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File Listing: A Time Before Time - Anachronistic Copper Age
Last Updated: Aug 15, 2018, 11:36:58 pm
File version: v.01
For DF version: 0.44.12
Downloads: 129 Size: 53.15 MB
Views: 858 Type: 7Z
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This contains the current somewhat buggy and at times broken but otherwise fully playable prepacked version of my mod, built upon Stalhasche's own work and employed with his blessing.

This uses DF's vanilla graphics, and due to stress concerns, weather is disabled. DF Hack is currently not included.

- You play as humans, not dwarves
- Races have been renamed accordingly: Forestmen, Hill-Men, Plainsmen, and Green men. No awards for getting the names right for who is who.
- Wood, leather, stone, and bone are your main materials. As such, those craftsmen are vital to your success.
- Metalworking is limited to precious metals and copper. As there are no anvils, you shouldn't be able to do any more than that via custom workshops.
- Nothing in this mod is up to date with my Prehistoric Creature Pack.
- Leather and bone are both valuable and likely to be abundant, but you'll find you need it for weapons or armor more than trade goods, at least early on.
- Stone is harder to get due to halved mining learn rates.
- The Welled Spring is your friend, as humans don't have the same alcohol tolerance as dwarves.
- THE WELLED SPRING IS BUGGED Do not attempt to build it without having some stones, a log, rope, and bucket.
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