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File Listing: Civ Plus
Last Updated: Jul 10, 2018, 04:49:52 pm
First Created: Jul 10, 2018, 04:45:02 pm
File version: 1.0
For DF version: 0.44.12
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Views: 1,125 (1,127) Type: RAR
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Civ Plus

A vanilla friendly Mod that adds in several new races and civilizations, one you can bully, be bullied by or just peacefully trade with.

I looked at vanilla and loved the theme and style Toady had made but I wanted more than 4 styles of civilizations to interact with. It is a simple mod, with all the original races intact and unedited, just with newer copies and some new races. I wanted to keep it inline with the style of Vanilla so I avoided anything extremely abstract or out of setting. This mod is nothing special or original, just something I through together as a personal first project.

Alongside the standard Dwarf, Elf, Human, Goblin and Kobold, you now have:

Halfling: Similar to humans, living in towns and cities. Shorter, slightly longer lifespan but longer to become an adult. They have less strength and endurance but make up for that with their love for food, merrymaking, peace and a simple life.

Dark Elf: These elves carry the same features as their nature loving-kin but their skin has darker more striking shades. Forsaking their duty to protect nature, they embrace metal, violence and their desire for evil. They will siege you, they will ambush you and they will have no qualms riding exotic evil creatures to your fortress.

Ork: Like Goblins, these are experiment and minions of Demons that make their way to the surface but this time imagine goblins but far bigger, stronger, vicious and cruel. Having no need for food, or drink, or a life span like their goblin cousins, with the extra touch that they feel no fear. Find them in your local desert or plains.

Molks: These molemen have escaped from the lower reaches of the subterranean depths to live in caves on the surface, like the Kobolds they are primitive and lack the ability to speak, but they are able to forge weapons and armor, though in the end, when a beast finds one of their caves wishing for a lair, not many can stand in defiance.

Khosk: A civilization formed within all kinds of swamp and marsh, taking the form of lizard men. A tribal primitive style nation, often enjoy keeping to their own but will not be outwardly hostile. Loving of nature but have no qualm with using it for their needs whether its hunting or wood products, this often brings them into conflict with the Elves as they see them as traitors to the cause.

Smarks: Found in the very northern or southern reaches of world, Smarks are a group of peaceful giants. Covered in fur and avoiding conflict, these gentle people keep to their own but have no problem conducting warfare if others wish to cause it. Valuing cooperation, peace and law, they are good allies and trading partners.

Duergar: Cousins of Dwarves, they have a similar look and home, but these are Dwarves that have delved too deep and too much, tainted by the evil they found below. Taking the Dwarves need for greed to another level. Using evil creatures, valuing power and worshiping death, these Duergar have no problem with ambushing and sieging.

The only files that have been edited are Entity_default and Creature_Standard, so this would work with other mods that dont edit these files or will if they are manually combined.
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