts of this mod in their own projects, or to fork this project if they think I'm making a mess of things! Crediting me is optional, though appreciated.

This mod is (partially or entirely) included in:
- A more mundane mod
- Legendary Dwarf Fortress
- Asin's Goblinoids (and Orcs) Mod
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