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File Listing: DBDB-v1.4 - 15 new Dwarven Domestic Animals
Last Updated: May 19, 2021, 02:57:17 pm
First Created: Sep 03, 2018, 11:54:07 am
File version: 1.4
For DF version: 0.47.05
Downloads: 321 (1,172) Size: 157.8 KB
Views: 893 (3,206) Type: ZIP
Rating (1 votes): 5.0 / 5.0

Adds 15 new domestic animals tailored for the dwarven faction. Everything from large mountainous Grouses (Greese?) to angry Bristleback boars and quick Stygian Otters and shrewdogs. And lets not forget the great Molebeast or the Woolly Ibex!

To install. download the files and move them to your raw/objects directory. Then either replace the entity_default file included or add the correct tokens.
Then choose the graphics pack of your preference and put the files in raw/graphics.

What time is it when the grouse calls, and why are there badgerwolves in the hallway? Did Urist remember to feed the Bristlebacks and has Obok eaten the last Bittern egg? However greedy your dwarves may be, they may now show their status by wearing those new Copperwyrm scale Boots! Where are all these aquifer turtles coming from? Was the Shoveldon stomping rampage an accident? And which socks are better, mountain or winter wool?

This is the last iteration of this mod.

Will we ever get that pet seal?
[spoiler] v.1.4: Fixed 'Winter and Mountain Wool' bug, Fixed 'Make mead' reaction, no custom colors are now used. v1.3 fixed a couple of bugs. v1.2 -Fleshed out descritions -Fixed NA! bug -Gave brave animals braver tags v1.1 - Added sounds and descriptors to most animals, gizzard stones and underswim to aquifer turtles. - Changed snow goats homeotherm to be cooler. - Modified some sizes - Fortress Mead is now worth slightly more. v1.0 - first release[/spoiler]

Inspired by Deeper Dwarven Domestication by Wannabehero.
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